His True Colors Chapter 2281

 Under the red light envelope, Han Qianqian's torso was sucked up.

        "This is?" Lu Wu Shen frowned.

        In the red light, Han Qianqian's body took on an extremely bizarre red glow, and his originally jade-like skin turned completely blood red at this moment, a powerful blood-black demonic Qi twisted around his body, seeming to emerge from his skin.

        Looking around Han Qianqian's body, it also seemed that there was a demonic dragon's dead soul gently rising with his body and surrounding it, and it also seemed that there was a visionary production sound of mountains and rivers all in blood and blood all over the world.

        "Grandpa, his eyes ......" Lu Ruoxin stared blankly at Han Qianqian's eyes at this moment.

        The eyes were just open, seemingly looking towards the sky, but the eyes were blood red, and a vague red demon light also burst out from them.

        "He has been devoured by the devil's blood and has become a demon." Lu Wushen said in a cold voice.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Lu Wushen had already jumped into the red light with a flip, and a true energy in his hand was directly transported, aimed at Han Qianqian's torso, and directly struck through the red light.


        A golden light penetrated through the red light, faintly shining in Han Qianqian's body.

        Seeing Lu Wushen's origin, Lu Ruoxuan and Lu Ruoxin nodded at the same time and came to the red light in two directions, each also transporting energy in their hands, directly aiming at Han Qianqian one after the other.


        Another two golden lights penetrated the red light and struck into Han Qianqian's body.

        Without contact, Lu Ruoxuan and Lu Ruoxin felt as if their energy had hit cotton the moment their energy touched Han Qianqian, their powerful energy instantly hitting empty, only to be violently sucked in again.

        Han Qianqian's body was like a huge vortex, desperately devouring their energy after it had been sucked in, and with it, there seemed to be a burst of extremely strong and very strange power coming back through their energy pillars to devour them.

        "How could this happen?" Lu Ruoxuan frowned and could not help but exclaim, while he hurriedly increased his strength to prevent being back-eaten.

        But the more he strengthened, the more the devouring sensation disappeared although much, the feeling of being sucked kept intensifying, which made the two of them, but only just at the beginning, already pale, their Qi weakness became weaker, and the energy within their bodies kept losing.

        Seeing that the situation of the young master was not right, Lu Yongsheng shouted loudly, greeting many experts at the top of the Blue Mountain to fly to the side of Lu Ruoxuan and Lu Ruoxin in unison, while each sending out energy to support them.

        Buzz buzz buzz!

        All at once, hundreds of energy struck.

        Han Qianqian's blood-red body, with the help of the hundreds of light energies, finally changed its blood-black colour and a faint golden light appeared!

        "It's working?" Lu Yongsheng instantly showed his joy, while inspiring everyone, "Everyone, put in more effort."


        The crowd responded in unison and increased their energy, saving the Lord was a merit, and showing oneself in front of one's godbrother was also a way to get out of position, no one slackened in the slightest, and they all gave their full output.


        Within the red light, Han Qianqian's body was like a small glowing egg, and under the blood colour that filled the room, it was extremely distinctive.

        "It seems ...... to have stabilized."

        A voice in the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books slowly said.

        "Stable?" And another voice laughed softly at this time, who could it be other than the earth sweeping old man? "With the characteristics of that Demon Dragon's blood, how can it be stable?"

        "Then you mean that his becoming a devil is already set?"


        "Then are we not going to help and watch three thousand enter the demon path?"

        "You, who have lived for an unknown number of lifetimes, why are you still like those young people, showing people with fleshly eyes? Under this heaven, the world is then the Dao and the heaven, so what is a devil and what is a god? God and devil, evil and bad, it is not the essence, but your heart, good and evil, are only distinguished by the world according to their own interests." The old man said with a soft laugh.

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books were silent for a moment and nodded slowly, "I have been taught."

        "As long as one has a good heart, a devil is also a god, while with an evil heart, a god is also a devil!"

        "I really hope this kid can hold on, if the blood of the devil dragon can be used for him, the North Underworld Four Souls Formation he, the latter refiner, will probably have a great improvement in attainment, and it can even be said that there is no one after him, no one before him, not even that guy has ever done it." The old man who swept the ground laughed harshly.

        "What do you mean by that?" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books froze, then said somewhat depressed for Han Qianqian, "That guy didn't do it either, what you mean is ......"

        "Exactly, this is just a strange idea that that guy slowly figured out after a lifetime of tossing and turning." The old man sweeping the floor said bluntly.

        "Holy shit, so that's what's called a theoretical idea? No one has ever experimented with it?! What if something goes wrong then?"

        "There's a saying on Earth, which goes like this: if the heavens descend on a man, he must first suffer his heart and bones... If he doesn't have a body that goes against the heavens, how can he go against the heavens?"

        "That's true."

        "Here it comes."

        The words fell.

        At this moment, within Han Qianqian's body, the blood had already been wrapped in a purple-red blood on top of the original one, and immediately afterwards they were like water in the ocean being boiled, boiling and jumping, attacking and constantly fusing with each other.

        Finally, after the two blood streams had become unbearable due to the pressure generated by the struggle between them, they gushed down from Han Qianqian's veins like a flood, attacking his whole body.


        As the blood flowed throughout his body, Han Qianqian's blood-black breath and demonic aura rekindled, and the golden light that had been on his body disappeared like the glow of the dawn swept away by the sun.


        The hundred experts outside, including Lu Ruoxin and Lu Ruoxuan, only felt an extremely strong force explode and recoil with their own energy pillars, and they were all blown away directly, landing on their backs in a terrible mess.

        Hundreds of people are spitting blood from their mouths and their faces are pale.

        "This ......" Lu Ruoxin forced her throat to hold back the fishy sweetness and looked incredulously at Han Qianqian in the red light.

        The top of the Blue Mountain, a hundred experts outside the family itself and Lu Ruoxuan, not to say that the elite out, but is also the top of the Blue Mountain a considerable force, but in the face of Han Qianqian's current situation, but is so weak, so not to be investigated a blow.

        "Grandpa." Only then did Lu Ruoxuan notice the only one still holding on in mid-air, Lu Wushen.

        Under the explosion, he was the only one whose body only trembled and was not affected in any way.

        The power of the True God was truly extraordinary.

        However, because everyone was too far away, they did not notice that although Lu Wushen appeared to be calm and collected, his brow was already slightly shrunken and beads of sweat were slowly trickling down his forehead.

        "Han Qianqian, what exactly do you want?" Lu Wushen murmured softly.