His True Colors Chapter 2280

 "Oh, this condition of mine is not really a condition, as far as you are concerned, it is just to give your Fu family, added honour." Ao Shi laughed.

        "Then, Elder Ao, you said you were referring to ...... specifically."

        "I want to ask you for a person." Ao Shi laughed, "Naturally, for Clan Chief Fu, it is just a small matter, but I can guarantee that as long as Clan Chief Fu is willing, my Eternal Life Sea will never treat your Fu family poorly, in the future, when the world is taken by my Eternal Life Sea, this world will be divided into three parts, there is a share of the Medicine God Pavilion, and there will definitely be a share of your Fu family, how about it?"

        Hearing these words, a group of senior executives of the Fu family were about to jump up in excitement.

        To return to the top, this was the dream of all the Fu family.

        "I wonder who exactly is the person that Old Mr. Ao wants? The people of my Fu family will not be stingy." Fu Tian also couldn't hide his excitement and smiled.

        "Han Qianqian!" Ao Shi laughed.


        Fu Tian only felt his brain explode, followed by an unsteadiness of his entire body, and he stumbled and fell from his chair with a bang.

        Fu Mei's hand, which was holding the wine in a depressed manner due to the addition of people, also shook at this moment, and the whole person's whole body was amazed as the wine cup fell to the ground.

        The other members of the Fu and Ye families were no better, their smiles frozen on their faces.

        At the same time, Wang Juzhi and the rest of the Pill God Pavilion and some of the people from the Eternal Sea were also shocked, as Ao Shi had offered generous gifts, wine and food, and greeted them personally.

        Ao Shi had already done so even before Han Qianqian had arrived, so if he had arrived, what more could it be?

        When they thought of this, they were furious. How could Han Qianqian be treated like this?

        The Fu and Ye families were even more embarrassed. They had thought that a big pie had fallen from the sky, or that they had been favoured by Ao Shi, so they became complacent and emotional, but instead, it was Han Qianqian!

        The treatment that Fu Tian had given himself over Han Qian Qian, now seemed like a joke, and he was the clown who starred in the joke.

        The eternal sea is for Han Qianqian, not for him.

        Ao Shi looked at Fu Tian eagerly and couldn't help but ask, "What's wrong? Is there something wrong with Clan Chief Fu? Or maybe he doesn't want his own treasure? I know that although Han Qianqian is from the Azure Planet, he is, however, your Fu family's son-in-law."

        Ao Shi engaged in so many moves, naturally and Lu Wushen's mind is similar, although Han Sanchi is a hidden trouble, but if he can be used for himself, towards then dealing with the top of the Blue Mountain will be free of worry. The first thing you can do is to take a step back and even if you don't use it, you can't let the top of the Blue Mountain use it, otherwise you will face another big enemy for the Eternal Sea.

        "This ......" Fu Tian did not know how to answer for a while.

        To say it directly was not, but not to say it directly seemed inappropriate either.

        When he was in a dilemma, Fu Mei opened his mouth and smiled, "Elder Ao, in fact, my two families, Fu Ye, have a lot of talents, how can a mere Han Qianqian be qualified to be appreciated by you? If you wish, you can pick someone else at your leisure."

        "Yes, yes, Mr. Ao, for our Fu family, there are many young and talented disciples, and there are even a few talented youngsters among them."

        "Our Ye family also has quite a few, hehe, we Fu Ye are all one family, as long as Old Mr. Ao takes a fancy to them, you can take them away anytime." The senior management on the Ye family's side also hurriedly spoke out, seeking opportunities for their own family members.

        Ao Shi frowned and smiled coldly, "It seems that the chips I gave are not enough, and you guys are not too satisfied, Clan Chief Fu?"

        "What are your words, Elder Ao, to be able to befriend the Eternal Sea is a blessing for my Fu family, how dare I be the least bit dissatisfied, I couldn't wait for it!" Fu Tian hurriedly laughed and said.

        "If you're not dissatisfied, why are you still hiding Han Qianqian and not willing to let go?" With anger in his eyes, Ao Shi looked coldly at Fu Tian.

        "This ......"

        "If you are not willing, just say so." After saying that, Ao Shi drank with dissatisfaction, "To make some rotten fish and prawns and then try to fill up the number, do you think I, Ao someone, am old and confused?"

        "Ao Lao, we have no such intention, it's just that there are still various talents in the Fu and Ye families, and I would like to ......" Fu Tian was sweating profusely, and hurriedly stood up to apologize.

        It was not that he was unwilling to hand over Han 3000, but ...... it was that the Fu family simply did not have Han 3000 ah.


        If he had known this, he would have ......

        The actual fact is that you can't even shed a tear!

        Hey ......

        "That's enough!" Ao Shi suddenly slammed the table, the whole person rose in anger, pointed at Fu Tian and cursed: "Do you think my Eternal Life Sea and Pill God Pavilion are for show? My thousands of disciples are full of talents, and they are also comparable to a bunch of trash from your two Fu Ye families? I need a dragon and a phoenix among men, not those stinking crabs of yours, Fu Tian, I want Han Qianqian, will you hand it over or not?!"