His True Colors Chapter 2279

 Although they were confused, the people from the two Fu Ye families did not ask more questions, because now they enjoyed the same courtesy as Han Qianqian in the great clan, which had already made their hearts grow a sigh of obscurity.

        So what if you, Han Qianqian, are capable of getting a high level of treatment at the top of the Blue Mountain? What my two Fuye clans received was the True Gods of the Eternal Sea accompanying them to eat, and the two were more than comparable.

        After all, although the top of Blue Mountain is the strongest in terms of overall strength, the time is not what it used to be, and the Eternal Sea has the Pill God Pavilion as an ally, so the scales are naturally skewed in this direction.

        In other words, the two families are more powerful than Han Qianqian.

        At this point, the two families were already complacent and did not particularly care about what Ao Shi was up to.

        When they entered the tent, there were already several seats lined up and the food on the table was gorgeous.

        Fu Tian was invited by Ao Shi to take the top seat, opposite Wang Juzhi, with the two Ao brothers taking the second seat.

        "Come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come, come. As soon as the words left his mouth, Ao Shi raised his glass, and the people of the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion dared to be lazy, raising their glasses one after another.

        Fu Tian also raised his glass with the senior executives of the Fu Ye, "You are too kind, Old Ao, it is a true blessing for my two Fu Ye families to be your guests." After saying this, Fu Tian and the others gave a toast and tilted their heads to drink.

        Ao Shi smiled gently, and after taking a small sip of wine, he put down his cup and laughed softly, "To want to be a guest of my Eternal Life Sea, this is but a trivial matter for Clan Chief Fu, and even if Clan Chief Fu wants to become a family with my Eternal Life Sea, it is only a matter of Clan Chief Fu nodding his head."

        Hearing these words, the group of people from the Fu and Ye Clans were both shocked and delighted.

        What was joyful was naturally happiness falling from the sky, but what was shocking was that these words were actually spoken by Ao Shi.

        Unlike the Fu and Ye families, the group of people from the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Life Sea were all emotionally agitated, obviously puzzled by Ao Shi's move.

        "Grandfather, the Eternal Life Sea has gotten to where it is today because the disciples of my Eternal Life Sea have exchanged their blood for it, how can he, the Fu Family, be able to do so with my Eternal Life Sea like this?" Ao Yi was instantly dissatisfied.

        "That's right, what status is my Eternal Life Sea, and what status is his Fu Clan and Ye Clan, considered?" Ao Jin also shouted coldly.

        Wang Juzhi also rose slightly at this time, bowing his back and advised, "Elder Ao, there is a strict vetting system for VIPs and families in the Eternal Life Sea, this is a rule set down by the Ao family's ancestors a long time ago."

        "Unbridled!" Ao Shi slammed his palm on the table and shouted angrily, "When is it your turn to interfere when I speak, and you, Wang Juzhi, don't think that with the help of my Ao family you are really a true god."

        "This matter, my mind is made up, no one is allowed to interfere."

        As soon as Ao Shi became angry, the pressure of his might was released directly into the whole room, shaking the hearts and backs of all the people in the room cold, each one lowering his head, not daring to say a word.

        Seeing that no one dared to speak, Ao Shi then looked back at Fu Tian and said softly, "Clan Chief Fu, these juniors do not know how high the sky is, so you should not be ordinary with them, although I am old, but I can still be the master of the Eternal Life Sea."

        Forced to suppress the excitement within, Fu Tian smiled gently, "You are too kind, Old Sir Ao, how could I dare to do so."

        "That is the best." Ao Shi smiled gently and then said, "In fact, my Ao family has many children and young girls, and our only daughter is married to Ye Kucheng, however, it is also a lot of children, if your Fu family is willing, you can choose a woman at any time, and our two families will become in-laws, from then on, we will share the blessings and difficulties together."

        When these words were spoken, not to mention the executives of the Fu and Ye families were frozen in their tracks, even Fu Tian was stunned in his place, his glass raised in the air, and he forgot to withdraw his hand.

        The Ao family and the people of the Eternal Sea were also looking at each other in astonishment.

        "I ...... did I hear you wrong just now? Old Mr. Ao is saying ...... to, to tie the knot with our Fu family?"

        "Am I dreaming, this is simply ...... simply too incredible, right?"

        "Oh my god, is the future of my Fu family really here?"

        The Fu family executives were all dreaming like illusions, unable to believe the facts in front of them, it was as if a big pie had fallen from the sky.

        Even to restore the Fu family and recreate its glory!

        "Ao ...... old man, you ...... are telling the truth?" Fu Tian's body trembled slightly, excited.

        "When someone Ao speaks, he never breaks his word." Ao Shi laughed.

        Once these words came out, the people of the two Fu Ye families were each excited beyond measure, but only Fu Mei, at this time, was puffed up and sour, marrying early thought to be a blessing, but now it seems to be a curse.

        "However, I have a condition." Ao Shi laughed softly.

        "What condition?" Fu Tian froze at once.