His True Colors Chapter 2278

 As soon as Fu Tian shouted, the crowd was also overjoyed.

        The True God of the Eternal Sea personally sent someone to invite them, what a concept!

        This was a concept that their Fu family was going to send.

        Thinking of this, Fu Tian instantly smiled in triumph, the energy as if he had returned to the ranks of the True God family.

        Seeing that many Fu Ye executives already wanted to leap over to Cool-Son Yeh's side, Fu Tian at that moment pulled his collar and pretended to be a pussy, sighing, "Although the Ao Shi True God sincerely invited us, however, it is better to go back."

        "Patriarch Fu, what are you doing?" Some Ye family executives suddenly spoke sharply in disbelief.

        "Yes, someone else, True God Ao, invited us, so why don't we go?"

        "Yes, yes!"

        The Ye family executives were each anxious and suspicious, really not knowing how Fu Tian could give up such a great opportunity.

        Even the senior executives of the Fu family were all full of doubts and quite puzzled at this time.

        At this time, Fu Tian faked a sigh, shook his head, looked at the crowd and said, "Ao Shi True God is one of the strongest people in my eight worlds, I am afraid that there are not many people in this world who can be summoned by him personally, and I believe that there are even fewer foreigners who can be summoned by him, this is an honour for our Fu family and an affirmation for us. However, what you all said just now does have a point. I have not only caused my Fu family to falter, but also dragged all of you in the Ye family down, so how can I bring you all to see True God Ao?"

        "That's right, we are already in internal turmoil now, going to the Eternal Sea, that's still going to be a disgrace? In my opinion, the most urgent thing is indeed to go back to Tianhu City and re-elect the clan leader properly, as for other matters, let's talk about them later." In the Fu family, there were executives who supported Fu Tian who immediately understood what Fu Tian meant, and immediately voiced their support.

        "It is indeed time to go back to self-reflection, if you want to secure the outside, you must first secure the inside."

        Even for those who did not support Fu Tian or were not happy with him, it was clear at this point that in this fight with the Ye family, Fu Tian must be the main focus, otherwise it would only be them who would suffer.

        Looking at the majority of the Fu family saying this, a group of senior executives of the Ye family instantly had a red face and a white face.

        Everyone knew that Fu Tian was acting here, but there was no way to directly poke him, and crucially, they had to accompany him, after all, they had named the Fu family to go over there.

        "Patriarch Fu, what are you talking about? We were all depressed for a while, so we said something without thinking, in fact, after we finished, we all regretted it."

        "Yes, for the sake of the two families, it can be said that Patriarch Fu has done his utmost to die, so there is no such thing as being incompetent. You must not take it seriously."

        "In fact, Patriarch Fu has done a very good job, we have at least two cities in the United Army of Fu Ye, and all these have been done by Patriarch Fu, according to me, Patriarch Fu's merits are unparalleled."

        "If you have spoken nonsense earlier, please forgive me, Chief Fu, and we will always look up to you."

        "Yes, if anyone says anything else about helping the clan chief to step down, then don't blame me for being ungracious, Ye."

        The attitude of each and every senior executive of the Ye family turned into compliments, making Fu Tian in a great mood, it had been a long time since he had been so star-studded, it made him find the state of the Fu family when he dreamed of returning to the peak.

        It was more than a pleasure, it was a love affair.

        Fu Tian cleared his throat, satisfied that this was a good pretence, and nodded in a fake manner, "Alright, since we are all family, and all of you have said so, there is no need for me to say anything else, let's go."


        All of them were happy in unison, then led by Fu Tian, they farted and caught up with Cool-Son Yeh who was already walking far away.

        Seeing the Fu family at the back, Cool-Son Yeh let out a cold laugh, a bunch of stinkers, pretending to be a pussy in front of themselves, but they still followed them?

        He did not care about Cool-Son Yeh's disdain, but Ao Shi was the one he wanted anyway.

        Inside the Valley of the Trapped Immortals, Fu Mang and the others were still dragging their bruised bodies deeper into the valley, for no other reason than to find the little information about Su Yingxia in the rumours, but until the group had already reached the valley, they found nothing.

        In the valley, apart from flowers, trees, mountains and flowing water, not to mention people, even animals were rarely seen.

        "Commander Fu, we have checked the surrounding area and found nothing, moreover, looking around, this is not a place where people can live or hide." His men reported at this point.

        "Is it possible that the information is wrong?" Fu Mang looked at Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng.

        "Nothing can come out of thin air, either there is something real or there is a purpose or conspiracy, but in all the time we have been in the valley, we have not seen any sign of an ambush." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng shook his head.

        "You mean that it is more or less likely that this is still reliable?" Fu said busily.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng nodded, "I'm not sure, but three thousand was good to us in life, even if he died, Su Ying Xia and Han Nian we desperately I have to find them, I mean, let's not let go of any possible chance."

        "Good, all brothers, put in more effort and look around. There was a huge explosion on Sleeping Dragon Mountain, I'm afraid there's more trouble than meets the eye, this is not a place to stay for long, let's find the clues and get out of here as soon as possible." Fu Mang gritted his teeth and decided to take a chance.

        The crowd nodded and began to search towards the valley, in all directions.

        At this time, the tent gate of the Eternal Sea was bustling with activity.

        Hearing that Fu Tian and the others had come over, Ao Shi personally greeted them outside the tent for the first time.

        Next to Ao Shi, the senior cadres of the Ao family and the Pill God Pavilion all stood in two rows, not really knowing what Ao Shi wanted to do.

        It's just trash like the two Fu Ye families, why does the True God himself need to be like this?

        "Haha, meet Elder Ao, Elder Ao is worthy of being the dominant True God of my Eight Worlds, today I am fortunate enough to meet Elder Ao in his true form, I am truly honoured by you, Fu." Fu Tian laughed with a compliment.

        As soon as Fu Tian smiled, a group of Fu Ye executives behind him also hurriedly compensated with smiles, with Ye Shijun and Fu Mei and their two families even standing in front of them.

        "Good, the Fu and Ye families are worthy of being the oldest families in the Eight Directions World, with a good army and strong people, it's really good, come, I have ordered people to prepare wine and food, let's drink and sing together." Ao Shi laughed heartily.

        Hearing these words, the eyes of the two families shone brightly, Ao Shi personally accompanied them to dinner, what kind of specifications is this? It was no worse than Han Qianqian at the top of Blue Mountain, was it?

        But what was the purpose of Ao Shi's action?