His True Colors Chapter 2277

 Fu Tian is even more depressed to fly, this trip, what did not get even if, pretend to be forced but in an instant face were swollen, not to mention Han Qianqian is still alive, the two families of Fu Ye heart is simply cold to the extreme.

        The two families of Fu Ye are very cold in heart. Betraying Han Qianqian, killing his alliance disciples, participating in the siege of Han Qianqian, which seems to be enough to kill the two families of Fu Ye.

        The people of the two families have seen Han Qianqian's ability, and they are both depressed and frightened, and the atmosphere is as freezing as it can be.

        "Oh, some people are really god damn good at playing, engage in backstabbing such a hand, and now Han Qianqian is still alive, from today, I think none of us want to sleep well." The more you think about it, the more depressed a certain executive of the Ye family is, and can't help but curse angrily.

        "Just now did not you see? The top of Blue Mountain carried Han Qianqian into the tent with a specification second only to the patriarch, and us? Haha, originally Han three thousand and we are allies, some people do not cherish in the slightest, but instead of a chaotic stick out, before you always say that the fall of the Fu family is because of the fall of the true god, bad luck, I see, is completely nonsense. The fall of the Fu family is simply due to the management's incompetence and wrong moves."

        When the senior management of the Fu family heard these words, they all became discontented and tilted their heads in disbelief, however, none of them dared to refute, let alone knew how to refute.

        Fu Tian's face was incomparable, but there was nowhere to send his anger, so he could only shrink his head and become a shrinking turtle.

        He is actually also very depressed, how this Han three thousand is always like this? He is just a waste, he is absolutely impossible to look away.

        Could it be that the sky is going to kill my family?

        It's easy to ask a person to do something wrong, but it's extremely difficult to ask him to admit his mistake, especially for someone like Fu Tian. Even if reality keeps hitting him in the face, he will never think that it is his own cause, he can blame this, blame that, and even curse the heavens.

        Blame God, but as it is.

        "Well, now we are already difficult, do we still have to be in civil unrest?" Fu Mei spoke out at this time.

        "You have the nerve to say that, as the daughter-in-law of the Ye family, but you keep pampering Fu Tian to be disorderly." Someone cooed lowly.

        Fu Mei's face was embarrassed, she really didn't know what to say.

        Just at this time, someone from the Fu family suddenly noticed that Cool-Son Yeh was leading a group of people to come all the way from the direction of the Trapped Immortal Valley.

        "Cool-Son Yeh? What is this guy doing here again?"

        "Damn it, his soul won't go away, will it? Is it his pleasure to humiliate us now? So he came back to find out about us?"

        A group of people suddenly became anxiously discontented, angry at Cool-Son Yeh from the heart, only when he has not arrived, they have the opportunity to vent the anger in their hearts.

        Fu Mei anxious in the eyes, although the matter of the red apricot was forcibly rounded back to her, but the thief and which does not have a weak heart, if he is specially rushed over to humiliate the Fu Ye two, that day he is very likely to repeat the matter, and then ......

        At the time of anxiety, Cool-Son Yeh has brought people over.

        Ye Gucheng face with an indescribable smile, up and down will Fu Mei sizing up a through, which not only makes Fu Mei extremely embarrassed, more aside Ye Shijun frowned, and quite suspicious look at Fu Mei.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, what are you still doing here?" Fu Tian stood out and said in an angry and dissatisfied voice.

        "Don't worry, old man can have no interest in your two families of Fu Ye, to have interest, it is also ......" Cool-Son Yeh did not finish his words, but kept his eyes on Fu Mei's body.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, what exactly do you want?" Ye Shijun could not bear it anymore and crossed his body to block Fu Mei's body.

        "Brother Ye, why do you have to be like this, we are all good brothers, aren't we?" Ye Gucheng laughed metaphorically, after finishing this, he stopped at the right time: "All right, let's get down to business, the Eternal Life Sea has invited all of you to go to the tent."

        Hearing Cool-Son Yeh's invitation, Fu Ye's group of people froze one by one, inviting them over, what are they going to do?

        "Cool-Son Yeh, you also know that you are inviting us over? Unfortunately, your attitude doesn't seem like an invitation at all, we, the Fu Ye family, still have things to do, so we'll take our leave first."

        "That's right."

        Some Fu family engaged in the tube seized the opportunity and hurriedly turned Cool-Son Yeh back to relieve the anger of the party.

        The others were also extremely cooperative, they turned their heads and left.

        Ye Lucheng saw this, just a smile, also did not stay, but turned around and led people all the way back.

        When he did so, a group of people from the two families of Fu and Ye lost their bottom, originally wanted to take the opportunity to make things difficult for him, but never thought that this guy turned around and left, he is not afraid to go back to the future can not explain?

        "Ye Gucheng, aren't you afraid that you won't be able to give an explanation when you get back?" Someone asked with discontent.

        "To go or not to go, it is your freedom, I have brought my words, it has nothing to do with me." Cool-Son Yeh finished and smiled, "It's a pity that Ao Shi, his old man, kindly asked me to invite you to go, but you don't appreciate it."

        "Wait!" Fu Tian instantly beckoned, looking towards the leaving Cool-Son Yeh: "What did you just say? It was Ao Shi who invited us over?"

        Cool-Son Yeh laughed, did not answer, and walked back on his own.

        "What the f*ck are you still standing there for?" Fu Tian suddenly haha a happy, loud and said, here it comes, the opportunity is here?