His True Colors Chapter 2276

His whole body came to pace back and forth inside the tent anxiously, and one by one, the few disciples stationed outside the camp felt the extreme pressure inside the tent and sweated like rain.


        Inside the tent, Ao Shi suddenly heard a loud shout from outside the tent, and when he looked back, the two brothers of the Ao family carrying important people such as Wang Juzhi, Master Xian Ling, and the Ye Gucheng couple had already rushed in.


        "Greetings, Old Master Ao."

        "Greetings divine Elder."

        As soon as the heavy people saw Ao Shi, they all knelt down and paid their respects, and Cool-Son Yeh was even more excited, and at this moment, he even purposely cleared his throat and tried to shout out in the loudest voice possible, trying to attract Ao Shi's attention.

        "All get up." Ao Shi looked at the crowd and commanded.

        "Yes." The crowd nodded in unison, and then one by one, they stood to their left and right.

        "Grandfather, I wonder what is so important that you have summoned us urgently." Ao Jin asked in a soft voice.

        "Yes, grandfather. Alas, if you hadn't left just now, we could still grab Lu Ruoxin's God's Yoke, but now, everything has been taken back by Lu Ruoxin," Ao Yi said rather regretfully.

        People who have no emotional quotient are always embarrassed by what they say, at least Ao Shi was extremely embarrassed at this moment.

        Ao Shi closed his eyes to calm his anger, but it was Wang Juzhi who hurriedly said, "Third Prince, everything is about balance."

        "There were two inexplicable experts who suddenly stepped in to help Han Qianqian, and that old thief Lu Wushen suddenly turned against me after seeing Lu Ruoxin get the God's Yoke." Ao Shi let out a long breath and said somewhat rather depressed.

        "If we were to fight with the top of Blue Mountain alone, why would we worry about not getting the God's Yoke?" After saying that, Ao Shi was a little depressed.

        "Losing the God's Yoke is a small matter, what I fear is that the loss will be bigger and more numerous in the future." Cool-Son Yeh interjected.

        Ao Shi nodded, but Wang Juzhi had some disgust in his eyes, what did Cool-Son Yeh mean by this, was he still not clear?

        "On my way here, I saw the Fu family, your name is Cool-Son Yeh, right?"

        "Yes, grandfather."

        "Go and get the Fu family, say I have something important to discuss."

        "Huh? Yes!"

        Ye Lucheng did not understand Ao Shi's intention, and after a slight daze, he turned and went out.

        "Elder God, what is the reason for seeking the Fu family? I don't quite understand it." Wang Juxie Way.

        Ao Shi looked sad and said, "Naturally, it is for a person and for the future of the Ao family, you will naturally know when they come. Slowly, you order down and prepare some good wine and food to entertain them."


        After saying this, Ao Shi placed his eyes on the two brothers of the Ao family. He used to think that they were just fine, but now the more he looked at them, the more unpleasant it was. The second Ao Jin had a better IQ, but acted impulsively, and the third Ao Yi was nothing but domineering.

        On the other hand, the Lu family's children, Lu Ruoxuan, are calm and alert, and Lu Ruoxin, who is not only smart, but also charming, will bring great benefits to the top of Blue Mountain.

        I'm envious.

        As soon as Han Qianqian landed on the palanquin, Lu Wushen personally arranged for the entire Lu family to heal Han Qianqian's wounds and prepare a dinner for him.

        Lu Ruoxin had that talk with Lu Wushen, plus there was already a subtlety in his heart, and Han Qianqian made good on his promise to give her the God's Yoke, and also helped Lu Wushen with his busy schedule.

        Lu Ruoxuan's face was as frosty as an empty front, but it had nothing to do with him, which was really depressing.

        "What are you doing standing still?" At this moment, Lu Wushen walked over and watched the large number of experts and physicians heading towards Han Qianqian's tent and said with a soft smile.

        "Grandpa, RuoXuan is not helping." Lu Ruoxuan was upset again, but naturally he did not dare to show it in front of Lu Wushen.

        "I've been watching you since you were growing up, what's on your mind that grandpa wouldn't know?" Lu Wushen smiled gently and patted Lu Ruoxuan's shoulder: "Perhaps grandpa is making arrangements for Han Qianqian and leaving my good grandson out in the cold, right?"

        Hearing such a kind tone from Lu Wushen, Lu Ruoxuan nodded boldly, "Yes, Ruoxuan really doesn't understand why I, being at the top of Blue Mountain, would be so fussed over a foreigner."

        "What you care about is not that, but the fear of losing grandfather's favour." Lu Wushen directly broke Lu Ruoxuan's mind with a single word, then smiled gently, "Silly child, you only look at the outside, not the surface."

        "Grandfather, what do you mean by that?"

        "Grandfather is intending to recruit Han Qianqian as my Lu family's son-in-law, and even train him vigorously so that he can become a war god and be brave in the world." Lu Wu Shen said bluntly.

        When Lu Ruoxuan heard this, he became even more depressed.

        "But silly child, no matter how fierce the God of War is, that is still attacking the city, and it is you who sits within the true imperial palace to plan and command the deployment."

        "Grandfather, what you mean is ......" Lu Ruoxuan how smart, a little.

        "As you think." Lu Wushen harrumphed.

        Lu Ruoxuan instantly understood and said happily, "Grandpa, I have a few more top quality physicians over there, I'll go and call them over."

        Lu Wushen laughed harshly and nodded his head.

        At this time, the Fu family side, each like a frosted aubergine, depressed to the extreme, Fu Tian was even ......