His True Colors Chapter 2275

 Lu Yongsheng glanced at Han Sanqian in embarrassment, and then at Lu Ruoxuan on the side, not knowing what to do for a while.

        He did not dare to disobey the divine elder's words, but he was still one of Lu Ruxuan's men, and he knew who would be in charge of the top of Blue Mountain in the future, so naturally, even if the divine elder had the words, he did not dare to do it rashly.

        Lu Ruoxuan glanced at Han Qianqian with annoyance and nodded at Lu Yongsheng, telling him to do as he was told.

        Once he annoyed his grandfather, Han Qianqian's courtesy would be threatened, not to mention his own favour with his grandfather.

        A few moments later, with the return of Lu Yongsheng, a luxurious palanquin bed made up of sixteen people was carried over.

        "Come, three thousand, go up, go up." Lu Wushen was very enthusiastic, pulling Han Qianqian towards the palanquin bed.

        Han Qianqian's eyebrows were furrowed, what was Lu Wushen singing? However, seeing Lu Ruoxin nod, Han Qianqian sat up.


        Lu Yongsheng shouted, sixteen people carried the palanquin with pride, and all the Lu family's children made a space for themselves. They knew better than anyone that no matter who was sitting on the palanquin, all the Lu family's children would have to move out of the way and follow them.

        "Holy shit, Han Qianqian is so powerful, he was carried in a palanquin at the top of the Blue Mountain, even the patriarch of the Lu family only travels in an 18-person palanquin.

        "With Han Qianqian Fang's amazing skills, doesn't he deserve it? The devil dragon has been in the world for a thousand years and ten thousand years, and has even been forgotten, but it could not have imagined until its death that its life would come to an end one day, right? Han Qianqian, really deserves to be my idol."

        "What the palanquin of sixteen shows is not only that Han Qianqian is strong, but most importantly, that he will be even stronger in the future!" Seeing that the others did not understand, he laughed, "Han Qianqian has appeared in conjunction with Lu Ruoxin, and Han Qianqian also knows all of Lu Ruoxin's moves, now even the strongest True God of the Lu Family has nodded to arrange for the sixteen-person palanquin to carry him, do you still not understand what this means?"

        "What you mean is ......"

        "Exactly, Han Qianqian has used his strength to take the position of the Lu Family's dragon's son-in-law." The man laughed.

        At these words, the crowd nodded their heads in agreement.

        "Then this Han Qianqian will be a great success. He started out as a casual, but he was already able to fight at the top of Mount Qishan and break the Eternal Sea.

        "Yes, if he raises his arms, not only will the top of Blue Mountain help him, but many heroes and heroines in the jianghu will also respond."

        "Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian, he's really something, a role model for my generation."

        "But on the other hand, the top of Blue Mountain will also be very powerful, with Han Qianqian as his son-in-law, it will be like a tiger with wings."

        "But what about Su Yingxia?"

        At this time, the sixteen palanquins at the top of the Blue Mountain had already set off ahead of them, and Lu Ruoxuan led the others to follow, but he was so distracted that every now and then he would turn around and look back.

        Behind him, Lu Wushen did not follow, but walked alongside Lu Ruoxuan.

        It was a rare occasion for a true god of the Lu family to walk on the ground, accompanied by Lu Ruoxin rather than him, which made him, as the most favoured member of the Lu family, extremely nervous and uncomfortable.

        Lu Wushen walked slowly, his eyes gently looking at Han Qianqian in front of him, the corners of his mouth curled into a slight smile.

        "Xin'er ah." Lu Wushen said with a satisfied smile.

        Lu Ruoxin hurriedly answered, "Grandfather, Xin'er is here."

        Lu Wushen smiled gently, "Since when do we need to be so tense when we talk, grandfather and grandson?"

        Lu Wushen spoke to her so gently and patiently, something she had never seen before in her life, Lu Ruoxin was stunned, but then smiled nicely, "Yes."

        Lu Wushen pointed to Han Qianqian in front of him, "What do you think of Qianqian?"

        "Don't worry to say, there is no need to have any doubts."

        Lu Ruoxin nodded and said, "Although Han Qianqian is an earthling, his natural talent is extremely strong, and he is also honest and bold.

        "Is that why you taught him the Four Soul Formation and the Xuan Yuan Sword Formation?" Lu Wushen laughed.

        Lu Ruoxin hurriedly stopped and made a move to kneel down, "Xin'er is reckless, please forgive me!"

        "Condemned?" Lu Wushen laughed, but in his hand, he stopped Lu Ruoxin from kneeling: "What is your crime, and how can you be condemned?"

        "Xin'er did not obtain the consent of the family master and grandfather, but privately passed on the supreme mastery of the Lu family to others. Lu Ruoxin did not dare to be slow in the slightest and said in fear.

        "Foolish." Lu Wushen laughed and scolded, "What do you mean by passing it on to Han Qianqian? If you ask me, not only do you not have a single sin, but you are also a supreme meritorious servant of the top of my Blue Mountain."

        "It is simply a blessing for my Lu family to have such a good son-in-law, Xin'er, you have done a very good job, the future of the Lu family is half your credit, I will praise you when I return this time." Lu Wu Shen laughed.

        Lu Ruoxin was stunned, so grandfather meant this ......


        "But ...... grandfather, core and Han three thousand did not ...... moreover, Han three thousand he has a wife and daughter, and has always loved them very much, core has asked him several times, but he has been... "Lu Ruoxin said with some disappointment.

        "Learning the arts of my Lu family, how can he be a member of his family? As for his wife and daughter, how much does he love them?" Lu Wushen said in discontent at once.

        "Very much."

        "Very much? Then don't let them appear!" Lu Wu Shen said angrily, while an extremely powerful pressure was quietly released.

        "Xin'er understands." Lu Ruoxin said with a pale face, not daring to breathe.

        Lu Wushen took a deep breath, his attitude eased, and he looked at Han Qianqian, muttering, "Xin'er, Han Qianqian is a creature of the Earth, I should not have given him the chance to challenge the might of my eight worlds. If Han Qianqian can be used by my Lu family, it can also ease the pressure on my family."

        "I understand, Xin'er."

        Lu Wushen smiled happily, looked at Han Qianqian's back and smiled, "This son's back is not bad."

        "He is somewhat of a looker."

        "No, what I mean is that he really does have some of the might of a true god."

        At the other end, the two sons of the Ao family and Wang Juzhi were already running non-stop to the Valley of the Trapped Dragon, while inside the tent, Ao Shi was also waiting anxiously ......