His True Colors Chapter 2274

 "Not gone?" Wang Jueyi froze, and the slightest hope rekindled in his godless eyes, "Is it true what you say?"

        "Uncle Wang, it's true, grandfather told us to hurry back, saying that we had important matters to discuss." Ao Jin also nodded his head and said with great certainty.

        "Go!" Wang Juzhi could not hold back any longer, and with a wave of his hand, he led his men in a hurry to run in the direction of the main camp of the Sleepy Immortal Valley.

        On the way, Wang Juzhi and the others met the almost petrified Fu family members.

        Fu Tian's face was as ugly as if he had eaten soap, blue and green, red and white.

        Just in front of all the people of the Fu family Ye family, extremely flirtatious blowing a thousand years of great dreams, but did not expect, only half of the words, the head of Han Qianqian suddenly shouted, stand upright identity, as big as the palm of God slapped on Fu Tian's face, but also completely let him from the beauty of the dream, no, should be awakened.

        The man's mind was fucking shattered, why is this Han Qianqian everywhere?

        How come every time he bragged about something, within a few moments, this guy would be like a thunderbolt from the sky, directly thundering himself to the ground?

        Is it so fucking appropriate? Is it fucking okay to target people like that?

        You don't give a fuck?

        "The Fu family?" Wang Juzhi swept a glance at them, but in the next second, he snorted disdainfully, "Since when did dogs start picking up shit to eat?" Dropping his words, Wang Juzhi led his men away.

        As far as the Fu Family was concerned, Wang Juzhi despised it more than anyone else, because he had snatched the position of True God from the Fu Family.

        Fu Mei stared blankly at Han Qianqian in the air, no one knew how he felt ......

        The first time I saw him, I was able to find a little bit of pride and self-respect that belonged to his genius boy.

        The Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion withdrew, some of the scattered people also began to withdraw, the big picture has been decided, almost no suspense.

        Not afraid of Han Qianqian, but also afraid of the unchecked Lu Family True God at the top of the head.

        But there were also those who were waiting to see what would happen. After all, if those two experts were to stop Lu Wu Shen, then everything could change. Even though Han Qianqian was like a god of war at the moment, the word profit was at the forefront, and many people were eager to try again.

        "Listen to the order from the top of Blue Mountain!" At this moment, Lu Wushen's voice came from the sky, "Protect Ruo Xin and Han Qianqian."


        Ten thousand people shouted in unison, and even without Lu Ruoxuan's order, the children of the Lu family still turned their guns around and aimed at the other casuals present.

        Lu Ruoxuan gritted his teeth, although he was not happy that Lu Ruoxin had taken the God's Shackle, but in the end, it was the Lu family's gain, so he could swallow his anger.

        In the next second, a point of light fell from the sky, and as it flashed out, Lu Wushen was already standing in front of Lu Ruoxuan.

        "Greetings, Elder God." The children of the Lu family knelt in unison.

        "Grandfather." Lu Ruoxuan also hurriedly knelt down with excitement in his eyes.

        He was Lu Wu Shen's most favoured junior, and he was naturally quite emotional when he saw Lu Wu Shen again.

        However, with a smile on his face, Lu Wushen simply ignored Lu Ruoxuan and took a few steps to the back of the crowd, smiling towards Han Qianqian in mid-air, "Qianqian, come down, with me here, no one will dare to touch you."

        Han Qianqian hesitated for a moment, nodded his head and fell from the air, but before he could stand firmly, his body already leaned back, but luckily Lu Ruoxuan helped Han Qianqian in time.

        "Are you alright?" As soon as Lu Ruoxin touched Han Qianqian, he could not feel that his internal breath was extremely chaotic, and it was not simply that he was so powerful on the surface.

        "Hang in there." Han Qianqian's eyes looked into the mid-air in the distance, and for a moment wondered, who were those two figures?

        "Heroes come out of youths, amazing, amazing." Lu Wushen simply withdrew all his aura, completely allowing Han Qianqian to relax his guard before he walked over with a big smile.

        "Greetings, grandfather." Lu Ruoxin also hurriedly knelt down to pay her respects at this point.

        "Little girl, you're still so polite with your grandfather." Lu Wushen looked at Lu Ruoxin dotingly, his eyes full of joy.

        This made Lu Ruoxin slightly dazed, among the descendants of the Lu family, the one grandfather liked the most was undoubtedly Lu Ruoxuan, a male member of the Lu family, as for his own granddaughter, although his attitude was not bad, it was definitely not so good either.

        "What are you still standing there for? Can't you see that three thousand are injured? Have someone carry the palanquin back to the main camp, and have all the Lu family physicians and those with high cultivation come over to treat three thousand's injuries." Lu Wu Shen barked softly.

        "Yes." Lu Yongsheng hurriedly said.

        "That's right!" Lu Wu Shen gently beckoned, and Lu Yongsheng hurriedly went to him as he whispered in his ear, "Carry him with sixteen people specifications."

        "Elder God, this ......" Lu Yongsheng was stunned, sixteen person palanquin, in the Lu family is a very high specification, after all, even the children of the Lu family only twelve person palanquin, and the most favored Lu Ruoxuan, only fourteen person palanquin, but Han Qianqian ...... is even sixteen person palanquin ......

        The most important thing is that the family's patriarch is only two people behind.

        "This what this? Do I have to say it a second time?" Lu Wushen immediately drank in annoyance and dissatisfaction.