His True Colors Chapter 2273

 Suddenly, Gu You was pulled back to reality by a few shudders, raising his eyes, Ye Gucheng's face was written with anger, resignation, panic and fear.

        Then he raised his eyes and there was Han Qianqian in mid-air, holding his breath, staring, his gaze like a torch, majestic and uncompromising!

        How is it that being a man, the difference is so huge?!

        "What the hell is this kid ...... coming from?" Lu Wushen continued to assume his attack stance while looking coldly at Han Qianqian.

        "This son, he must not be kept." Ao Shi bit his big teeth coldly and could not help but say angrily.

        Lu Wushen nodded in understanding, after the fall of the Fu family, the two Lu Ao families had been fighting against each other, both explicitly and implicitly, but what they had never dreamed of was that a Cheng Biao Jin would come out halfway.

        If they hadn't killed him, with this boy's astounding but completely impenetrable cards in front of them, he would have been a big problem for them in the future.

        "I have made it very clear what he is about, so if you think you cannot keep him, then hurry up and do it." The old sweeper smiled faintly.

        "Yes, both claiming to be the two strongest people in this world, moving a hand and still being so long-winded, are you guys in fear of death?" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books were extremely mocking.

        "How dare you!" Ao Shi shouted angrily and glanced at Lu Wushen.

        A small thought flashed through Lu Wushen's mind, and without any more nonsense, he closed in on Ao Shi and attacked him straight away.

        But just as the four of them were fighting once again, a light cry came from Trapped Dragon Mountain.

        "Lu Ruoxin, proceed."

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian punched an energy directly into the God's Shackle, and then threw it down in the air.


        The God's Shackle was instantly thrown by Han Qianqian in front of Lu Ruoxin.

        Lu Ruoxin was stunned and looked at Han Qianqian incredulously, "What are you doing?"

        Although she had been determined to obtain the God's Shackle before coming here, in the end, it was always her own idea. The truth was that Han Qianqian had relied on himself to deliver the final blow to the demon dragon, and also relied on himself to forcefully obtain the God's Shackle.

        Although Lu Ruoxin had always been arrogant, and could even be said to have no one in sight, her basic principles were probably much stronger than anyone else's.

        Since Han Qianqian had taken it, it was natural for him to get it, and that was how the so-called successor king was defeated.

        "Since you have already got it, I have nothing to say, you don't have to do that." Lu Ruoxin frowned and said.

        "You have your principles, I also have my bottom line, since I promised to help you take the God's Yoke, as long as I don't die, I will fulfill my promise."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian fiercely charged forward with a slash of the Pan Gu Axe in his hand.


        A group of people who saw the God's Yoke fall and even did not want their lives for the sake of wealth were instantly cut away by Han Qianqian's giant axe.


        The giant axe was carried directly on his shoulder, and Han Qianqian stood in the air and shouted coldly, "The God's Yoke already belongs to someone, whoever dares to take a step forward will be killed without mercy!"


        It was even full of bravado, but those who were closer to Han Qianqian all took a step back, none dared to take even one step forward, and many even simply pressed their heads down for fear of being stared at by Han Qianqian.

        Lu Ruoxin's eyes were dumbfounded as she looked at Han Qianqian behind her, and she suddenly realised that his figure was very tall and imposing!

        This was the first time she had been so protected by a man.

        It was only that Han Qianqian's so-called protection, as far as Han Qianqian was concerned, was merely to save people for the sake of promises and to fulfil them.

        Therefore, he would not allow the Yoke of God to be obtained by anyone other than Lu Ruoxin.

        "Ai." Lu Ruoxin, again, was so ice-snow smart that although she was touched she would not be overwhelmed by this: "If you treat me, in light of this, then I would like to capture as many good friends as you have, one by one."

        "Wait a minute, I'm not going to fight."

        At this moment, above the mid-air, Lu Wushen released his eight gates of golden qi, directly bouncing off everyone before drawing back and shouting loudly.

        "Lu Wushen, you!!!" Ao Shi was furious, it was extremely obvious that the God's Yoke had suddenly fallen into Lu Ruoxin's hands, and Lu Ruoxin was this old thing's granddaughter, so the old man had changed his mind.

        But without Lu Ruoxin's help, it was not clear whether Ao Shi could beat him one-on-two, and even if he did, what could he do? Let this son of a bitch Lu Wushen sit back and reap the benefits?

        "Lu Wu Shen, to be a true god with someone like you is a disgrace to my Ao Shi!" Ao Shi cursed angrily and stopped talking nonsense as he turned around and disappeared in place with a float of his body.


        Wang Juzhi's entire body went weak under his feet, and with Ao Shi's departure, his entire body was completely devoid of energy.

        This was because it meant that the Eternal Sea and the Top of Blue Mountain seemed to be out of the running in this fight.

        "Han Qianqian." Wang Juzhi clenched his teeth as he looked at Han Qianqian, who was guarding Lu Ruoxin, and hated to eat him alive.

        "Withdraw!" With a wave of his hand, Wang Juzhi led his army and retreated towards the Trapped Immortal Valley.

        "Uncle Wang, what about my father's congratulatory gift." The two brothers, Ao Yi, were also helpless and took a few steps to catch up, saying with great reluctance.

        "What to do?" Wang Juzhi was in the midst of his anger and was about to start a scolding when he suddenly saw Ao Yi and Ao Jin stop and stare at him in a daze, "What's wrong with this?"

        "Grandpa hasn't left, he's inside the tent in the Sleepy Immortal Valley, calling us urgently." Ao Yi said incredulously.