His True Colors Chapter 2272

 "Brush, brush!"

        Countless Demon Dragon's Breath frantically gushed into Han Qianqian's body, causing his otherwise jade-like body to faintly flash purple and red into his body after a burst of transparency, illuminating his body in a sometimes purple flare and sometimes fiery red.

        "What ...... is he doing?"

        "Oh my god, is this guy crazy? He's sucking up the essence of the demon dragon!"

        "It's killing me, it's just killing me, does Han Qianqian even know what he's doing?"

        "This is a hybrid demon dragon, it's incredibly poisonous and evil, this guy is sucking his essence, isn't this the same as carrying a bomb on himself?"

        Many people's skulls were tingling at this moment, looking at Han Qianqian in mid-air in disbelief, how shocked they were that Han Qianqian was the only one standing there, and now, how much they blamed this guy for his stupidity.

        "Looking for death?" Lu Wushen frowned, looking from afar at Han Qianqian, who was at that moment sucking in a body of light, his face had completely blurred, and his eyes and mouth were completely replaced by purple and blue light.

        "Even if it's not an exploding body, the blood of the demon dragon will still make him worse than dead." Ao Shi said in a cold voice.

        Lu Ruoxin's mouth also opened wide as she stared at Han Qianqian in shock.

        She had never imagined that with Han Qianqian's stunning strike against the devil dragon, she herself would be bounced straight off and knocked down, while he could still stand proudly on the trapped dragon mountain.

        Nor could she have imagined that this fellow Han Qianqian would suddenly and frantically inhale the devil dragon's breath at this moment.

        This was no different from seeking death?!

        "Ah !!!!"

        Suddenly, Han Qianqian let out a violent, miserable scream that broke the void.

        Immediately afterwards, all the breath was sucked out, the blood sun disappeared, and the wind and waves between heaven and earth were suddenly calm, even those dusts still floating in the air were suddenly in lost momentum, motionlessly suspended in the air.

        Quiet, the whole scene was deadly quiet.

        It was as if everything had disappeared, even the people around them, the mountains, the sky, or the earth.

        Everyone, it seemed, could hear their own heartbeat, their breathing, even the gurgling of blood flowing through their bodies at that moment.

        Boom !!!!

        Suddenly, just at that moment, Han Qianqian's body made a loud sound, followed by an extremely strong aura rushing out from within Han Qianqian's body.


        The huge breath passed by like a wind explosion, scattering and blowing in all directions, the wind was extremely strong.

        Countless people were directly blown away by this wave of wind, covering their heads and dodging, closing their eyes and leaving their bodies!


        However, there were some high-cultivation people, but at this moment, they were incomparably dismayed to find that at the point in the centre of the wind explosion, a figure suddenly jumped out and burst directly into the red circle.

        "God's Yoke!" Ao Shi exclaimed in shock, and with his entire popularity gate open, he was directly about to rush over.

        Naturally, Lu Wu Shen would not let go of such a great opportunity, not to mention the fact that he himself would not make a move, only to watch as the God's Shackle was taken by someone else. At that moment, a body accelerated, and he was about to rush forward.

        "If you want to leave, have you asked us?"

        Almost at the same time, the earth-sweeping old man joined forces with the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books and stopped directly in front of the two.

        "You have to fight against us?" Ao Shi gritted his teeth and shouted coldly.

        "We are the supreme gods of the Eightfold World, going against us will not end well for you, are you sure you have really thought this through?" Lu Wu Shen also roared low in annoyance.

        The Earth Sweeping Old Man and the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books gently looked at each other and smiled, "We have considered very clearly, do you still have doubts?"

        "You guys!" Lu Wu Shen and Ao Shi also looked at each other, and for a moment they were burning with anger.

        But reason told them that although the two people in front of them had appeared from nowhere, the exchange of blows just now had made it clear that they were not very sure of themselves if they fought viciously.

        If one of them missed and was injured, the consequences would be unbelievable.

        However, almost immediately, another violent explosion erupted on Dragon Mountain!

        The mountain was shattered and the red circle, which was already in pieces, also exploded straight away out of nowhere.

        Immediately afterwards, a stream of light flew out of it, straight into the sky, and at the top of the stream of light, a huge red stream of light dazzled and took over the world.

        "The Devil Dragon is me, I am the Devil Dragon, the blood of the Devil Dragon is my blood, so naturally, the shackles of the gods are my shackles, arise!"

        "Roar, roar, roar!!!"

        As he lifted the light, it roared and roared!

        The streams of light transformed into thousands in his hands, scurrying in all directions, each stream seeming to have a human figure, roaring and roaring in rage.

        The roar of this being was like the fury of ten thousand souls, a fury that resounded in the sky.


        Han Qianqian pushed hard, his expression fierce as he finally lifted the streams of light!

        "Ho ho ho ho!"

        The stream of light was indeed the rage of ten thousand souls, and after fleeing in all directions, it returned to the red stream of light with a flash of red light, and then extinguished, and what Han Qianqian was holding was no longer a stream of light, but a weapon like a double-edged whip.

        In the middle, there was a long rope that resembled a dragon's tendon, which was soft, but with the flowing light flashing through its body, it had a strong and indestructible momentum.

        "Shackles of the Gods!!!"

        Boom!!! Almost as soon as someone shouted, the God's Shackle was released with a burst of energy, spreading its afterglow everywhere!

        "What? That kid ...... that kid wasn't killed by the Demon Dragon's Blood, instead ...... instead he even took the God's Yoke when we all weren't looking?"

        "Impossible, impossible, even if that kid is a loose immortal, but in the end, he is not the body of a true god, just by himself, he can both kill the dragon and rob the God's yoke, this is simply impossible to do."

        "I told you before, this guy is not a human, he is a god, the Underworld War God!!! He is like the Underworld, everywhere and invincible."

        "Han Qianqian ......" Lu Ruoxin muttered with her mouth open, even at this moment, as Han Qianqian's comrade, she could not believe what was happening in front of her.

        Under the final strike of the devil dragon, she was sent flying, and even now still because of her heavy injuries, it is impossible to immediately go to seize the God's yoke alone, but Han Qianqian not only did not have her like this, but also could ......

        "Can you guy ...... really be this strong? Then you lose to me ......," Lu Ruoxin couldn't help but shake her head.

        Wang Juzhi raised his head in anger, his breathing had long since been suspended, an unexplainable emotion etched on his face.

        Ye Gucheng's whole person is already shaking, staggering, as if struck across by reality, but Gu You, who is on the side, is supporting Ye Gucheng while his eyes are locked deadly on Han Qianqian in the distance.

        The God of War, standing in the wind, is a thunderclap!

        Isn't this the kind of man you've been longing for, a man like a king?