His True Colors Chapter 2271

 Boom !!!!

        The three supreme powers explode at the touch of a button!

        The void shattered, the sky slipped and cracked!

        The powerful blast shockwave engulfed everything and everything in it.

        Above the ground, several metres of scorched earth was directly blown into mud and sand by the air wave, flying in the sky, and the bare earth fell apart, cracking out countless streaks.

        The hundreds of thousands of troops, who were less than a thousand metres away from the trapped dragon mountain, were like ants under the huge wave, blown over dozens of metres before sinking into the mud-filled chaos.

        "Be careful." In the sky, the earth-sweeping old man who was fighting with Lu Wushen was also shaking in his hands at this moment, hastily offering up his own magic treasure to block directly in front of himself and the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, but even so, the wave of air and after-effects of the explosion still blew their hair out of place.

        Lu Wushen and Ao Shi were half a beat slower in their reflections, and even with the Eight Gates of Gold fully open, they were still blown back a few metres, their eyes staring blankly in the direction of the Trapped Dragon Mountain.

        The Fu Ye allied troops, who were even further away, all fell to the ground in disarray at this time, as if an ordinary person had suddenly been hit by a force 10 gale, and rolled for a long time before they could barely get down on the ground and stabilise themselves one by one.


        However, the wave of Qi did not stop there, and it hit directly near the already more distant Trapped Immortal Valley. The trees on the outskirts of the Trapped Immortal Valley just shook, and the next thing they knew, they all broke with a bang, and the wave of Qi swept straight away like a wave.

        "Holy shit, what the hell!" When he raised his eyes again, the wave of Qi was still blowing unstoppably inwards.

        Fu Mang touched his head strangely and looked back, unable to help but be dumbfounded.

        The distant sky had long since taken on an extremely exaggerated distortion, like a fracture in space-time, or as if heaven and earth had blended into one.

        "That's ......" Fu Mang couldn't help but swallow and murmur.

        The whole room was dumbfounded.

        Whether it was the slightly distant Fu Ye allied forces, or the more than 100,000 disciples closer, each one of them was lying on the ground at this moment, trembling and shocked as they looked at the incredible scene in front of them.

        Even the four experts in the sky all paused in the midst of your death, each looking at the Trapped Dragon Mountain with slight surprise.

        Although the red circle was still there, it was already full of shattered marks, so it had obviously endured an extremely strong impact and explosion.

        However, within the red circle, the devilish dragon, with eyes as big as a pitch and a brain like a continuous mountain, had disappeared, leaving behind nothing more than a two-metre-tall human dragon beast, kneeling on one knee, its head shrugging, blood dripping slowly onto the ground along with its mouth.

        In the distance, Lu Ruoxin was half lying on the ground, the Xuan Yuan sword had lost its original golden light and was lying there in a dull state, while her face was unusually pale and blood was flowing out from the corners of her mouth.

        Yet, in front of the trapped dragon mountain, there was a man, standing proudly in the air.

        Despite the dissipation of the golden light and the absence of the streams of light, and despite the fact that his fair jade body was scarred and even shocked, there was no denying that he did stand there.

        The golden axe was as lustrous and dull as ever in his hand, but the breeze passed by, his silver hair flowing long and still imposing.

        Most importantly, his scarred body was still vaguely surrounded by a flicker of white blankness that no one else could see, albeit at long intervals and for a short time ......

        back earth-shaking Xuanwu leisurely, arms burning the sky Vermilion Bird now, in front of his body, the White Tiger roars, the ancient dragon opens its claws!

        "Poof !!!!"

        Wang Juzhi suddenly anxious fire, a large mouthful of fresh blood directly in the form of mist spray!

        Sitting dang~~

        Ye Lucheng wanted to get up by holding the sword, but in the end, his hands were weak, and the sword fell to the ground with a resounding sound.

        "Taixu Dragon Emperor, Thunder Xuanhu, Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird, Zhendi Xuanwu ...... this is ......" Ao Tian has been completely unable to speak, because the lips and teeth are actually trembling ......

        "Han ...... Han three thousand?" Fu Mei's eyes were wide open, and even though the wind and sand and mud and dust were still constant, they couldn't keep her eyes closed for even a second.

        "This ......" Lu Wushen's feet could not help but lift forward slightly, and the slightest hint of shock actually appeared in his eyes, which had always been only bland, at this time.

        "This can't be!" Ao Shi cold voice and drink, heart is difficult to accept such a result.

        Quiet, deadly quiet.

        Only the wind and sand were still blowing, and only the silent breathing of the crowd, and ......

        It was the sound of Han Qianqian's heavy panting!


        Suddenly, Han Qianqian's limbs opened wide and he roared to the sky!


        In the middle of the red circle, at the same time, a reluctant whimper accompanied by pain came out, followed by countless purple and red lights floating out from the body of the devil dragon with a human head, and it turned into one, continuously surging towards the top of the red circle.

        The top of the red circle was also unusually bright, like a blood sun in this darkness!


        Then, this blood sun shone towards Han Qianqian, and countless blood-coloured rays from afar, as if they didn't want to, frantically drilled into Han Qianqian's wide open mouth ......


        The devil dragon in the red circle, also transformed into less and less, and its body turned more into purple-red light floating towards the top blood sun, while Han Qianqian outside the red circle, sucked more and more ......