His True Colors Chapter 2270

 "Fu Tian, what do you mean by that? It's too wild, isn't it?"

        "Hehe, Fu Tian, are you sure that these words represent the position of the Fu family? When the time comes, you must not regret it."

        "One person is arrogant and pays the price of the entire Fu family, Fu Tian, you really are getting more and more confused as people get older."

        In response to such arrogant words from Fu Tian, the senior executives of the Ye Family naturally could not bear to look at them one by one, and they all spoke out in cold sarcasm.

        Several senior executives of the Fu family were equally furious, the Fu family had been pitted again and again under his leadership, and now the Fu family was doing wrong again, but with such an attitude.

        The family even threatened to talk to the Ye family in such a way, this is really a fucking pit everywhere.

        In the face of such accusations, Fu Tian was smiling happily, as if he did not take these words seriously at all.

        The first thing you need to do is to stop doing things in moderation, this time you are the one who made the mistake, if you still want ...... the Ye family to help you in the future?"

        "I don't know if the Ye family will help me in the future, I only know that the Ye family must not come and beg me on their knees in the future." Fu Tian blandly laughed.

        "I bah! Fu Tian, you are really pretending to be a hermit, aren't you? We are begging you? You don't even know who you are."

        "I'm afraid he wants us to beg him not to harm us."

        Many Ye family executives could not help but sneer coldly.

        Fu Tian laughed disdainfully, "Foolish, foolish indeed, do you know that we have picked up a bargain so far on the trip to the Trapped Dragon Mountain?"

        "A great bargain? Do you mean the bull you bragged about?" A certain senior executive of the Ye family drank disdainfully.

        "Do I brag? I, Fu Tian, never brag, and I can even tell you directly that from this moment onwards, my Fu family is no longer the Fu family of old!" As he said this, Fu Tian coldly drank with authority, "My Fu family is already one of the strongest families in this eight-sided world."

        At these words, the crowd froze, but in the next second, many of the Fu family executives felt embarrassed, and some even wondered if it was too hot on Sleepy Dragon Mountain and had burned Fu Tian's brain.

        "Good blow!" Another senior executive of the Ye Family directly applauded.

        The senior executives of the Fu Family were all ashamed of themselves at once.

        "Blow? Fool, let me ask you, is the sky the true god of the Lu and Ao families?"


        "Good, then I will ask you again, in these thousands of years, apart from the Ao and Lu True Gods, are all the other True Gods the gods of my Fu family?"


        "Last question, are the True Gods unchallengeable by mortals?"


        Fu Tian laughed coldly, "Then you silly bee still don't understand by now?"

        The crowd was stunned, but soon, some smart people instantly reflected and understood what Fu Tian meant: "Fu Tian, you don't mean that the experts ...... fighting with the two Lu Ao families in the sky are from your Fu family?"

        Fu Tian smiled confidently: "The true gods of the two Ao Lu families, a person knows that it is difficult to challenge, more people are even more respectful, who would be bored to challenge them?! Unless ......"

        "Unless he is a member of our Fu family, who has received a personal transmission from one of my Fu family's True Gods, and is unhappy that after the fall of the Fu family, these two True Gods have wiped out my Fu family, so, so he takes it out for us and launches a challenge?" Someone also guessed what Fu Tian meant.

        Fu Tian nodded, "Exactly."

        "Oh, Fu Tian, if you say it is, then I can still say it's my Ye family!"

        "Stupid, has your Ye family ever had a True God? Without a True God's personal transmission, even if they cultivate themselves as a loose immortal, can they fight against a True God? There is only one possibility, that is, they are the personal disciples of the True God of my family, and before the True God fell, they received his true transmission, so although they are loose immortals and have not become gods, they can still fight against the True God." Fu Tian said in a cold voice.

        "That's right." Fu Mei also fully agreed with this statement.

        The Ye family still wanted to speak, but at this moment, Ye Shijun waved his hand, indicating the family senior management not to say any more: "Even if they are not from the Fu family, however, those who dare to stand opposite to the Ao Lu two families are our friends, the matter of picking up a leak on the Trapped Dragon Mountain arranged by the patriarch Fu Tian this time, now when we look at it again, it is not only picking up a leak, but more likely to be picking up a great treasure."

        The enemy of an enemy is a friend, this truth is simple and easy to see, how could Ye Shijun not understand it?

        The executives of the Fu family looked up into the sky in shock, as if the two figures in the sky were their own family members, apart from the True God.

        The senior executives of the Ye family who had spoken coldly and mockingly earlier were persuaded by Fu Tian's words, or reminded by Ye Shijun's words, so they stopped refuting and looked into the mid-air together with the Fu family.

        In mid-air, the Earth-Sweeping Old Man and the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, who were fighting fiercely, had no idea that the two were fighting for Han Qianqian, but some shameless people had inexplicably switched sides.

        At the other end, the battle on the Trapped Dragon Mountain had also entered a white heat.

        "Pan Gu Axe, Xuan Yuan Sword!"

        Four axes plus four swords, eight figures had thundered down, complemented by ten thousand swords and ten thousand axes in unison!

        In the Trapped Dragon Mountain, purple light also appeared!