His True Colors Chapter 2269

 "Half a master?"


        Lu Wu Shen and Ao Shi looked at each other strangely and inexplicably.

        What kind of quirky and messy generation is this!

        "Heavenly Dipper!"

        "Earth Fiend!"

        However, at that very moment, two attacks had already struck from the hands of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books and the Earth Sweeping Old Man, their momentum extremely strong and their speed exceptionally fast, so that if the two True Gods were not on the opposite side, I was afraid that they would not even be seen in shadow.

        From the perspective of the people on the ground, the sky was only filled with a few clouds of different colours, and even for those with a higher level of cultivation, all they could see were dark currents in the clouds, and countless energies were rapidly building up and then sending out.

        But only those in the scene knew that the battle between the four men had already been a stormy one, with killing machines rising in all directions.

        "Break and Destroy!"

        "Qiankun Heavenly Law!"

        "Cang Sheng Yong Yi!"

        "Void Breaking!"

        The four of them exchanged their strongest killing strokes, because in a battle of this level, the slightest mistake could result in the destruction of heaven and earth.

        The difference between the best and the worst is often a single move.

        In the four clouds, dark currents surged and purple energy flashed wildly!

        "Who the hell are you people?" Lu Wushen did his best to get away from the ground-sweeping old man's attack, his whole body was already panting, and he was in a state of shock.

        This unattractive old man in front of him had actually fought with himself, which was simply unbelievable.

        In the Eight Directions world, how could someone's cultivation level be on a par with one's own?!

        "Didn't my friend tell you that?" The sweeping old man smiled faintly, and with a pull in his hand and a stroke in the air, a Six Harmonies Mirror was transformed into emptiness.

        "Hexagonal Void, Break!"

        With a movement in his hand and a dash of his body, the Six Harmonious Mirrors moved with him, and with the light from the sky, the six mirrors fiercely merged into one!


        The mirror moves with him, light accompanies his body, with one hand!!!

        Bang, bang, bang!

        Lu Wushen's body and number of explosions around him, he could only barely sacrifice his True God's power to resist with difficulty.

        On the other side, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books against Ao Shi, both are powerful, the body of the golden light is turning, the flow of light, the two sides against each other, at once the sky roars, the void breaks, the ground people only feel the sky shaking, but did not find the ground has been slightly constantly sinking.

        "Brother, is that enough? We have no grudges or enemies with you, why do you have to be so aggressive?" Lu Wu Shen asked in disbelief as he struggled to cope.

        "Enough? That's enough? I haven't even exerted myself yet." The earth-sweeping old man laughed fiercely and transformed his body into a Qi, like a fierce beast, carrying the momentum of destroying heaven and earth as he attacked with a bang.

        "Seek death!" Lu Wushen shouted, and his body opened all eight gates of golden qi, and suddenly golden light burst out.


        The ground-sweeping old man suddenly lost his attack, and was instead shaken and staggered.

        "A bit interesting, come again!"

        The old man sweeping the ground directly reached out with one hand, shining a bit before his face, and then his fingers and palm formed a fist, and a fist directly blasted away, and at once, only a golden dragon could be seen transforming from his arm, roaring and charging directly towards Lu Wushen.

        Lu Wushen was no longer slow, carrying the eight gates of gold, his fist clenched and his foot opened, and he also lunged with a bang.

        The two sides were like two cold arrows, and they were instantly wrapped together. From the sky to the ground, from the ground to the sky again, everywhere they passed, explosions erupted, the ground became craters and man-made pieces of dust.

        On the other side, Ao Shi was a black and red shadow, like a shura ghost, and his strike was so powerful that the sky seemed to be torn apart by it.

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books also did not show any weakness, as the white blankness of its body rose up, and as it flashed and moved around, it carried the power of destruction.

        "There's a fight, someone is fighting with a True God, what the ...... hell is going on here?"

        "My God, isn't the True God an invincible being in this world? Who else would unknowingly challenge them?"

        "Not unknowingly challenging, it seems ...... like the two sides are on par."

        Above the ground, the crowd was already dumbfounded. The True God is the authority, but now the authority is being challenged by others, how can this not make people shocked?!

        The Lu and Ao Clans were clearly the most frosty people, and to challenge their True Gods was tantamount to challenging them as well.

        "Clan Chief, someone up there is fighting with the True Gods of the Lu and Ao Clans, and from the looks of it, those two challengers seem extremely capable." On the side of the Fu Ye allied forces, they had only just arrived, but they were completely shocked by the events in the air, each with pale, cold faces, at a loss for words.

        Naturally, Fu Tian had been following this amazing battle, and at that moment, he hurriedly said, "Do you know who the two people in the sky are? Do you know who they are? If they could be used by my family, my family's hegemony would be within reach."

        Even though Fu Tian's eyes were red, he asked a question that even he thought was stupid because he was greedy.

        But looking at the crowd's embarrassed faces, Fu Tian didn't panic at all and said with a smile, "Why are you all shrugging your faces?"

        Ye Gucheng frowned and said, "Both Lu Ao's families have True Gods helping them, and there are also eight golden bodies there on the Trapped Dragon Mountain, so it looks like this trip to the Trapped Dragon Mountain might have been a waste of time for us."

        The Fu Ye allied forces were late in arriving and had barely reached the main force, so naturally they were not aware that four of the eight golden bodies on the Dragon Mountain were Han Qianqian's.

        "I told you we shouldn't have come." Fu Mei was depressed, she had suffered a lot along the way and had quite a lot of complaints about the trip, and now that she had no hope of picking up the pieces, she was naturally even more annoyed.

        "Isn't it just right to stay in Heavenly Lake City? While the three great clans such as the Eternal Sea are all running here, it's only the way of kings that we collect people in the back to pick up the slack, hey, but some people."

        "Oh, so many experts are present and we're still so late, we've really caught a lonely one this time, Clan Chief Fu, I believe that under your wise leadership, our two Fu Ye families, will definitely prosper!" That person clearly shouted the word prosperous extremely heavily, clearly mocking Fu Tian.

        When this remark was made, many of the senior executives of the Ye family instantly agreed, pointing their fingers at Fu Tian, and those few senior executives of the Fu family who originally supported Fu Tian's decision could only lower their heads when they saw this.

        After all, the current situation was such that what they said was indeed quite reasonable.

        However, Fu Tian only smiled coldly, his whole body full of disdain, "Since you think that I, Fu Mou, am so talentless, so be it, in future, you will be the master of your Ye Family."

        Although Fu Tian was usually greedy for power, he knew where it came from, so he was careful in his actions and was even more submissive to the Ye family, but now he suddenly made such a wild statement, which was both puzzling and surprising.

        But Fu Tian was just looking at the two true gods and the other two experts in the air indifferently.