His True Colors Chapter 2268

 Both were immortal and superhuman in temperament, with auspicious light flowing from their bodies.

        "Unexpected, right? A world that we have abandoned has one day not only stood up to the eight worlds, but wants to create his own domain." This one from the Eternal Life Sea, dressed in black with white eyebrows, was old but in excellent spirits, and there were no impurities among his aged eyes, instead they were as clear as a baby's.

        Ao Shi, the strongest man in the Eternal Sea, one of the three true gods of the Eight Directions World.

        "Are you being sarcastic about the Xuan Yuan world that I created?" Another man, dressed in white and plain clothes, equally old, even with white hair and white beard, but radiant and quite majestic.

        Lu Wu Shen, the strongest person at the top of the Blue Mountain, the one who was arguably the strongest within the Three Great True Gods.

        "Is it, again, not?" Ao Shi laughed gently, looking like an old friend talking, but in reality, his tone was full of dark sarcasm.

        Everyone understood that the existence of the Xuan Yuan World was actually more of a cradle for the Top of Blue Mountain to absorb talents, as the Earth's creature level was too low and its aura was insufficient, and it had long since been unrecognised by the Eight Worlds, so the Xuan Yuan World had become a perfect replica.

        Over the years, it was also the top of Blue Mountain that relied on the complement of the Xuan Yuan World to develop firmly in the otherwise extremely balanced three great clans, and gradually became the strongest one among them.

        Everything was set up, in fact, according to the Top of Blue Mountain's plan.

        With the fall of the Fu family, the Blue Mountain Top, with its stronger advantage, would not have to worry about the constraints of the combined forces of the Eternal Sea and the Fu family, and they could have used their advantage to dominate everything, but Han Qianqian changed all that.

        In the Qishan Palace, the Blue Mountain Top lost unexpectedly, so much so that the Eternal Sea supported the Pill God Pavilion and almost wiped out the Blue Mountain Top's advantage.

        But it was the Earthlings, who had been abandoned by the Top of Blue Mountain, who changed all that.

        Lu Wu Shen smiled gently and nodded, not denying it: "This son is indeed beyond my expectation, I heard that under the Heavenly Tribulation he summoned the Four Divine Heavenly Beasts, and even so, he is actually still alive!"

        "You're afraid, aren't you?" Ao Shi chuckled softly.

        "Aren't you worried again?" Lu Wu Shen laughed back.

        "How about killing him together?" Ao Shi didn't bother with nonsense and asked blandly, "The battle between you and me is always you and me, we can't let a piece of Earth waste become the key to hamstringing either of us, don't you think?"

        If Han Qianqian became a material, then he would take over the position of the Fu family, and at that time, the three parties would be at each other's throats, and it would be crucial who Han Qianqian was drawn in.

        The two Great Gods are both proud and arrogant people, so how would they be willing to pull the strings of a loser?


        The two Great True Gods nodded to each other, and with a violent movement in their hands, the clouds shook, then aimed at Han Qianqian in the distance, about to deliver their fatal strike.

        "Sword Breaker!"

        "Exterminating Suicide!"

        Two soft shouts, two extremely powerful energies formed in their respective hands, and above the ground, distantly visible in mid-air, the wind and clouds changed!




        The two gigantic energies fiercely dislodged their hands, carrying great celestial might and flying directly towards Han Qianqian.

        "Cthulhu, go forever!"

        "Time and Space Devouring!"


        Suddenly, the two energies that had just flown out exploded violently, and heaven and earth trembled!

        The entire mid-air explosion of air waves blew directly at the people on the ground, sending people tumbling.


        Lu Wu Shen and Ao Shi blurted out in shock almost simultaneously, as their attacks were broken by someone.

        "Two great True Gods, sneaking up on a little Earth child in secret, isn't that a little too despicable?" At this moment, a cold laugh came out.

        "Saying that you look down on others, but as a result, you go against your own principles to bully the little one with the big one, this shows that you still value him, in the words of Han Qianqian, True Fragrance is it?" Another voice also came in leisurely.

        Lu Wushen and Ao Shi could not help but look at each other, alert.

        As the strongest people in this world, the two of them had never thought that someone could defuse their own attacks.

        And almost at that moment, in front of the two of them, in the white cloud, two old men sat in the cloud, slowly playing chess.

        "You are ......?" Seeing these two, Lu Wu Shen could not help but frown slightly.

        He did not know these two people, but he could feel that their cultivation levels were definitely not weak.

        "As True Gods, controlling the order of the eight worlds is our part, so why should the two gentlemen meddle in it?" Ao Shi also said in a cold and wary voice.

        "Order?" One of the old men, naturally, was the Earth Sweeping Old Man, and the other old man, who could it be but the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books?!

        The old man who swept the earth laughed dumbly, "What is order? Is it the order that you create to serve yourself or to benefit yourself? If so, Han 3,000, that is my order."

        "Don't bother talking to them, let's just start fighting." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled and stood up, "If I don't show a few more hands, that Han Qianqian kid must really think that I'm really his slave and not capable of anything."

        "Who exactly are you?" Lu Wu Shen frowned tightly and took a step backwards, while his hands were secretly set in an attacking position.

        "We?" The old man sweeping the ground smiled without speaking.

        "A slave of Han Qianqian, a well ...... Han Qianqian's half master." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled wickedly, and the wind was already roaring away around his body!