His True Colors Chapter 2267


        With a cry of anger, the four figures, holding their Pan Gu axes rose up and came down in fury!


        The four Pan Gu axes drew the power of opening the heavens, breaking the void and descending with a fierce force!

        "Axe formation, break!!!"


        Ten thousand axes fall from the sky!


        In the Dragon Trapped Mountain, seemingly feeling the tremendous pressure of the ten thousand axes plus the four axes, a roar of rage was heard as the purple light and the fire light spun even more fiercely in a tai-polar momentum!

        "Han ...... Han 3000!"

        "Oh my god, that's Han Three-thousand!!!"

        When some people saw the face of Han Qianqian who leapt up, they could not help but exclaim in shock, and many of them even pulled their skulls, feeling their skulls simply numb and tingling.

        Some had seen him before, and some had seen his portrait privately in admiration of him, and when they saw Han Qianqian they recognised this fellow at first sight.

        It was just that Han Qianqian had clearly died in the Heavenly Calamity, so how could ...... he suddenly appear here?


        The crowd instantly exploded.

        "Han Three-thousand, that's Han Three-thousand, holy shit, I'm going to crack."

        "The Endless Abyss doesn't die, and neither does the Heavenly Tribulation? This guy, is he immortal!"

        "Yes, a miracle, a miracle, simply a miracle, I have never admired anyone in my life, but this guy is truly worthy of my pride in him. Bull, simply bull, the Endless Abyss doesn't die, the Heavenly Tribulation still doesn't die!"

        "What does the fact that the heavenly tribulation is still undead mean? It means that this guy has probably leapt over the Eight Desolate Realms and become a loose immortal now!"

        "I've decided, from now on I'll call him the Spectral War God, immortal and the more he fights, the braver he gets!"

        "Spectral War God, Spectral War God!"

        I don't know who shouted, and immediately afterwards, more and more people followed in unison.

        The sound of their voices was as loud as a rush to the sky.

        "Impossible!" Ye Gucheng's face dropped to a freezing point, his back teeth clenched with a biscuit, Han Qianqian, that was actually Han Qianqian!

        Wasn't he dead? Why would he appear here?

        This damned guy, why is his ghost still there?

        What was even harder for Ye Gucheng to accept was that not only was this guy not dead, but he was still the man standing next to Lu Ruoxin!

        Wang Juzhi's body also staggered, staring blankly at Han Qianqian in the distance, unable to say anything.

        That is simply more disgusting than eating soap, okay?

        After spending so much effort, deploying so many men and horses, and even rewarding countless meritorious officials after the victory, now you're telling me that Han Qianqian is not dead at all and is still alive and well?

        After a week of this fanfare, only to find out in retrospect that the clown was his own mother!

        "This can't be right!" Grand Commander Chen was also wondering a lot, his whole being was dying of bewilderment.

        "Not only is he not dead, but his body is no longer the same as before." Master Seerling was much calmer compared to the others, quickly accepting the reality, and was also able to notice the biggest difference in Han Qianqian today.

        "Body?" Wang Juzhi brushed aside his anger and fixed his eyes, only now did he realize that the Han Qianqian in the sky did seem completely different from before, especially his body.

        Under the golden light envelope, his body was like jade, and the flow of light through his body was faintly turning!

        "Scattered Immortal Body?" Ye Lucheng said sharply in an angry voice.

        "No!" Wang Juzhi shook his head slightly, "It should be an even more powerful existence than the Scattered Immortal Body. If earlier this fellow's body was still comparable to my righteous daughter's, then now, he might be a level higher."

        "What! I ...... I killed him!" Ye Gucheng's anger rose from his heart, acid came from his brain, he was under, how could he allow the existence of a person like Han Qianqian who was superior to him?!

        Only, just as he took a step, he was yanked back by Gu You: "You seek death?"

        "He's just a defeated man, if I can kill him once, I can kill him twice, three times, four times, or even more times!" Cool-Son Yeh shouted angrily.

        "I don't know how many times you can kill him, all I know is that if he wants to kill you, you will never be able to live forever." Gu You drank rather unhappily.

        These words were like a blow to the head, hitting Cool-Son Yeh's head hard!

        The first thing he did was to look away, and Cool-Son Yeh couldn't help but lose his entire aura. With Han Qianqiang's bewilderment and Pan Gu's might, what could he do if he rashly rushed over there, except to send him to his death?!

        "Gongzi ......" Lu Yongsheng gently called out to Lu Ruoxuan who had already been looking at Han Qianqian and was lost in thought.

        The first thing that happened to him was that he was not able to see the other side.

        Although we had met at the top of Qishan Mountain, but at that time Han Qianqian was wearing a mask, so it was difficult for Lu Ruoxuan to distinguish him.

        "Yes." Lu Yongsheng nodded, as Lu Ruo Xuan's trusted general, how could he be competent in his position without knowing about the affairs of the rivers and lakes.

        "Are you sure there's no mistake? Is it really that trash from Earth, Han Qianqian?" Lu Ruoxuan's brow furrowed.

        "My subordinate would never dare to make a mistake, that person is none other than Han Qianqian!"

        Hearing Lu Yongsheng's reply, Lu Ruoxuan couldn't help but suck in a cold breath!

        And at that moment, above the clouds, in the black and red clouds, two figures also appeared ......