His True Colors Chapter 2266



        Between the purple and fire rays, two retrograde streams of light were exceptionally eye-catching, a golden light hovering in purple and red, and a white light in green and white.

        The speed was fantastically fast as they blasted past the trapped dragon mountain!

        "Pan Gu Sword Formation!"

        "Xuan Yuan Sword Formation!"

        "North Underworld Four Souls Formation, one into two, two into four, rise!"

        "North Underworld Four Souls Formation, one into two, two into four, rise!"


        Eight figures were immediately revealed.


        The two great sword formations stood atop the sky, ten thousand golden axes on one side and ten thousand long swords on the other, their golden light shining brightly and their aura overwhelming.

        "What is that?" Amidst the purple-red light, although many felt as if their bodies were petrified, the only eyes and tongues that could move were still expressing their shock.

        Looking from afar, eight figures with two heavenly image sword formations were like gods!

        "It's ...... the eldest lady of the Lu family, Lu Ruoxuan, and that's her Xuan Yuan Sword!" One with high cultivation finally broke through the restraints after just a few seconds of petrification and pointed to the distance and shouted in alarm.

        When he shouted so, many people recognized it.

        Especially those at the top of Blue Mountain, although many people had not had the qualifications to meet this Lu Family's thousand daughter, the fact that the Lu Family's thousand daughter was holding the Xuan Yuan Sword was something that was known to everyone in the Lu Family close by.

        Plus some people had attended the Top of Qishan and had seen Miss Lu, so at a glance, they were able to recognise it right away.

        "My lord, it really is Miss!" Lu Yongsheng, who had seen even more of his own miss, said to Lu Ruoxuan with excitement.

        Lu Ruoxuan nodded, the corners of his mouth could not help but draw a smile, if he had Lu Ruoxin's help, then the chances of winning this time would undoubtedly increase: "However, who is that person next to her? Why would they use the Northern Meditation Four Souls Formation as well?"

        "Could it be someone from the Lu family?" Lu Yongsheng wondered.

        "No, it's never possible." Lu Ruoxuan drank categorically, "The North Underworld Four Souls Formation is an ancient masterpiece, even my grandfather wouldn't ......"

        "Could it be, is it the future aunt?" Lu Yongsheng asked cautiously.

        There was and could only be this possibility, otherwise, to learn her jutsu from Lu Ruoxin, even the top jutsu of the Lu Family, the North Underworld Four Souls Formation, would be as difficult as heaven!

        Lu Ruoxuan had wanted to shake his head, but looking at the four figures the same, and looking at the sword formation the same, plus the fact that on the two of them, one side was purple and red entwined, and the other white and green, like lovers, made him accept this fact.

        But had she not said that there was no man in the world who could make her look even once more? The truth was, for years, she had done the same.

        As the strongest of the three great families, the Lu family, their thousand-year-old daughter naturally had people coming to her door to ask for her hand in marriage, not to mention the fact that Lu Ruoxin's beauty topped the world, and the threshold of the Lu family had long been kicked down by many dignitaries and nobles.

        And among them, of course, there is no shortage of all kinds of people among the phoenix, or extremely gifted, or background is illustrious, or handsome looks and stature, many of them even Lu Ruoxuan look also feel very satisfied.

        But they ...... are not even worthy of mentioning shoes in Lu Ruoxin's eyes.

        Lu Ruoxin's arrogance and coldness, in fact, in the eyes of this group of relatives of the Lu family, long ago determined that I'm afraid she will not be able to marry out for a lifetime.

        But now ......

        Not only is there a man following her around, but even her lifelong mastery of all her skills, which simply amazes Lu Ruoxuan a million times.

        "Who the hell is that guy ......?" Lu Ruoxuan stroked his chin, his eyes wide open, wanting to see clearly which divine man, who had cultivated eight lifetimes of blessings would be broken by Lu Ruoxin].

        However, although he had four figures, he was nay too far away to see them clearly.

        Those who were watching as best they could, like him, were the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion, or rather, the entire world's magnates.

        They were even looking more closely than Lu Ruoxuan, because if Lu Ruoxuan wanted to see the man more out of concern and curiosity, then the others were carrying stronger emotions. Lu Ruoxin was the goddess of their hearts, and now that she had been desecrated, how could these people not be sour?

        He had been intentionally or unintentionally approaching Lu Ruoxin ever since he met her, but unfortunately Lu Ruoxin had never given him a single glance, which was very aggravating for Ye Qucheng's good self.

        After all, Lu Ruoxin was a good-looking woman and most importantly, once she took her fancy, her status and power followed suit.

        Now, someone else had accomplished what he simply could not do, to be looked upon by Lu Ruoxin. Such humiliation and resentment was stronger for Ye Gucheng than anyone else.

        "Holy shit, the Pan Gu Axe!"

        Suddenly, just at that moment, someone shouted loudly.

        Immediately afterwards, the entire crowd directly exploded.

        Cool-Son Yeh stared blankly at the clouds above, the ten thousand golden shining axes, which few people in this world were more familiar with than him, I'm afraid.

        "The Pan Gu Axe? Isn't that the Fu family's son-in-law Han Qianqian's?"

        "Yes, didn't Han Sanchiang die in the heavenly tribulation?"

        A group of people looked at each other and talked.

        Wang Juzhi and the rest of the gang, however, had cold faces, their eyes staring deadly at Han Qianqian's figure in the distance, their minds constantly speculating whether the person with the four figures was Han Qianqian.

        "You guys are farting!" Ye Lucheng became irritated and shouted, "That wasn't Han Qianqian at all, Han Qianqian was fucking killed by us a long time ago!"

        The fact that someone had taken Lu Ruoxin had already made Cool-Son Yeh almost collapse inside, if this damned guy was still that damned Han Three-thousand, then he, Cool-Son Yeh, would really have to explode in place.

        He didn't deserve it, he was just that trash, trash, slave on the Voidless Sect who was nothing, inferior to himself in everything, what made him stand higher than himself? And what makes him better than himself?

        With this hysterical roar from Cool-Son Ye, Wang Juzhi also responded immediately, "Yes, that person, it can't be Han Qianqian."

        "My lord, someone said that it was Han Qianqian." Lu Yongsheng slightly owed his body at this point and respectfully said to Lu Ruoxuan.

        "Han Qianqian?" Lu Ruoxuan's eyes fiercely shrank, "Didn't that guy die?"

        "My subordinate isn't sure, but many people ahead are rumouring about it."

        Lu Ruoxuan stared deadly at the ten thousand axes in the sky, like, indeed like the Pan Gu axe!

        Could it be that that fellow, was really Han Qianqian?!

        Han Qianqian was the son-in-law of the Fu family, Su Yingxia's husband, everyone knew this, Lu Ruoxuan had been arrogant for half her life, but in the end she was looking at a married man like that?

        All the clouds of doubt were completely solved as the four figures holding the Pan Gu axe raged together in the sky and blasted towards the devil dragon.

        Beneath the purple light, that incomparably handsome face with a steely face and eyes like a torch!!!