His True Colors Chapter 2264

 "Is this where you live?" Lu Ruoxin slowly walked in and asked in a soft voice.

        Han Qianqian did not say anything, everything in this house was about Su Yingxia and Han Nian, the bamboo stool, Han Qianqian prevented seeing Su Yingxia looking up at it and laughing, while Nian grabbed the edge of the stool and played mischievously there.

        On the bed, under the eaves, everywhere, there were their shadows.

        Even for someone as strong as Han Qianqian, at this moment, he could not help but weep.

        Who can escape the feeling of missing someone else?

        Seeing Han Qianqian's red eyes flooded with tears, Lu Ruoxin did not pit a sound and frowned slightly.

        "Is it necessary to be like this?" Lu Ruoxin said in disbelief.

        Han Qianqian did not bother to explain to such people, turned around and walked into the bamboo house, lying down on the bed, at this moment, as if Su Yingxia was sleeping beside him.

        "Don't worry, Yingxia, Nian'er, I will definitely find you, if someone stands in the way, I will kill someone, if a god stands in the way, I will kill a god, if the world is not convinced, I will slaughter the world." Gritting his teeth, Han Qianqian closed his eyes tightly.

        Lu Ruoxin frowned slightly, her heart could not help but be slightly shocked, looking back at the ordinary furniture and furnishings in this bamboo house, she really did not understand, what was there to be attached to such a lowly life!

        A human being should be living in a golden palace and drinking jade jelly!

        "Mortal man." Cursing in a low voice, Lu Ruoxin found a clean place to sit down, followed by adjusting her internal breath and opening her cultivation.

        When Fu Mang and the others arrived in a hurry, the battle on the Mountain was already unusually fierce.

        Han Qianqian and Lu Ruoxin's stunning attack gave the human camp great hope and courage, so that the three clans thought they had the help of experts, and that they only needed to put in more effort together.

        Fu Mang and the others had come quite late because of their wounds and dodging all over the road, and in the distance of them, there was also the Fu Ye allied army. How could Fu Tian miss such a beautiful thing as the distribution of the God's Yoke?

        But this old fellow, nowadays, seemed to have learnt a lot of wisdom, deliberately coming late in order to conserve his own troops in case he was lucky enough to come and pick up a leak.

        "Commander Fu, the Fu Ye allied army has also arrived." At this moment, Shiyue walked over and said softly.

        "Shiyue, you stay here and monitor the place, I'll take my men into the valley to check it out!" After Fu Mang instructed, he turned around and walked into the valley with Fu Li and the others, trying to find Su Yingxia and the others.

        Only, after just a few steps, Fu Mang suddenly frowned, and then, he looked towards the sky in a strange manner.

        "What's going on here?" Some sweat slightly seeped out of Fu Li's forehead, and his entire body felt an extremely strong pressure that seemed to be approaching towards here from afar.

        Raising his eyes above the sky, in the eastern sky, there seemed to be black clouds surging, and in the western sky, there seemed to be red clouds overhead.

        "No...... can't be a true god, can it?" Fu Mang frowned slightly.

        As a member of the Fu family, or even a true successor of the Fu family, Fu Mang had naturally seen the true gods of the Fu family, and knew far more about the unique aura of the true gods than normal people, but at this moment, the aura in the sky seemed extremely similar.

        "This aura, I seem to have felt it at the top of Mount Qishan." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng muttered with a pale face.

        "Damn it!" Fu Mang slammed his fist on a large tree to the side, the True Gods were coming, trying to take advantage of the chaos to kill them to avenge Han Qianqian was even more impossible impossible: "Let's hurry into the valley!"


        As soon as the words left their mouths, the gang hurriedly dug into the valley, going forward to see if there were any clues about Su Yingxia that might appear. How could Fu Mang and the others know that the Su Yingxia that the man had heard at the time was just Han Qianqian's conversation at that time ......

        However, this allowed them to escape a catastrophe in heaven and earth by mistake.

        "Bang Bang Bang!"


        As an extremely strong purple blanket swept in, thousands more people were like kites with their strings cut off, one by one, they were directly sent flying several meters and smashed heavily on the ground.

        Lu Ruoxuan and Wang Juzhi, among others, were also gloriously wounded in several battles.

        "Have you found the fellow leading the Everlasting School yet?" Lu Ruoxuan asked in a cold voice as blood flowed from his left hand and he forced himself to endure the pain.

        Lu Yongsheng was already ashen, his entire body in a mess, panting uncomfortably as he said, "My lord, the scene is just too chaotic, I can't find anyone at all."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, the demon dragon let out another roar and a wave of Qi struck, knocking dozens more of his close guards around the two men over several metres.

        "Fuck." Lu Ruoxuan was depressed, having conquered many battles, he had never been beaten so badly.

        "My lord, what now? We have suffered heavy losses in personnel, if we continue to attack, I am afraid ......" Lu Yongsheng advised with difficulty.

        All the disciples at the top of Blue Mountain had almost all been injured to varying degrees under the attack of the demonic dragon, and if the fight continued, the losses might be even heavier, or even impossible to end.

        But at that very moment, two extremely powerful pressures, too, attacked from the sky!