His True Colors Chapter 2263

 Once the Pill God Pavilion side rang out, the Eternal Sea followed suit, and even though the two fools of the Ao family didn't know what was happening, but in the spirit of the old uncle having set off, there was no reason for them to stand still and do nothing, they still rushed off in a daze.

        What if all the bargains were taken by the old Wang thing?!

        The two allied armies rushed together, and even if Lu Ruo Xuan on the top of the Blue Mountains was sitting steady, his heart was inevitably flustered.

        He was also worried about the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea, so after weighing his options, he led his troops to follow.

        When the three great clans moved, the two casual camps also followed.

        This is the best way to explain what it means to move the whole body with one hair.

        In the front, Lu Ruoxin followed behind Han Qianqian. She understood that once Han Qianqian charged first, the others would follow. The reason for this is simple and can be summed up in one word.

        It was profit!

        Human nature is greedy, it's just a matter of how much greed you have, and how little greed you have is patience, while more greed is anger, and with anger, you will naturally reveal the dark side of your heart.

        The God's yoke behind the Devil's Dragon has made many people flock to it, whether it is possible or not, they will be the first to get it, and even because of anger, many people are unwilling to see others get it even if they cannot get it themselves.

        "After you arrive at the Dragon Trapped Mountain, do as I command, and I will keep you safe. Otherwise, whether you die or live, you are responsible for yourselves." As soon as Han Qianqian's words fell, his feet gave a violent acceleration and he directly took the lead in flying towards the Trapped Dragon Mountain.

        Under the dawn, a thick layer of new scorched earth and black rocks had long since condensed on the Mountain, which looked both cold and lonely under the early sunlight, and even more eerie.

        Han Qianqian flew in front of the trapped dragon mountain, with Lu Ruoxin following close behind.

        The two of them nodded to each other and scattered from side to side.

        "Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel!"


        "Cang Sheng Yong Yi!"


        Red fire and purple lightning, green light and white dazzle!

        On the left Han Qianqian's silver hair and golden body, on the right Lu Ruoxin looked like a fairy!


        The Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel transformed into a fire dragon and electric beast, and Cang Sheng Yong Yi was embraced in white and green like a giant ball, attacking the mountain of Trapped Dragon Mountain with a bang.

        Bang !!!!

        A violent explosion followed.


        The heavens shook and the earth shook!

        All those who rushed towards the direction of the Trapped Dragon Mountain only saw a four-coloured mushroom cloud explode violently from the distant Trapped Dragon Mountain body, shooting straight up to the clouds, followed by a violent shaking of the ground, and everyone could not help but follow the shaking and swaying.

        "What a powerful explosion!" Mrs. Xian Ling's brow was furrowed and her whole body was tense.

        Wang Juzhi was equally puzzled, staring in awe at the explosion in the distance!

        The strength of its breath and the fierceness of its waves were simply appalling.

        "The one in the lead, who the hell is he." Wang Juzhi frowned intensely, judging from the residual power of this attack explosion alone, his cultivation level could in no way be below his.

        There was a Han Qianqian who was on par with himself, and now, there was another one who was even stronger than himself?

        Fuck, other True Gods are True Gods, and the more I look at this True God, the more I am suffocated.

        "Gongzi ......" Over in the Eternal Sea, the Lu family was equally shocked.

        Lu Ruoxuan looked at the momentum of the explosion, his heart could not calm down for a long time, after a moment, he frowned: "Tell everyone to speed up, we must not lose the first opportunity."


        As soon as the words fell, the men and horses at the top of the Blue Mountain quickly pressed forward, while the Eternal Sea and the Pill God Pavilion also accelerated their journey almost simultaneously in tacit agreement.

        The land at the foot of the Trapped Dragon Mountain was a vast expanse of blackness, like a black wave attacking towards the Trapped Dragon Mountain.

        "His grandmother, that young male, can't really be Han Qianqian, right? This explosion just now ...... was too fucking fierce, right? I'm afraid yesterday's attack by more than 100,000 of us was no better than that." In the large pile of scattered people at the back, the one who had been quite critical of Han Qianqian just now said.

        The other man also nodded woodenly, "You say, if this was slapped on us, we ......"

        The two people looked at each other, guessing that the two people could be directly slapped into slag.

        And at this time, the trapped dragon mountain.

        With this astounding explosion, the entire mountain moved with a bang, scorched earth and rocks flew off, revealing the fiery red aura inside!


        Within the circle of light, the sleeping purple-armored fire dragon fiercely opened its bloodshot eyes and roared a long roar that shook the heavens!

        "Foolish humans, are you still coming to seek death? You want to die?" With a roar of fury, the demonic dragon's body shook as a violet blanket came roaring in.

        "Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel!"

        "Cang Sheng Yong Yi!"

        Han Qianqian and Lu Ruoxin didn't slow down in the slightest as they simultaneously shouted angrily, and four streaks of light energy shot straight at the purple blanket!


        There was another heavenly explosion, sending waves of Qi hundreds of miles away!

        A ten-mile radius of the Trapped Dragon Mountain was filled with smoke and dust!

        "That's about it."

        After glancing at the crowd behind him, who were struggling to move forward against the dust, smoke and waves of Qi, Han Qianqian nodded in satisfaction.

        Even if the dust and smoke and air waves were too great, they could not stop the greed and impulse of these people for the sake of the God's yoke.

        "Withdraw!" As soon as Han Qianqian's words fell, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books in his hand moved.

        In the next second, with Lu Ruoxin and the thousand men and horses, Han Qianqian and the others disappeared into the same place.

        And amidst the dust and smoke and air waves and the roar of the demonic dragon, more than a hundred thousand men and horses also rushed into the surroundings of the trapped dragon mountain in complete confusion, launching a frantic attack against the demonic dragon.

        The scene shifted.

        When Lu Ruoxin opened her eyes, she had already arrived in a new and different world.

        Green mountains, green hills, birdsong and flowers, countless spirit beasts peacefully enjoying the sunlight on the grass, their cozy posture made their faces even overflow with smiles in general.

        "Where is this?" Lu Ruoxin frowned.

        "You have about a week to tune up your body. As for you guys, feel free to rest, I think that staying here for seven days should be better than your lifetime of cultivation in the Eightfold World. Apart from that, nothing here can be touched by you without my permission, whether it be dead or living things." Dropping these words, Han Qianqian took the lead and walked into the bamboo house, leaving Lu Ruoxin and the thousand disciples of the Everlasting Life Sect to stare at each other in disbelief.

        However, all of them could indeed feel the majestic aura of the place.

        The thousand disciples had never seen such a place before, so they sat down on the grass as soon as they could and began to meditate and cultivate. For people of their low rank, the cultivation techniques they used were basically average, the resources they received were also basically average, and their hopes in life were not really that great. To suddenly come to this kind of rich aura place was the same as letting people who had been poor for half their lives enter a place where there was gold everywhere.

        If you don't take it now, what are you waiting for?

        Han Qianqian, who had returned to the bamboo hut, walked into the wooden hut and could not help but feel sadness on his heart for a while, when a burst of footsteps sounded outside the house.