His True Colors Chapter 2262

 "He's not from the Everlasting Life School?"

        "A thousand disciples, a man and a woman, my goodness." The man immediately covered his mouth, and only after a moment did he say incredulously, "He ...... they are ...... the man and woman who broke into the camp of the Everlasting Life Sect last night?"

        The two men could not help but swallow a long mouthful of saliva and could not help but feel their scalps tingling.

        The bragging had actually reached the tiger's butt, and they both felt as if death had just passed them by.

        Especially the one who had boasted earlier, at this time, it was even worse than eating soap, except for the chills behind his back, he could no longer feel anything.


        Just then, within the main camps of the three parties, the Top of Blue Mountain, the Eternal Sea and the Pill God Pavilion, scouts ran into their respective main tents almost simultaneously.

        "A small group was found to be suddenly heading up the Trapped Dragon Mountain."

        "What?" In front of him was a sand map of the Dragon Mountain, which he had arrived at overnight yesterday.

        The entire Dragon Mountain was flat, so there was no geographical advantage.

        However, yesterday's lesson had made Wang Juzhi understand that he would always be the one to suffer if he was confronted directly.

        With no good strategy, everyone was staying put. This was the point, and Wang Zhuzhi had long sent people to keep a close eye on the movements at the top of Blue Mountain. But after waiting for a long time, there was no movement there, but he waited for another surprise.

        "Did you find out who it was?"

        "It seems to be someone from the Everlasting Life School."

        "The Everlasting Life School?" Wang Juzhi's brow furrowed.

        "Mifang fled overnight last night with a large number of the main forces of the Everlasting Life Sect, but left behind a force of a thousand men, and it was this group that set off just now." The scout reported.

        "What the fuck is Yifang doing? Retreating with a large force himself and leaving a thousand men to explore the trapped Dragon Mountain? Are the people of the Eternal Life Sect all brainless?" Ye Kucheng cursed in depression, he really didn't know what this tumultuous operation of the Everlasting Life Sect was all about.

        Master Xianling glanced at the scout who wanted to say something, and frowned, "If you have anything to say, just say it."

        "Yes!" The scout glanced at Wang Juzhi and cautiously said, "There are rumours outside, saying that last night the Everlasting School was suddenly attacked and the other party asked to borrow a thousand of their men and horses, Mifang was scared out of his wits so he fled overnight, but the thousand men and horses he left behind."

        Hearing this news, Wang Juzhi and the others looked at each other with blank faces.

        "Although this kid is only a sect leader of the Everlasting Life Sect, he has always been arrogant in nature, and he never takes any losses. Isn't that too unconventional?" Cool-Son Yeh said with little conviction.

        "What is going on, say!" This matter was also more or less clear to Wang Juzhi, who approved of Cool-Son Yeh's words.

        The scout swallowed and bowed his head, "I heard that a man and a woman entered the main tent of Mifang last night, after that, only one of the twenty-one elders of the Everlasting Life Sect was left alive, and all the others had their throats sealed with a sword ...... and among that man and woman, the man called himself Han Qianqian!"

        Han Qianqian?!

        Hearing this name, a group of people from the Pill God Pavilion were simply as shocked as if they had heard something unbelievable.

        "This can't be!" Ye Kucheng was the most emotional and angrily chided.

        "This is indeed impossible!" Wang Juzhi was also categorical, "Han Qianqian was beaten by the heavenly tribulation in the presence of all of us, and his soul was scattered, never to be reborn.

        "Could it be that someone is impersonating him?" Master Xian Ling frowned.

        "Damn, why are there always so many people who love to impersonate him?" Cool-Son Yeh wailed in anger, he was also in the limelight recently, how come he didn't have any fanatical fans to impersonate him!

        What's so great about impersonating that Han Qianqian?!

        "But who could be impersonating him?" Wang Juzhi frowned, "Could it be a remnant under his Mystics Alliance?"

        "I don't think so, after the battle at Firestone City, the two Fu Ye families wiped out quite a few remnants of the Mystic Alliance, plus we have been hunting and hanging them behind us, even if there were one or two that slipped through the net, they wouldn't have the guts to openly show their faces in this place, right?" Master Seerling vetoed.

        "Then who could it be?" Wang Juzhi stroked his chin, wondering, "I'm afraid there aren't many people in this world who can kill twenty elders of the Everlasting Life Sect with a single sword... Master Seerling, Grand Commander Chen, Cool-Son Yeh, take a headcount immediately and let's follow closely behind."

        "There must be a reason for them to suddenly go to the Demon Dragon, moreover, I am extremely curious to know who this fellow could be!"

        Wang Juzhi's face was cold, and after gritting his teeth and ordering, he grabbed his weapons and armour and took to the battlefield!


        The trumpets sounded!