His True Colors Chapter 2261

 "Han Qianqian?" The other man was stunned and hurriedly covered the man's mouth, warning, "You can eat your food indiscriminately, but you can't speak indiscriminately, if your words are heard by the people of the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Life Sea, you won't be able to eat!"

        The man opened his hand and said sharply, "What I said is true. Last night, a man and a woman suddenly came to the tent of the Eternal Life Sect, claiming that they wanted to slay dragons and looking for the Eternal Life Sect to borrow a thousand people yet, this Eternal Life Sect certainly did not agree ah, and even made insulting remarks, and guess what happened ......"

        "Twenty-one elders, only one elder went out on an errand at the time and lived, the rest were all killed with a single sword, the head of the Eternal Life Sect, Mi Fang, was scared silly."


        "This morning at dawn, Mifang left a thousand disciples and the seal of the sect, and ran away with his cronies overnight."

        "That man and woman, I heard that the man is handsome and the woman is beautiful, and that man is the one who calls himself Han Qianqian." After saying that, the man raised his eyes to look at the man and woman who had just walked over.

        After taking a look, he couldn't help but take one more look, the people who came over were exactly the same handsome man and beautiful woman, coincidentally.

        "No wonder we can't see the tent of the Everlasting Life School early in the morning, but that fucking man is also impersonating Han Qianqian, right? Nowadays, Han Qianqian is a near-god-like existence in the eyes of ordinary casuals, so it's only natural that many people are jealous of this status, so it's normal to play impersonation." Another person said.

        "When Han Qianqian fell into the Endless Abyss, didn't everyone say the same thing? But then, he shocked Qishan as a mysterious person, and the world was in an uproar! It's possible that even the heavenly tribulation couldn't kill him." The man did not believe it.

        It could be seen that he had faith in Han Qianqian's existence.

        Next to him, the corner of the man's mouth gently curled into a smile, while the woman looked wooden.

        "It seems that although the three-way meeting battle made you lose, however, it was a defeat that pulled a lot of goodwill for you." The woman laughed softly and coldly.

        "I would like to keep a low profile too, but they won't allow it, and neither will you." The man laughed.

        This two, who could it be but Han Qianqian and Lu Ruoxin!

        "Me?" Lu Ruoxin frowned.

        "Would there have been talk going around this morning if you hadn't made those things happen in the Everlasting Life School?" Han Qianqian asked rhetorically.

        Lu Ruoxin was speechless.

        "Oh, a person in fierce, just because they can die once, doesn't mean they can die twice, I have gossip that Han Qianqian unfortunately met the Heavenly Tribulation of the Four Directions Divine Beast during the three-party meeting and was turned into ashes, only, the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion have never released those details in order to suppress Han Qianqian and keep him from being mythologized by the world. So, under such circumstances, what could Han Qianqian do, not to mention resurrecting, without even his soul, other than being an impostor?" The other man laughed and shook his head.

        Hearing this, the earliest one really lost his conviction and muttered, "If that's the case, then indeed it could have been impersonated."

        "Nonsense, it must be an impostor, that is, that paper tiger of Mifang's, if he met me, a bitch who does such despicable and shameless things, I couldn't fix him." The man said with cold disdain.

        The early sun was already rising faintly.

        In the distance, several people dressed in uniform clothes ran over at a fast pace. Walking up to Han Qianqian, the man's face clearly rose with a hint of fear, but when his eyes skimmed to Lu Ruoxin, he couldn't help but shiver even more: "Miss Gongzi, the men and horses are ready, ready to go."

        Han Qianqian glanced at Chu Yang: "There's no rush, wait on."

        "Yo, isn't this someone from the Everlasting Life School?" At this moment, the man who had been speaking before noticed the clothing of the visitor and immediately frowned.

        "Oh, after all this, these two are also from the Everlasting Life School." Another person snickered disdainfully, "Mifang has withdrawn, why don't you guys hurry up and withdraw, and still wait? Aren't you afraid that you won't be able to leave in time?"

        The man didn't dare to say anything more, he just kept his head down, Han Qianqian told him to wait, so he could only wait, even if someone said something mocking, he didn't dare to make a scene in front of these two people.

        "What are you waiting for?" Lu Ruoxin originally wanted to clean up those people, but when she saw Han Qianqian just looking at the sun, she seemed to be thinking, and she didn't know whether she was infected by Han Qianqian's calm attitude or curious about what Han Qianqian was waiting for, she put away her thoughts of cleaning up those people and asked in a gruff voice.

        "I'm waiting for a breakthrough." Han Qianqian said softly.

        "A breakthrough?" Lu Ruoxin was puzzled, her eyebrows were raised in wonder, Han Qianqian's preamble was really puzzling: "Are you waiting for the devil dragon to break?"

        "You could say that." Han Qianqian didn't deny it, "It's time, let's go."

        Han Qianqian got up, followed by the man and Lu Ruoxin, and walked quickly towards the front.

        Within a few moments, Han Qianqian led the 1,000 Everlasting Disciples to gather in the scorched earth and then slowly set off in the direction of the Dragon Mountain.

        The few people who had been discussing this early in the morning looked at Han Qianqian and the others who had set out on the expedition and looked at each other ......

        "That man just now ......"