His True Colors Chapter 2260

 "Han Sancheon? You're Han Qianqian?"

        Hearing this name, Mi Fang's entire body was shocked and his pupils fiercely opened!

        To anyone present, Han Qianqian's name was like a thunderbolt. Although he was dead, the battle that broke the Pill God Pavilion and the Jedi of Firestone City had already shaken everyone's heart.

        In a sense, Han Qianqian may have been a major problem for Wang Juzhi and the others, but to many people, especially the casuals, Han Qianqian was more like a spiritual totem.

        That was the absolute strength of the casuals!

        "Impossible, impossible, never!"

        Someone exclaimed, but at that moment, Han Qianqian, who had transformed into a residual shadow, had already rushed to that person's front.


        With a muffled sound, the body of the elder who had just threatened to beat Han Qianqian to death had crashed through the tent and flown backwards into the scrubby forest behind him, not even moving.

        Bang, bang, bang!

        There were three more muffled thumps, and the three elders were thrown from their seats into the field like watermelons, sprawled out on the ground like a stack of rogues.

        Han Qianqian's silhouette drifted to the field, and with just a pounding of his foot, the tremendous breath shook the three from the ground several metres high.

        Han Qianqian stood with his hands behind his back and looked at Mifang with a smile on his face.

        Mifang's forehead shrank in cold sweat, he couldn't help but wipe it off and looked at Han Qianqian with some fear: "Little brother, you mustn't act recklessly, I warn you, this is the territory of my Eternal Life Sect, I only need to wave my hand ......"

        Before he finished speaking, Han Qianqian had already waved his big hand, and with a bang, all the tables and chairs in front of everyone present were shattered in the wave of air, and those elders, including Mifang, were still directly shaken back several steps even though they tried their best to resist.

        "What terrifying power!"

        "Is this guy ...... so fierce at such a young age?"

        Everyone was secretly shocked and kept their distance from Han Qianqian at the same time, fearing that they would be targeted by Han Qianqian.

        Mi Fang's words also stuck in his throat, facing such a provocative comeback from his opponent, his face turned pale for a while, scared and at a loss for words.

        "How many people do you have?" Han Qianqian asked in a cold voice.


        Mi Fang directly bent both knees and knelt in front of Han Qianqian: "Young warrior, I'm sorry for ...... my ...... mistake. People, I'll borrow, I'll borrow, as much as you want, I'll borrow."

        Han Qianqian smiled, "Agreed?"

        Mi Fang nodded his head as if he were pouring garlic, it was hard to say if this man in front of him was Han Qianqian, but the skills and extraordinary dominance he had shown made him believe he would have to die here if he didn't beg for forgiveness.

        "I will come to collect my men in front of your camp first thing in the morning." After Han Qianqian finished speaking, he turned around and left straight away.

        Once Han Qianqian left, Mi Fang and the others then let out a long breath, an entire faction of elites yet they were beaten without a fight in front of a young kid, even ...... before they could even catch their breath and be put down directly by numerous elders.

        The fact is, although there are not too many people in the tent, but for the Everlasting Life School, the people sitting here are all the most elite existence of the Everlasting Life School, even they have no room for resistance here, then what qualifications do they have to fight against others?

        Even if they were unconvinced, they had to bow down to reality.

        "Go and arrange for the disciples." Mifang sighed and waved his hand audibly.

        What could one do if one did not behave?!

        "Yes!" One of the elders nodded his head.

        Seeing this, Lu Ruoxin knew that the drama was also over, so she got up and intended to leave. Although Han Qianqian had never told her what he wanted to do, this had attracted Lu Ruoxin's curiosity, so she followed him closely throughout the whole process, wanting to find out what Han Qianqian really wanted!

        When she heard the commotion inside, Lu Ruoxin naturally couldn't resist rushing in.

        Now that she had come in and Han Qianqian had left safely, she was clear that Han Qianqian had come to borrow someone and that Mi Fang had also completely bowed down and admitted defeat, so she felt bored and planned to leave.

        However, as soon as she got up, at the other end, Mi Fang called out to her, "Girl, where are you going?"

        "What's it to you?" Lu Ruoxin's brow furrowed in extreme displeasure; apart from Han Qianqian who could speak to her like this, no other man outside the Lu family was qualified to speak to her like this.

        The muscles at the corners of Mifang's mouth twitched slightly, it was a foregone conclusion that a thousand disciples would be taken away from him, but stopping the damage in time was something he could do for now.

        That young man was gone and the jewels and divine weapons were left behind, so that was natural due. However, this obviously did not satisfy Mi Fang's expectations, otherwise there would not have been a need for Han Qianqian to threaten by force.

        Lu Ruoxin, was the condition he had offered himself earlier, and the guy was gone, and more crucially, he had also left word earlier that he would not ask questions about how this woman was to be disposed of.

        "Your man never said from the beginning to the end that he would take you away, obviously, people have abandoned you, do, you still want to follow your ass out?" Mi Fang laughed coldly.

        Lu Ruoxin's anger rose at her words, according to her usual character, probably Mifang's head had already fallen to the ground, but when she heard Mifang's words about your man, she suddenly had no interest in retorting.

        Seeing that Lu Ruoxin did not speak, an elder laughed and said, "Oh, with your condition, if you are willing to stay and be a wife to our gang master, why worry about future glory and prosperity?"

        "That's right, even if a concubine wants to be a concubine, she has to be a concubine, why should she follow that kind of man?"

        "If I were you, I would obediently obey, after all, there is a saying that it is better to enjoy than to resist with pain!"

        As soon as the words left their mouths, the group of people burst out in a cacophony of laughter, the words no longer needed to be said to know what they were laughing at.

        Lu Ruoxin was completely enraged, calling her Han Qianqian's woman was just fine, but these foul words used on her body to humiliate her, how could she stand it?

        "Fine!" Lu Ruoxin said with a cold smile, "I'll stay with you all night, but I'm afraid you won't last long."

        In the eyes of Mi Fang and the others, it was obvious that these words meant something else, not knowing that Lu Ruoxin's so-called insistence did not refer to that aspect.

        In just a few moments, there was no more noise inside the tent!

        Amidst the pools of blood, only Mi Fang sat pale on the ground, staring at the bodies of the elders in the tent as if he had seen a ghost.

        Early the next morning!

        It was barely dawn when the scattered camp was already whispering.

        "Have you heard? The Everlasting Life Sect had a ghost last night."

        "A ghost? What kind of ghost would dare to run amok here with a group of us monks here?"

        "What if the ghost was Han Qianqian?" The man looked around warily and said in a quiet voice.

        Also at that moment, in the distance, a man and a woman slowly walked over ......