His True Colors Chapter 2257

 "What's that?" Someone in the darkness cried out in horror.

        "With eyes that big, it's not ...... not that, is it?"

        "Oh no, it's a demon dragon!"

        I do not know who fiercely scared out of their wits roared, in the darkness, the crowd suddenly panicked, many people like headless flies turn around, while some people even directly draw knives and slash, a time, many surrounding people were mistakenly injured, the scene is in complete chaos.

        What made them feel even more terrified was that in the darkness, there was the sound of whispering breathing in their ears.

        It was anything but human breathing ......

        It was like a seductive messenger from hell, whispering softly in front of the crowd's ears, and as if it was the God of Death, speaking warmly to them, pronouncing their final death sentence.

        "I can't stand it, I can't stand it, it's so depressing, so depressing, I feel like I'm going to die." Some people pulled at their numbing skulls and, as if they were mad, looked around in horror, shouting hysterically.

        The low pressure of the air, and the endless darkness and the demonic gasps that seemed to be all around them at all times, made some people with poor mental capacity, naturally, break down in a million pieces.

        The top of the Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea, the Pill God Pavilion and several other camps, at this time, each protected their masters in the centre, and then carefully plucked to phase to the surroundings, afraid that something would suddenly appear out of these boundless darkness.

        "Gongzi, how can this be?" Lu Yongsheng said with a frown.

        Obviously, he was completely at a loss as to what to do with this sudden appearance.

        "I'm not sure either, tell all the brothers to get their heads up and pay attention to any movement." Lu Ruoxuan ordered in a cold voice, the matter at hand had completely exceeded his expectation.

        How could the demon dragon, which was clearly dying, suddenly turn out to be like this?

        Could it be that it had returned to life?


        Suddenly, at that very moment, a dragon roar that almost pierced through the eardrums exploded in everyone's ears, breaking the void, and the dark night sky was torn apart directly ......

        An immense sea of fire followed!


        The sea of fire filled the sky, almost burning the entire blackness of the night just now red!


        The crowd screamed in unison as thousands of people died directly under the sea of fire. Those on the outside could see with their naked eyes the wave of fire coming towards them!

        "All be careful, hold off!" Wang Juzhi shouted, offering up his own energy in his hands, and with the momentum of the divine weapons, he fiercely resisted.

        The others, at this point, followed suit.


        The breath of the giant wave swept through ......


        A hundred thousand people were all overturned by the wave of air, and those who were close by were even struck by the giant wave of breath with blood flowing wildly, no matter how much their mouths were closed, they couldn't stop the blood from flowing from their mouths.

        The scene was as spectacular as if someone had lined up a mountain and poured over the sea.

        "Those who stand in my way, die!!!"

        A roar, burnt red by the fire in the world, trapped dragon mountain where the red circle of light, a full of purple armor, like a human-shaped human body dragon head thing, like a tragic sky giant standing there.

        With a head as big as a mountain and feet like a river, its body is so powerful and so powerful that it makes people feel a great pressure. His breath was so strong that even at a distance from him, one could not help but sweat.

        Lu Ruoxuan was supported by a dozen of his cronies before he stood up shakily, and when he saw the monster, his entire handsome face was written with shock, looking at the purple-armored red dragon that was like a god of war in the red light, completely unsure: "What the hell is going on here?"

        "My lord, how did this devil dragon turn out to be like this?"

        "Look at him, where does he still have that dying state from before, instead he's a lot stronger!"

        A group of people looked at each other, full of questions.

        On the other side of the Eternal Sea, it was also a wreck, even though they had resisted with all their might, they could never have imagined that the tide of Qi waves carried by this sea of fire was actually so strong.

        More importantly, the form of the devil dragon at this moment gave them a strong sense of foreboding in their hearts.

        The others, on the other hand, even climbed up and retreated several steps in unbearable panic, this devil dragon was just too terrifying.

        "Be careful, the devil dragon has gone berserk." In the casual camp, Han Qianqian frowned and whispered.

        "You know?" Lu Ruoxin frowned.

        "Everyone on Earth knows!" Han Qianqian smiled contemptuously.

        Lu Ruoxin froze, everyone on earth knows?

        "Don't be afraid, it's just this demon dragon reverting back to light, it was clearly dying just now, it's not enough to be feared. Ao Yi was so energetic that he shouted angrily.

        As he rose and shouted, the people of the Eternal Sea followed suit in a trance for a moment. Then, more and more people followed suit and stood up.

        Lu Yongsheng glanced at Lu Ruoxuan, and the people at the top of Blue Mountain were waiting for his decision.

        Lu Ruoxuan weighed the pros and cons and gritted his teeth as he gazed at the demon dragon.

        Ao Yi's words were not without merit; the Devil Dragon had been attacked for so long, and the fact that it was dying was indisputable for all to see; it made no sense for it to suddenly become stronger.

        So, it might be its last stubbornness before returning to the light! Even though it might have gotten a lot stronger during this period, but how long could it carry on?



        The human attack horn blew again, followed by a mass attack of 10,000 people.


        The devil dragon roared in anger as its arms crumpled into fists and shook violently!

        Boom !!!!

        The ground was lifted up by a metre of scorched earth, and the attackers on the ground were swallowed up by the watery scorched earth before they could even figure out what was going on!

        The waves of air on the ground, attacking in sync, lifted over ten thousand people.

        "Everyone be careful, go again!"

        Wang Juzhi shouted and raised his troops to attack again.

        The battle between the two sides had officially entered a white heat!

        However, only two people, at this moment, were standing at a great distance, stopping to watch.

        "Why aren't you on?" Lu Ruoxin frowned and asked Han Qianqian, who was pulling himself up.

        Even though the demon dragon was raging, it obviously wouldn't last long, and if it didn't go up and missed the best time, the God's Shackle might be in someone else's pocket.

        "It seems like ...... more than just berserk." Han Qianqian's gaze was like a torch, staring deadly at the demon dragon in the distance.

        "What you mean is ......"

        Han Qianqian shook his head, and he didn't know what to say.BOSS berserking, Han Qianqian hadn't never seen it before, where a substantial increase in strength appeared for a short period of time, though it often didn't last too long.

        But the problem was that this purple-armored demon dragon in front of him, compared to the demon dragon in front of him, was not simply a substantial increase in strength, but ......

        A qualitative leap!!!

        How could this happen if it was only a backlighting rage?

        The world's most important thing is to have a good understanding of the world.

        And almost at that moment, the whole world trembled violently and frantically ......