His True Colors Chapter 2255


        At this moment, rocks fell crazily from the entire Dragon Trapped Mountain, causing smoke to roll and boulders to fly, making the heaven and earth, which was already shrouded in huge thunder, appear unusually dark.

        In the midst of the smoke and darkness, a red light shone in the Mountain, reflecting blood red on the sky and earth.

        A huge object also loomed up!


        Amidst the rolling rocks, countless people screamed miserably and flew out from within. Each and every one of them was in a terrible state of panic.

        "Howl! You ants, you dare to disturb me, I want you all, to die!"

        The next second, there was another booming explosion, all the boulders exploded, and many of them were even hit by the boulders, vomiting blood and convulsing to death.

        The boulders scattered and the red light burst into the sky, almost burning half the sky red.

        A huge circle of red light rose up from the ground, just like the immense Dragon Mountain, standing on the ground and thrusting into the sky. Within the red light, a giant dragon loomed.

        "This ......"

        "This is too fucking big, isn't it?"

        Everyone's jaw dropped in shock, even Lu Ruoxin, who was incredibly calm, couldn't help but feel a slight weakness in his feet when he saw this demonic dragon in front of him, and retreated several steps.

        This is simply breathtakingly large, just one eye, it is the size of a football field, the most terrifying is this guy's body, from the ground, trapped dragon mountain how high, it, how long.

        "Gongzi ...... this ......" Lu Yongsheng looked simply could not say the words.

        Terrifying, simply terrifying.

        Such a huge devil dragon was unheard of and unseen.

        If it were not for this innate vision, and caused the God's yoke to fluctuate, the devil dragon broke the world, such a dragon, but really because too terrifying, and let the people of the world almost fade into oblivion.

        Lu Ruoxuan could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, this thing, just looking at it was scary enough.

        "Calm down." Lu Ruoxuan steadied himself and bellowed, "It is still shrunken at the back by the God's Shackles, even if it is bigger, it is still just a target."

        With Lu Ruoxuan's words, the commotion and panic of the crowd suddenly settled down.

        "Surnamed Lu, how about attacking it together?" Wang Juzhi also steadied his camp and shouted across the air.

        Lu Yongsheng looked towards Lu Ruoxuan, such a dragon was extremely difficult to deal with if they did not attack it together.

        "All the disciples at the top of Blue Mountain, listen to the order." Lu Ruoxuan made up his mind and shouted angrily.


        "Slay the dragon!"


        Lu Ruoxuan led his troops out, and Wang Juzhi did not dare to be slow at this moment, joining the people of the Eternal Sea, blasting the dragon in the red circle with spells in his hands while leading his troops to charge forward.

        With the three great clans joining forces, the two scattered organizations, also left and right, collective resources.


        The giant dragon shouted fiercely, and as its entire body shook, an incomparably fiery red light then shook out directly from its body, and even though it was stopped by the red circle, those red qi were still like incomparably hot water qi, while carrying a huge impact.

        Bang, bang, bang!

        Countless people fell to the ground in response, but more spells, too, were blasted directly at the red circle where the devil dragon was.

        The red light stopped the devil dragon, but did not stop all kinds of spells from the righteous path, all of them hitting the huge body of the devil dragon solidly one by one.

        But the hundreds of thousands of attacks, like a meteor shower, might have destroyed half a city in the human world, but they were like scratching an itch compared to this monstrous demon sky.

        The devil dragon only twisted its body in annoyance, as if these attacks made it extremely uncomfortable and irritated.

        "You bunch of ants, you've managed to annoy me."


        The devil dragon roared violently, its mouth opened and flames spurted out directly through the red circle.

        It was as big as a sea of fire, and it was still a stunning purple colour.

        "Accept the judgment of my dragon's breath!"


        The sea of fire invaded and the heat wave rushed to the sky!


        On top of the ground, those who did not reflect in time among the large swathes were immediately screaming in misery, and those who were standing in front of them were turned into ashes without even uttering a cry, leaving nothing of them in this world behind!

        Those who were far away were either entangled in the purple fire, which did not even go out, could not be touched, could not be extinguished, burning people screaming and rolling all over the place, and even those who were further away were knocked over by the heat wave.

        In time, more than 100,000 people were killed and injured by the thousands.

        "It's fucking fierce!" Lu Ruoxuan fended off with his fan, and when he put it down, he actually found that his own fan had also been shattered by the heat wave.

        "Spread out your positions and attack again!" With a grit of his teeth, Lu Ruoxuan shouted.


        Someone shouted, and the crowd of over 100,000 people instantly scattered and formed a circle, encircling the Demon Dragon heavily!


        Over a hundred thousand attacks once again blasted into the sky.


        The Devil Dragon was also enraged by the attacks and sprayed its breath at the sight of people.

        The sky and the earth, the wind and the clouds, changed colour at this moment!

        Unlike the lively fight at that end, Han Qianqian, holding Lu Ruoxin, had just come out of the Trapped Immortal Valley. Looking at the various footprints on the scorched earth, Han Qianqian smiled: "It seems that it's quite lively."

        "On our earth, there is something called fireworks, look at Sleepy Dragon Mountain there, that's how it is." Han Qianqian laughed.

        Lu Ruoxin frowned, "The Devil Dragon's breath is so strong! Are you afraid?"