His True Colors Chapter 2254

 Three armies and a sword to the trapped dragon mountain!!!



        The creature in the Mountain seems to have sensed the intrusion of humans and is provoked by this, so it whispers in a deep voice and the earth trembles with the sound!

        The earth trembles with the sound!


        The three armies roared in unison, their aura overwhelming.

        The Pill God Pavilion came second, and Lu Ruoxuan led the top of Blue Mountain to the third place.


        Seeing the situation, the two sides of the Alliance of Scattered People also quickly gathered and set off to charge forward.

        Thousands of troops and horses, with extraordinary momentum.

        "Open the mountain!"

        Wang Juzhi shouted, and with a movement in his hand, an energy slashed directly towards the Fire Dragon Mountain.

        The formation of ten thousand armies followed suit, their hands pinching through an attack and blasting upwards!



        The immense and unparalleled Trapped Dragon Mountain exploded violently!

        The rocks flew and the mountain broke apart!

        "You, you seek death!"

        In the midst of the mountain, a whispered cry came, mighty and thick, and laced with echoes, as if from hell.

        "All of you, open the mountain again, after the hole is broken, regardless of you and me, kill the evil dragon in the mountain, kill the evil dragon, and subdue the demons for the people of my eight worlds!" Wang Juzhi shouted.

        "Subdue the demons!!!"

        "Subdue the demons and subdue the devils!"

        Behind them, more than a hundred thousand people shouted in unison, shaking the heavens!


        Another intimidating cry, and under Wang Juzhi's leadership, ten thousand energy channels attacked the mountain again!


        This time, a certain part of the mountain that had already been hit by the party was finally unable to withstand the combined force of these ten thousand people as the saltpeter had already flown, and with a violent explosion, the mountain was directly blown open with a huge gaping hole.


        "It's open." Ao Yi shouted in excitement and instantly waved his big hand, about to lead the army up and seize the first opportunity.

        Wang Juzhi was quick-eyed and pulled Ao Yi to a halt, and before he could explain, another loud boom was heard, and a fierce explosion also occurred within the mountain, countless magma came out of the cracked hole, like a volcanic eruption, bursting out directly, and then like a heavenly maiden, thus falling.

        Bang Bang Bang!!!

        Those who were unable to dodge were hit by the lava and immediately burst into flames like a burning object that had been set alight, and after a few puffs, they were reduced to a pile of ashes.

        Ao Yi's face was pale. If Wang Juzhi had not pulled him back, he would have been among those who were turned into ashes.

        "Nephew, don't be impulsive." Wang Juzhi's face was like water, but in his heart, a thousand grass mud horses were racing past.

        Lu Ruoxuan had obviously used a provocation to attract the two Ao brothers to take the lead and rush ahead, and then Wang Juzhi had to send someone to save him.

        The two families are now in the back of the pack, and Lu Ruoxuan's plan has been foiled by a single move, and he is now reaping the benefits.

        The two families are both sons of the two families, Wang Juzhi really does not understand, this intelligence is so much different?

        The lava eruption alone caused hundreds of casualties among the elites of the Eternal Sea who rushed ahead, while Lu Ruoxuan's side, which was farther away, did not hurt a single person.

        However, after all, it was the two grandsons, so Wang Juzhi could not say anything hard.

        "Understood, Uncle Wang!" Ao Yi's heart palpitated and he nodded fearfully afterwards.

        "Third brother, for the Ao family's daughter to be as abashed as you are, I'm afraid that you've made my Ao family lose face. You don't want father's birthday gift, then brother will do it for you." Ao Jin, the second son of the Ao family, laughed coldly, his eyes filled with disdain and mockery.

        Before Wang Juzhi could speak, he saw that Ao Jin had already waved his hand, "Listen to the order of the Ao family generals, the mountain has been opened, follow me to attack the mountain and kill the demon dragon!"


        As soon as the words fell, Ao Jin held his long sword in his hand and took the lead, charging directly towards the blasted hole, followed by the elites of the Ao Clan with loud shouts and a raging charge.

        Wang Juzhi's head hurt with anger, his hand covered his forehead, he couldn't face looking at it, he had seen a fool, but he had never seen such a fucking fool.

        That's a hybrid demon dragon, you fucking think earthworms ah, rush in and fuck? Can you do it? Even if you can, with so many people, you're not afraid of being robbed!

        You're really brain-dead, you're so happy, you're useless!

        Lu Ruoxuan smiled coldly, a bunch of fools.

        When Wang Juzhi saw Lu Ruoxuan's cold smile, he was speechless to the extreme. However, Ao Jin had already rushed in, what could he do? Ao Tian had personally explained to himself that he had to take good care of his two sons.

        If anything went wrong, there was no way he could explain to Ao Tian.

        "Uncle Wang, what should we do, second brother he ......" said Ao Yi, anxious and at a loss for words.

        Wang Juzhi inwardly sneered, forcing down his anger, more disgusting than eating Xiang: "What should we do? What else can we do? We can't just stand by and watch him die, right?"

        After saying that, Wang Juzhi coldly said to the people next to him, "Order down, everyone from the Pill God Pavilion to follow me into the mountain, and Ye Gucheng to follow at the end according to my original order, in case someone sneaks up on my rear when the time comes."


        After instructing this, Wang Juzhi raised a small flag in his hand and waved it violently, dropping his team into the area.

        With the Pill God Pavilion and the two great clans of the Eternal Sea at the bottom, many of the casuals were also afraid of entering late and missing out on something when the time came, and one by one, they trailed behind and entered in a line of fish.

        However, some people were watching, because at this moment, the top of the Blue Mountain was holding still.

        "My lord, we ......"

        "There is no hurry, one monk picks water to drink, two monks carry water to drink, three monks have no water to drink, let them go and fight endlessly." Lu Ruoxuan flicked his folding fan and said with poise.

        "My lord, if we are late, will the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea pack the venue? After all ......"

        "What are you afraid of? Do you think this Demon Dragon will be that easy? For many years, this place has almost been forgotten, and there is only one thing in this world that will make people forget the fastest." Lu Ruoxuan said blandly.

        "What is it, my lord? A bad memory?"

        "If you have a bad memory, does everyone in the world have a bad memory? There is only one possibility for a place that can make everyone in the world forget, and that is a lesson." Lu Ruoxuan said softly.

        Only those places that were truly untouchable despite countless deaths and injuries would truly be forgotten.

        And that was the case with the Trapped Dragon Mountain.

        "There is no telling how many corpses have been turned into ashes on the scorched earth beneath their feet. Over the years, countless heroes have been turned into ashes without even being able to break the ban, so think about it, is such a strong ban, and is what is being suppressed really as simple as a demonic dragon?" At this moment, an old man stood out in a soft voice and said.


        The entire heaven and earth let out a wild roar.

        The earth violently shook violently, and everyone present could not help but collectively stagger.

        "It's awake!"

        The old man looked at the distant Trapped Dragon Mountain with a pale face.