His True Colors Chapter 2253

 The entire outermost green area of the Immortal Valley was occupied by tents and temporary palaces of all kinds, and as far as the eye could see, a huge area was filled with people.

        From the looks of the scene, there were more than 100,000 people present, so it was no small feat.

        On the green ground, there were several camps, on one side was the Lu Family camp, dominated by the top of the Blue Mountain, and on the other side was the Alliance camp, dominated by the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea, with their three camps occupying almost the very centre of the entire outer layer of the Immortal Sleepy Valley.

        And on either side of them was where countless casuals and idle priests gathered.

        Almost as before, many of them are still ganging up on each other. In this world where the weak are strong, the only way out for the weak is to join a group. Otherwise, they are just fish for others.


        At that moment, a loud sound was suddenly heard from the distant Trapped Dragon Mountain, followed by a slight trembling of the earth, and in mid-air, black clouds rushed away, and a strange phenomenon opened up.

        In the huge camp of the Sleepy Immortal Valley, no one was not rushing out from their tents and looking far away at the Sleepy Dragon Mountain.


        There was another muffled sound.

        The gigantic Dragon Trapped Mountain suddenly swelled outwards and grew in size, propping up the mountain's rocks with countless cracks, and through these cracks, the dazzling red light inside could be clearly seen!

        "My lord, it seems that the Devil Dragon is about to awaken."

        Outside the camp of the Eternal Life Sea, Lu Yongsheng, the leader of the guards standing next to Lu Ruoxuan, the young master of the Lu Family, spoke softly.

        Lu Ruoxuan held a white fan in his hand and gently withdrew it as his eyes looked over to the Everlasting Sea.

        "My lord, that old dog Ao Tian of the Eternal Life Sea has now openly gone along with the Pill God Pavilion, so we should be more careful in this operation. After all, Han Three Thousand were all besieged and killed by them." Lu Yongsheng reminded.

        Lu Ruoxuan's face instantly turned icy cold, "You mean that I am inferior to Han Qianqian?"

        "My subordinate did not mean that, my subordinate is also just worried about your son's safety, please forgive me." Lu Yongsheng's face turned pale with fear and he knelt on the ground.

        "Lycanthropy! However, even if wolves and lambs are strong, they will still be eaten by tigers, and I, am the tiger that eats them. Inform all battalions, get ready and set off!" Lu Ruoxuan said in a cold voice.


        As Lu Yongsheng retreated, followed by just a moment later, the trumpet belonging to the top of Blue Mountain blew directly.

        As this horn sounded loudly, Lu Ruoxuan's fan opened and he took the lead as he flew directly towards the distant Trapped Dragon Mountain.


        Lu Yongsheng bellowed, and ten thousand elites, in unison, marched!

        As the top of the Blue Mountain advanced, the two princes of the Eternal Life Sea, Ao Jin and Ao Yi, could not hide the urgency in their hearts, and with a great wave of their hands, they led their troops and charged straight ahead.

        The two great clans took the lead, followed by their affiliated forces, and rushed towards the Dragon Mountain in great numbers.

        Everywhere they passed, dust and smoke rose!

        "Your Holiness, shall I pass on the order too?"

        "Slowly!" Wang Juzhi's first big hand reached out to stop his men, a wicked smile curling the corners of his mouth as he said blandly, "What's the hurry?"

        "But Your Holiness, the Eternal Sea and the top of the Blue Mountain have already departed ......"

        "Young people are impatient and naturally impulsive in their actions, they like to be in the limelight, so let them go out. The young people are impulsive, so let them go out. They need to know that the mantis catches the cicada and the bird is behind it! Inform the troops, stand by in place, no one is allowed to move without my order."


        This old fox, Wang Juzhi, was really a veteran. He knew that he would be attacked by the Demon Dragon in its prime and by the people who arrived after him, so he suppressed his troops and let the eternal sea and the top of Blue Mountain fight to the death, and he might even be able to reap the benefits!

        The old men are no different from Wang Juzhi, all of them are old and greasy, how can they sow their eagles if they don't see the rabbits?

        When he saw that Ye Qucheng's face was not worried in the slightest, Gu You nodded his head in satisfaction that he was not stupid.

        Up ahead, in the middle of the Dragon Mountain and the Immortal Valley, the two sides were chasing each other, desperate to be the first to get around the Dragon Mountain, as if whoever arrived first would win.

        When they reached the foot of the mountain, Lu Ruoxuan suddenly gave a nod to Lu Yongsheng and the army retreated with a bang. Only the two brothers from the Eternal Life Sea were left in the lead.

        "These two silly sons of the Eternal Life Sea." Lu Ruoxuan smiled disdainfully and looked at the people of the Eternal Life Sea who were riding in the dust, "Sooner or later, the family fortune of the Eternal Life Sea will be lost by these two defeated sons."

        Lu Yongsheng also laughed, "Sending death is so rushed, do these two really think that the demon dragon in this trapped dragon mountain is that easy to deal with?"

        "That old thing, Wang Juzhi, hasn't set off yet? Hmph, trying to take my dish, what kind of a thing is he? Order the troops, slow down and wait!"


        In the distance, Wang Slowly smiled suddenly, seeing the top of the slowing Blue Mountain, he ordered, "Let the troops depart."

        "But your Holiness ......"

        "Lu Ruoxuan has a brain, it's interesting to turn the tables on me at this time." Wang Juzhi chuckled, "If we don't go again, Ao Tian will be looking for us."

        "Open up!"


        The Pill God Pavilion's horn had also been blown, and at this moment, Han Qianqian and Lu Ruoxin, were also heading this way!