His True Colors Chapter 2251

 But as soon as the voice came out, Han Qianqian froze in place, and then, closed his eyes.

        In the dimly lit room, Lu Ruoxin was dressed in an unusually thin gauze dress, her face pale as she leaned on the bed, the rise and fall of the peaks in front of her breasts were hidden and charming, plus those long and slender legs, her perfect figure, really made people think about her at a glance.

        But Han Qianqian did not even take one more look, directly after closing his eyes, turned around and left the room.

        "The first time I saw him, I was able to see him, but he was too weak or too embarrassed to close his mouth.

        Han Qianqian retreated to the door and waited outside for about ten minutes, but there was still no movement inside.

        When she thought of Lu Ruoxin's complexion when she looked at her, Han Qianqian couldn't help but frown: "This Sanbei, something can't have happened, right?"

        To see or not to see?

        There was no relationship with this woman, Han Qianqian wanted her to die sooner, but if she died, what would happen to Dagger Twelve and the others?

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian hesitated for a moment and cleared his throat, "Are you dead? Are you still leaving or not?"

        Inside, there was still no movement!

        Han Qianqian sighed, turned around and entered the room again, lowered her head, came to her bed, then grabbed a piece of clothing from the side and covered her body before looking back at her.

        Under a closer look, Han Qianqian then noticed that her face was covered in cold sweat and her lips were white, and he frowned: "What's wrong with you ......?"

        Lu Ruoxin frowned uncomfortably, her expression obviously very painful, and she could not even speak.

        Without giving it much thought, Han Qianqian slightly sat down on the edge of her bed, followed by a sudden movement in his hand, an energy hitting Lu Ruoxin's jade-like arm in the air.

        "You've suffered internal injuries? And you've been attacked by fire!" Han Qianqian said strangely at once.

        In the next second, Han Qianqian understood that it was obvious that Lu Ruoxin had been seriously injured in the fight with herself yesterday and had only been holding on strongly.

        By the end of the night, she must have ignored her injuries and forced herself to cultivate again, eventually damaging her bloodline and injuring herself severely.

        "You're really not afraid of going off the deep end and getting you killed either, crazy bitch." Cursing lowly, Han Qianqian stopped talking nonsense and directly helped Lu Ruoxin to sit up, then sat behind her himself, his palms working with luck and patting directly on her back to heal her internal injuries.

        With Han Qianqian's energy support, Lu Ruoxin's tightly furrowed brow was finally slightly relieved, and at this point, she replied breathlessly, "I've said it before, I'm bound to get the Three Thousand Chapters on Zi Shang, and I will never go back on my word if I've said it."

        "There's no use asking for the secret book when you don't even have a life. With a life, only then will you have the capital to learn anything."

        "Didn't you also not even want your life for Su Yingxia and Han Nian? With your talent, if your wife is gone, you can find someone who is no less beautiful than her with your eyes closed, and as for your daughter, won't you have another one if you die?" Lu Ruoxin shot back.

        "You don't know anything about relationships, and you don't know that if you love someone, you will give everything for her." Han Qianqian said firmly.

        "Then you also don't know what I carry on my shoulders, and for it, I'm willing to pay any price, including my life!" Lu Ruoxin snorted coldly.

        "Don't bother arguing with you!" Han Qianqian didn't want to argue with her about this, and with a movement in his hand, he increased his energy and continued to heal her injuries.

        Although she was badly injured, Han Qianqian realized that her energy was extremely large and pure when he was healing her, so Han Qianqian only needed to repair her disordered and damaged meridians, and she could basically repair herself with her own energy.

        Such strength made even Han Qianqian exclaim, "Pervert!

        Seeing that she was basically fine, Han Qianqian then withdrew his energy and retracted his palm, "I'll wait for you outside."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian went out.

        After waiting for about half an hour, the sun in the east was already hanging slightly, and Lu Ruoxin slowly walked out after putting on her clothes.

        Sweeping a glance at Han Qianqian, Lu Ruoxin was cold and incomparable.

        "Is that how you look at your saviour? The meridians are misshapen, your energy is rampaging inside, if I had come in an hour later, I'm afraid you would have come out horizontally instead of vertically by now." Han Qianqian said with displeasure.

        I should have known better than to save this bitch and let her die, having wasted so much effort saving her without even a word of thanks. Although Han Qianqian was also doing it for Blade Twelve and the others, but no matter what, saving her life was a fact.

        "You peeped at me for the second time, how do I settle this score?" Lu Ruoxin's face was cold as she drank, but as she said this, she blushed slightly.

        "I peeped at you? I pooh, I haven't even asked you to pay for washing my eyes yet." Han Qianqian spat.

        "You! Do you still want to be shameless?" Lu Ruoxin was so angry that smoke was coming out of her seven orifices, what the hell logic, with her posture how many people were not qualified to even take a look at what she looked like, let alone ...... looking at herself looking so much.

        This damn Han Qianqian yet he has to ask himself for the cost of washing his eyes?

        "If I wasn't trying to save you, would I go in? Besides, if I didn't go in, could I have saved you?"

        "Fine, let's leave it at that this time, what about last time?" Lu Ruoxin's chest rose and fell in anger as she questioned, forcing down her anger.

        If it was excusable this time, then last time he didn't have an explanation, did he?!

        "If you hadn't wanted to kill me and I had no choice but to mock you, I wouldn't have had to do that if I hadn't." Han Qianqian cheerful, not the slightest bit vain, after all, what Han Qianqian said is also the truth, from beginning to end he said is also true, to Lu Ruoxin's so-called peeping, he really is not interested.

        "The only person who can say that peeping is so refreshing and shameless is this Han Qianqian.

         I Lu Ruoxin never owe anyone a favor, you saved me, I know what you want."

        "Then you ......" Han Qianqian thought for a while, not knowing how to speak.

        If she wanted to taste it back, Han Qianqian naturally hoped that he could release the twelve or three swordsmen, but, Han Qianqian also knew clearly that asking for three people at once would be the same as asking Lu Ruoxin to give back all of her trump cards, and she would definitely not agree.

        Therefore, Han Qianqian was torn between asking for one person or two, but at the moment he was not sure about Lu Ruoxin's bottom line, so he had been hesitating.

        If he offered more, he was afraid that the negotiation would collapse, and if he offered less, he was afraid that he would lose.

        Lu Ruoxin blandly swept a glance at Han Qianqian, his eyes still had the anger from earlier, after a moment of hesitation: "You want me to let people go, right? Okay, I can promise you, but first, you answer me some questions."