His True Colors Chapter 2250

 "Keeping up, at the back." Ye Gucheng couldn't help but swallow his mouth, beautiful, just too beautiful, not even the slightest bit worse than Su Yingxia.

        It was just a pity that he had just been newly married but had to go on a journey, this really made him extremely unhappy and his heart was even more titillating. Looking at his beautiful wife right in front of him, but not being able to eat or touch her, how could one not feel uncomfortable?


        A jade hairpin was thrust into the table in front of Cool-Son Yeh, and the huge inertia even made the body of the jade hairpin tremble.

        Ye Gucheng was taken aback and looked at Gu You in a daze.

        "Put away those evil thoughts of yours, Ye Gucheng, although you and I are both children of Ao Tian, don't forget that we are all foreign sons with no blood ties." Gu You shouted coldly and drank.

        "Yes, yes, yes, you've said it eight hundred times." Ye Gucheng rolled his eyes in a bored manner.

        "It's good that you know, if we want to have a world, we have to give more to the real children of the Ao family. Godfather's birthday is coming up, God's Yoke I hope to bring as a congratulatory gift, and at that time I will be your wife in the true sense of the word, do you understand?" Gu You said in a cold voice.

        Ye Gucheng nodded speechlessly, not allowing himself to be caved in on the night of the wedding.

        He had also hinted at Ao Tian, but it was useless. Ao Tian said that Gu You was just spoiled by him since childhood, but the actual question was, was it really as simple as being spoiled?

        "Although you and I are not yet husband and wife, however, in the end, we have the name of husband and wife, those things are given to me by my righteous father, you should make good use of them." Seeming to notice that Ye Gucheng was in a bad mood too, Gu You's tone eased up quite a bit: "There is still some time left, so you should familiarize yourself with the use of those things. I'll make you a cup of tea."

        After saying that, Gu You got up and made tea for Ye Gucheng in front of his own armchair table.

        Ye Gucheng had no choice but to lower his head and look at the books on the table carefully.

        A moment later, Gu You put the tea on Ye Lucheng's armchair table, the fragrance of her body was far more into Ye Lucheng's nose than the fragrance of the tea: "This time on the Mountain of the Trapped Dragon, the heroes of the world gather, because of the existence of the God's Yoke, it can be said that this time, the dragon slaying fight, the clouds of the four directions are moving."

        "Mother, why don't you not worry so much? Your husband, I am now one of the most popular figures, who would not tremble when they hear my name? Knowing that I'm here, would they dare to make a move? They are just a bunch of rabble-rousers." Cool-Son Yeh said proudly.

        He was now in the limelight, and Flint City had even collected many experts, so he naturally had the capital to be arrogant.

        "They are a rabble? What about my two brothers? What about the young master of the Lu family?" Gu You said angrily.

        Hearing these few people, Ye Gucheng's condescension was gone and he froze for a good moment, "They're coming too?"

        "Not only them, I heard that many unearthly experts are also interested in the God's Yoke, do you think it's as simple as you think?" Gu You said speechlessly.

        Cool-Son Yeh had long been overwhelmed by pride and compliments, thinking that he was a popular expert and no one dared to go against him, so naturally, he did not know enough about the trip to the Trapped Dragon Mountain.

        Hearing Gu You's words, it was only then that Cool-Son Yeh came to his senses: "Then it looks like this time, it's tricky."

        "It's not just tricky! Although I am a righteous daughter, my righteous father only has one daughter like me. Cool-Son Yeh, I, Gu You, am also the princess of the Eternal Sea, and the husband I want must be a dragon and a phoenix among men, so you should take care of yourself." Seeing that Ye Gucheng was so reckless and rash about this trip to the Dragon Mountain, Gu You was furious and got up to return to her seat, not wanting to talk to Ye Gucheng any more.

        Seeing that Gu You was angry, Ye Gucheng hurriedly said, "Don't worry, mother, even if there are many opponents, I will definitely stand out and get the God's Yoke. The book, I will read it now."

        After saying this, Ye Guocheng did not dare to be hasty and hurriedly read what Gu You had given him.

        At night time, the troops finally reached the Sleepy Immortal Valley and set up camp.

        At this time, Han Qianqian, deep in the middle of the Sleepy Immortal Valley, could hardly sleep. The old man sweeping the ground was suddenly so enthusiastic about Lu Ruoxin, he could not understand, but he could not care about this.

        He missed Su Yingxia, and he missed Han Nian.

        Especially in the middle of the night when it was peaceful, the thoughts multiplied.

        There was also Ginseng Wa, Qin Frost, and Qiushui ......

        They, are they all okay?

        The two Fu Ye families betrayed themselves, I think, Fu Mang and others are also in a bad situation, they, again, are they okay?

        Hey, there are also Blade Twelve, Mo Yang and others ......

        What about you all?

        With a long sigh, Han Qianqian tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

        When the morning sun rose from the east and illuminated the entire continent, Han Qianqian's sharp eyes pierced through the darkness as much as the light.

        "Wife, Nian'er, wait for me, when I kill the devil dragon, even if it's the end of the earth, I will find you." Gritting his teeth, he stood up from the bed, Han Qianqian hadn't even taken off his clothes.

        What he was waiting for was the dawn.

        He couldn't wait to finish this last thing he had to do and go in search of them.

        With this in mind, he coughed lightly and tried to tell Lu Ruoxin that it was time to go.

        But after waiting for a few moments, there was no movement inside, and Han Qianqian frowned. Not willing to wait much longer, he rushed straight in and shouted, "It's time to go."