His True Colors Chapter 2249

 "Bad reflection? Is it good for you to pit him like that?" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books shook their heads and laughed bitterly.

        "Alas, one thought becomes Buddha, one thought becomes devil, it's either heaven or hell, what can be done about it?" The earth-sweeping old man was in a heavy mood and shook his head with a sigh.

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books also sighed long and bitterly, "The devil dragon on the Trapped Dragon Mountain is far from an ordinary dragon, that is one of the ancestors of the dragon race, the strength of its power and the weight of its breath is far from that of other dragons, back then that True God also used his own body as a price and used the Eight Extremes Formation to barely suppress it, yet you want three thousand ......"

        "I also know that it is difficult to deal with, that is why I chose this place to forge the soul and refine the body for three thousand, using the vision of this process to make the world mistakenly believe that there is a change in the trapped dragon mountain, thus attracting millions of people. At the same time, it taught Lu Ruoxin Cang Sheng and Yong Yi to expect to help her in battle."

        "With the two great bodies, and with Xuan Yuan Pan Gu, plus the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, all I can do has been done, and the rest is up to his creation." The old man sweeping the ground stared at him.

        Apart from having the previous arrangement to swap skills with Lu Ruoxin, the most important thing was also so that Lu Ruoxin could help Han Qianqian against the Demon Dragon.

        "If we take down the Devil Dragon, we can both strengthen Han Qianqian's bloodline and at the same time release the Trapped Immortal Valley, and if this kid is lucky enough to get that, then he can really meet my expectations."

        "Yes, the Four Shadows plus that thing, in his day, his future will be limitless, not to mention that it won't be in vain for you to exchange your mastery with Miss Lu's family. Only, this kid is confused now, he must think that Lu Ruoxin is the one you like, and even, change his ways to suppress him while making Lu Ruoxin whole." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books said with a bitter laugh.

        However, it was not Han Qianqian's fault, even he might have misunderstood what the Earth-Sweeping Old Man meant.

        "How clever this young lady of the Lu family is, if not, how would she be willing to teach Han Qianqian the Four Soul Formation of the Northern Underworld, and even less likely that she would go with Qianqian to deal with the Demon Dragon." The old man who swept the ground said helplessly.

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books patted the Sweeping Earth Elder's shoulder, "This child, Three Thousand, will one day understand your bitterness, although he had just revealed his killing aura, but, after all, that was about Su Yingxia."

        Hearing the words of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, the Earth-Sweeping Elder suddenly couldn't help but laugh, "Since when have you started to speak up for him? However, don't worry, I know how much he loves his lady, besides, it's only normal for a man to have bloodlust."

        "Let's go and rest too, the change at the Sleepy Dragon Mountain, I believe it's not just as simple as the gathering of the world's warriors."

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books instantly had a cold look on their faces and their brows were furrowed, "You mean ......"

        "Yes, I am worried that the True Gods at the top of the Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea will be out in force." After saying that, the sweeping old man frowned intensely, "Once these two old guys strike, the situation will become very complicated, and you and I ......"

        "How many years has it been, I forgot how many years we haven't had a good move, and now, it's about time." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled.

        "I agree." Hearing the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books say this, the frown that had been condensed by the Earth Sweeping Old Man was finally slightly loosened at this time, and the entire person revealed a smile, "That's right."

        And at this time, outside of the Trapped Dragon Valley, the Trapped Dragon Mountain.

        Even though the sky was bright and the wind was diligent, the temperature here was still extremely high, and when viewed from afar, it looked as if ten thousand miles of land were hidden under a heavy shadow.

        In the middle of the scorched earth, a huge mountain, entirely made of black scorched stone, rises up to the sky like a sharp blade into the clouds. The sky at the top was rendered black and red, and linked to the scorched earth on the ground, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a purgatory on earth.

        "Snapping ......"

        In the distance, a team dressed in the clothes of the Medicine Pavilion carefully stepped into the scorched earth, and as soon as their feet touched it, the smell of the paste of their shoes came to their noses, and many of them even frowned, obviously the burning sensation in their feet made them very uncomfortable.

        This was despite the fact that the shoes on these people's feet had already been thickened.

        The three jade sedan chairs followed behind the crowd, and the dozens of footmen carrying the sedan chairs had grim faces as soon as they entered the scorched earth, as if they had stepped on a fire, grimacing and suffering from the burn.

        "What are you waiting for? I'm telling you, if you don't get into the Immortal Valley before dark, you'll all die." The first palanquin scolded the footmen with an angry shout at this moment.

        This person was none other than Cool-Son Yeh.

        Someone was just about to speak, when with a pounding sound, a human head had already fallen to the ground.

        This time, even if the group of footmen were uncomfortable, they did not dare to make a sound and could only walk forward with their heads held high.

        Lowering the curtain, Ye Gucheng closed his eyes slightly, the air here was unusually unpleasant, which made him quite uncomfortable.

        "Have we entered the Trapped Dragon Mountain?" At the innermost part of the carriage, a woman slowly sat there, ice-clear and pure, dressed in green like an immortal, her beauty was unbeatable.

        This person, was none other than Ao Tian's righteous daughter, Ye Gucheng's new bride Gu You.

        "Here we are, we can reach the Sleepy Immortal Valley before dark." Cool-Son Yeh opened his eyes and could not help but look at Gu You twice more, so beautiful that he even forgot to withdraw his eyes.

        Gu You opened her eyes slightly, and her beautiful eyes stole the heart: "Where are the things?"