His True Colors Chapter 2248

 Han Qianqian did not know and shook his head.

        "This is the Valley of the Trapped Immortals." The old man sweeping the floor laughed softly.

        "Trapped Immortal Valley?" Lu Ruoxin frowned and said in a strange voice.


        "Eight hundred miles of mountains and rivers, eight hundred miles of water and mountains, like an immortal land, but also like a purgatory, is the so-called Sleepy Immortal Valley. Senior, then ...... that nearby is the Trapped Dragon Mountain?" Lu Ruoxin asked.

        The old man nodded gently, and when Lu Ruoxin saw Han Qianqian's confusion, she explained, "Legend has it that there is a demon dragon trapped in the Dragon Trapped Mountain, so within 10,000 miles there is scorched earth and not a single inch of it. Legend has it that there was an immortal who came here ten thousand years ago, and because he saw the living beings here, he felt compassion for them, so he followed Pan Gu's example and turned the earth with his body and the stream with his blood, creating this 800-mile piece of paradise."

        "However, although this paradise exists, it is not enough for people to survive. This area is surrounded by hot soil, and if it rains, rain falls to the ground, and miasma rises from the hot ground, and this miasma kills ordinary people who smell it because of the blood of the demon dragon, so even though that immortal transformed this place with his body, however, he could not change the shadow of death in the area of Sleeping Dragon Mountain. From the shape of the land, it looks more like a lonely place trapped inside the Trapped Dragon Mountain, so some people also see it as a trapped immortal and call this place the Trapped Immortal Valley."

        Han Qianqian was suddenly enlightened, so there was such a story here.

        "In order to change this, we must eradicate the demonic dragon in the Trapped Dragon Mountain. Sanqian, you have cultivated here, we have helped you to forge your soul and refine your body, leading to the absence of the sun and the moon, and the demon dragon has become stupid because it has no sun and moon to suppress it. Our punishment for you is to eradicate the demon dragon, restore peace, save the living beings and free the Valley of the Trapped Immortals."

        "On a moral level, you should also repay it, if it were not for its special geographical location, the absence of the sun and moon caused by your soul casting and body refinement made the world think that it was the mutation of the Sleepy Dragon Mountain, how would we have had time to bring you back to life?" The old man sweeping the ground laughed.

        "The cause and effect are all yours, you must do it." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled faintly, then, looking at Lu Ruoxin, "By the way, Miss Lu, you are also going with three thousand."

        "I'm going too?" Lu Ruoxin frowned slightly.

        She had also heard of the legend of the Trapped Dragon Mountain, the demon dragon that lived inside was so strong that no one was willing to touch it for many years.

        "Yes. However, you are not the same as Three Thousand, Three Thousand's responsibility is to help the Immortal Sleeping Valley and, at the same time, to help you. Do you know that the shackles used to suppress the demon dragon are made of the two arms of the True God?" The old man who swept the ground asked.

        Lu Ruoxin nodded, "I know."

        "Cang Sheng and Yong Yi are extremely in need of the power of your arms for support in the late stages, and that pair of shackles is the best supplement for you. Besides, although you have the Xuan Yuan sword, it is always inferior compared to the Pan Gu Axe, wouldn't it be better to have something to bridge the gap?" The old man sweeping the ground laughed softly.

        Hearing these words, Lu Ruoxin's face showed joy and her whole being was suddenly born with a secret joy, "Many thanks senior."

        "There is no need to be polite, go back inside and get ready, tomorrow morning, you can set off."

        "Yes." Lu Ruoxin pursed her lips and looked at Han Qianqian, who looked depressed, and was even happier as she stepped back into the house.

        Once Lu Ruoxin left, Han Qianqian was like a deflated ball, his whole body was very depressed.

        "What? Don't you want to go?" Seeing the depressed Han Qianqian, the old sweeper laughed softly and said.

        "Yes." Han Qianqian did not deny it, "I promised you to recuperate for three days, and after three days I'm going out to find Ying Xia and Nian'er, yet you're asking me to deal with some demonic dragon."

        "As long as you listen to me, I can guarantee that not only will Su Yingxia and Han Nian be safe, but your group of friends will also be safe." The sweeping old man faintly said.

        Hearing these words, Han Qianqian's eyes were instantly startled and his entire body turned extremely alert, what did the Earth-Sweeping Old Man mean by these words?

        It was hard not to?

        "You're not going to tell me that Su Yingxia and Han Nian being kidnapped has nothing to do with you?" When the words came out, Han Qianqian's tone was already filled with ice coldness.

        Even though he had a high respect for the sweeping old man and an extremely strong sense of gratitude, if anyone dared to touch Han Qianqian's minefield - Su Yingxia and Han Nian - Han Qianqian would definitely not be polite.

        Even if you have a favour, what if I kill you and then kill myself to return it to you?

        Not if you touch my wife and daughter!

        Seeing the killing intent in Han Qianqian's eyes, even the old man sweeping the floor could not help but feel a slight chill in his heart at this moment. In his eyes, Han Qianqian was more like a child, but at this moment, he was like a demon coming out of hell.

        "This matter has nothing to do with him, he ...... just knows something about the heavens." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books also saw that Han Qianqian was not in the right mood and hurriedly explained at this point.

        The old man who swept the earth also hurriedly nodded, and only then did Han Qianqian let go of the anger in his heart after a moment of slightly shrinking brows.

        The earth-sweeping old man secretly let out a long breath, forcing his face to pretend to be calm, and said, "Now, are you willing to go?"

        "If doing this can make Su Yingxia and Han Nian safe, I naturally won't give it much thought." Han Qianqian said firmly.

        Common sense dictated that, one, Han Qianqian was a man who was willing to gamble and accept defeat, and although he suspected that the sneak attack he had been subjected to was most likely from the Earth-Sweeping Old Man, no matter what, losing was losing, and accepting punishment had nothing to do with it. Secondly, it was because of his own body refinement that caused the sun and moon to be without light, in order to make the devil dragon pure and pure desire to move then, of course he could not help but be responsible.

        "Good, you are willing to go if you can. Remember, after killing the devil dragon this time, that pair of shackles must be given to Lu Ruoxin. As for you ......," the sweeping old man hesitated slightly, as if he was considering something.

        Han Qianqian nodded his head.

        "Although you have already passed the Tribulation of the Scattered Immortals, your body is still weak, and we helped you forge your soul and refine your body, but there is one thing that we cannot help you with." After saying that, the earth-sweeping old man looked at Han Qianqian indifferently, "This may require you to do it yourself."

        "How do I do it?"

        "The blood of the devil dragon is exceptionally insidious and poisonous, penetrating the ground and also contaminating it, the scorched soil that stretches for ten thousand miles on the Trapped Dragon Mountain is the best evidence of this, if you want to fully recover your peak, you must let the blood inside you recover as well." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books said.

        "The blood in your body is a fusion of divine blood and strange poison, it is exceptionally special, and there is nothing the two of us can do to help you. If you want it to recover, the blood of the Demon Dragon is the most suitable, it not only has the extremely strong energy of the Demon Fire Dragon, but also has extremely strong toxicity, it may be the best supplement for you. However, there is a danger, as the Devil Dragon is too powerful, and if it is bad enough to backfire, there may be some bad reactions, but you must try it." The old man sweeping the ground frowned and said.

        Han Qianqian nodded and said, "I understand."

        "Good, there's nothing else, you rest, and early tomorrow morning, you will set off." After the earth-sweeping old man finished speaking, Han Qianqian had already gone back to his house to rest, but did not notice that the earth-sweeping old man had a worried face ......