His True Colors Chapter 2247

 Brush, brush, brush!

        Boom, boom, boom!

        The rain of swords and axes instantly converged, like a rain of meteors, intersecting each other, or exploding in the air, or annihilating each other, or both perishing, and for a time, half of the world was rendered by the tight colours and explosions.

        It was beautiful and dreamy at the same time.

        "You even taught Miss Lu the Tai Xu Divine Step, you really have no reservations, huh?" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed.

        "Could it be that I'm so old that I would still try to deceive a little girl?" The old man sweeping the ground said softly.

        "Since both Han Qianqian and Miss Lu have received your true teachings, and Miss Lu even has the Furnace Four Souls Formation as well as the Xuan Yuan Sword Formation and so on, it seems that Han Qianqian has lost."

        "So what if you lose, so what if you win? There are some things that are not necessarily the best to win. The old man smiled faintly.

        In the middle of the field, Ten Thousand Swords faced Ten Thousand Axes, and Lu Ruoxin was also at that moment, transforming into four figures, directly facing Han Qianqian's four figures.

        Xuanyuan versus Pan Gu!

        Heavenly Collapse versus Earthly Rift!

        The two sides went back and forth, and for a time the surrounding area exploded in all directions, the wind and clouds changed, and the whole world turned pale with colour].

        "I have an idea, how about calling this place, the Valley of the Trapped Immortals?" The earth-sweeping old man smiled gently and stood up, looking out at the two people in mid-air.

        The victory had already been decided!

        Han Qianqian's four figures were still there, while Lu Ruoxin's four figures had already vanished.

        "This kid ......" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books faintly froze and stood up, looking unexpectedly at the battle in mid-air, this wasn't quite what was expected.

        The old man sweeping the ground let out a bitter laugh: "At this point, this girl still refuses to use unconventional means to break Han Qianqian's North Underworld Four Souls Formation, although Han Qianqian did not learn the art well enough, but it is better because this kid has huge energy and a perverted body, the other three shadows transformed are naturally not weak, if Lu Ruoxin wants to win, she must use a killing move."

        "She knows the North Underworld Four Souls Formation too well, naturally she knows the breakdowns, yet she has never used it, this little girl, isn't she a little too confident." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed bitterly.

        "She is not confident, but her heart and mind are too deep, she is afraid of being taken over by Han Qianqian in return and breaking her Northern Underworld Four Souls Formation in the future, so she has refused to use it until now." The old man sweeping the ground laughed bitterly.

        "Gotta help her out." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books finished speaking, and with a slight movement in his hand, a completely invisible transparent energy struck Han Qianqian's body directly.

        Han Qianqian over there was focused on Lu Ruoxin on the opposite side, not even noticing the sneak attack.

        The transparent energy instantly struck Han Qianqian's body, and the three figures also made a big void at the same time.

        "I will win!" Lu Ruoxin shouted, how could she let go of such a perfect opportunity?

        With a movement of the Xuan Yuan Sword in her hand, her other hand directly bit through her middle finger and wiped it on the Xuan Yuan Sword: "With my blood, break his way, open!"

        The Xuan Yuan Sword's golden light surged, and Lu Ruoxin was holding the Xuan Yuan Sword at the same time, attacking herself violently!

        Han Qianqian's brow furrowed as Lu Ruoxin was attacking no other place than his own body!

        Without thinking too much, Han Qianqian's four figures immediately transformed into each other, but as soon as they changed positions, Lu Ruoxin suddenly turned her sword around and came straight at him again.

        Han Qianqian changed again, and Lu Ruoxin chased again!

        "How can this bitch ...... know where my real body is every time?" Han Qianqian was greatly alarmed in his heart, but his eyes were fixed on Lu Ruoxin with a torch-like gaze.

        She taught herself this thing, she must have some way to break it, and as long as she learns it, the next time she uses it, she can do the same to her!

        Han Qianqian suddenly understood somewhat what the old man sweeping the ground was trying to do ......

        "I get it!" Han Qianqian was stunned to discover that with the Xuan Yuan sword that had been enlightened by blood, Lu Ruoxin was not looking at herself every time she changed her position, but at herself through the refracted shadow of the sword.

        He also suddenly remembered what that Daoist priest had said to himself back then, that although the human eye was strong, it was always made of flesh, and it, too, could deceive people.


        With a mighty shout, Lu Ruoxin's fierce Xuanyuan sword fell from the sky. Although Han Qianqian manipulated his Pan Gu axe to resist, he was stunned to find that the place where he had just been attacked was extremely painful, and it was difficult to move, and in the next second, Lu Ruoxin had already kicked Han Qianqian in the air above his chest.


        Han Qianqian fell heavily from mid-air and hit the ground, trying to struggle to get up, but Lu Ruoxin's Xuan Yuan sword was already across Han Qianqian's neck.

        "As I said, the Thirteen Chapters on the Son, I am bound to get it." Lu Ruoxin said in a cold voice with a faintly smug look in her eyes.

        Han Qianqian was depressed and wanted to retort, even though Lu Ruoxin had just broken his own Northern Four Souls Formation, it did not mean that he would lose, if he had not been attacked secretly, how would he have lost to this woman.

        "It seems that the winner has already been decided, Miss Lu, you deserve this." The old man sweeping the ground walked over at this moment, and with a movement in his hand, the ancient book flew to Lu Ruoxin, who was not polite and took the book back into her own hands with a backhand.

        "Three thousand, you have lost." The old man sweeping the ground smiled, "According to what I said earlier, you will be punished. Do you know, what kind of place is this?"