His True Colors Chapter 2245

 In front of him, Han Qianqian and Lu Ruoxin stood on their left and right hands.

        The two of them were glittering with golden light and streams of light, like the golden boy and jade girl in the sky, or the god of war and the princess in the palace.

        "One day to study, two days to practice, for others, this is not even enough time to stuff your teeth, but for the two of you, I believe that although it is not much of an abundance, it is at least enough to use, right." The old man sweeping the ground laughed gently.

        Lu Ruoxin gently skimmed at Han Qianqian, then said slightly politely, "Thank you for coaching senior, Ruoxin has lived up to senior's expectations and has made a small success."

        After saying this, Lu Ruoxin's gaze fell back on Han Qianqian, her eyes were cold, but obviously with a hint of expectation.

        Han Qianqian gave Lu Ruoxin a disdainful white glance and coldly snorted, "Senior, Qianqian is not talented, although the person who taught me is average, but the learning is quite good, just a little bit better than the person who just spoke."

        After saying this, Han Qianqian looked at Lu Ruoxin with a cold smile, not losing his temper in the slightest and full of provocation.

        Lu Ruoxin was slightly angry, she had lowered her posture many times, but this Han Qianqian targeted herself time and again, full of hostility, which made her high pride as if it was violated.

        However, angry is angry, Lu Ruoxin's high intelligence and emotional intelligence naturally could not be angry because of this, the key, she could not give up now.

        "It's useless to talk with your mouth!" The sweeping old man laughed softly, then, took out a book from his bosom, "Know what this is?"

        Han Qianqian and Lu Ruoxin looked over at the same time, only to see that the Earth-Sweeping Old Man was holding an extremely worn sheepskin book, with dust and oldness sticking together on it, making the book seem to look like a pile of mud and sand.

        "A million years ago, the immortals and devils fought a war, and the people were displaced from their homes, but in the extreme eastern continent of the Eight Worlds, it was like a peachland, free from war. The fundamental reason for this is that, apart from the remoteness of its location, more importantly, there was a top-level Great God, Venerable Taoshou, living on the Extreme Eastern Continent at that time."

        "Venerable Taoshou, although not one of the three true gods at the time, was said to be far stronger than the true gods." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books also echoed.

        "There are people who exist in this world who are more powerful than the True Gods?" Lu Ruoxin frowned, seemingly having difficulty believing it. After all, it was common knowledge that the True God was the ceiling of the Eightfold World.

        "There are many hidden dragons and crouching tigers in this world, some of the unearthly are willing to go out of the mountains for fame, while others are willing to return to the fields and seek the heavenly path, we all have different aspirations, but that doesn't mean they don't exist." The old man sweeping the ground laughed, "One needs to know that there are people outside of people and mountains outside of mountains, there are no absolute powerhouses in any field."

        "Although Venerable Taoshou cultivates a unique technique, which is very different from our Eight Directions world in the Central Plains, I heard that he has already reached the True God realm, only that this person is extremely low-key, and has spent his entire life not to mention going out of the Extreme East, even the Immortal Life Island where he is located has never been out of it. However, it is because of his low profile and strength that he has brought guardianship and peace to the Land of the Far East." The old man who swept the ground said softly.

        "Then this book ......" Han Qianqian frowned.

        "As I said, there are only two things in this world that cannot be seen directly: one is the sunlight in the sky, and the other is the human heart. Although the Land of the Far East was spared from the invasion of demons a million years ago, with the fall of Venerable Taoshou, the Land of the Far East was quickly ushered in by the covetousness of the Central Plains."

        "And at that time, with the unity of all the people and the help of experts from other continents or state islands such as Venerable Peach of Immortality, the Central Plains region was purged of demons and regained its vitality. Only, thousands of years later, the Central Plains continent regained its former prosperity, while the Extreme East continent went into decline after the fall of Venerable Peach Life. However, the Middle Continent did not help the Land of the Extreme East in the same way that Venerable Immortal Peach had helped them in the first place; instead, the scythe of slaughter was raised."

        Speaking of this, the old man sweeping the ground had a hint of sadness in his eyes, and his whole person also seemed to be caught up in an extremely painful memory.

        "The amazing skills that Venerable Taoshou displayed in the Battle of Voodoo made the people of the Central Plains admire and covet this strange and wonderful technique, so the people of the Central Plains launched an attack on the land of the Far East. That battle, long and tragic, the Land of the Far East, originally a huge slab of map, just a sea away from the Central Plains, was annihilated and sunk during the centuries-long attack, and eventually three-quarters of its area has since sunk in the sea ......"

        The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. But once it comes to their own interests, the display of their true evil will be exceptionally ugly.

        What happened in the Far East is a replica of what happened to the Pan Gu clan, isn't it?

        What happened to Mr Dong Guo is nothing compared to the revenge of human beings.

        "The book in my hand is none other than the Thirteen Chapters of Zishang, written by Venerable Taoshou's life's work, which contains a detailed account of Venerable Taoshou's lifelong mastery, including two ancient masteries, three self-created killing moves and eight quite legendary techniques from the Land of the Far East." As soon as the words left his mouth, the sweeping old man placed his gaze on the book, his eyes slowly all sad.

        But in the next second, he swept away the gloom and looked towards Han Qianqian and Lu Ruoxin: "This book will be extremely helpful to any cultivator. However, I can only teach it to one of you. And the way I choose is simple, you have each learnt a new gong method and also practiced it after two days, now, whoever wins, I will give this gong method to."

        As soon as the words left their mouths, the two men were astonished that the old man was giving away this gongfa?

        Han Qianqian was not a profit-minded person, but he could not understand what the old man meant by giving it away. If he lost, and Lu Ruoxin got this book, what would the old man want?

        He wants himself to unify the eight worlds in the future, yet he wants to leave fuel for other True God descendants to fuel their growth, what kind of medicine is his old man selling in his gourd?!

        "But I will also say something ugly in advance, those who lose will receive a harsh punishment. Now, you may begin."

        Having said that, the sweeping old man slightly gave way, giving space for the two people to facilitate the competition.

        Lu Ruoxin's face was as frosty as ice, and her pair of beautiful eyes were filled with cold intent; admiring Han Qianqian did not mean that she would concede a profit, not to mention, this profit was the masterpiece of Venerable Taoshou's life.

        With a slight gathering of energy in her hand, Cang Sheng and Yong Yi appeared in her hand, and she looked at Han Qianqian in a ready attack stance, and said in a cold voice: "The Thirteen Chapters of Zi Shang must be in my pocket. Only, will you accept this result standing up or lying down?"

        Han Qianqian frowned, suddenly feeling amused, "Are you that confident?"