His True Colors Chapter 2242


        Inside the broken thatched hut, Fu Mang is already exhausted, he was not the one who let the wind out last night, but the pain in his body and the worry in his heart made him not feel like sleeping at all.

        In the evening, it was time to leave. But Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, still did not appear.

        "Go to sleep, we are leaving to return to Immortal Spirit Island in the evening." Fu Li gently patted Fu Mang's shoulder and sighed in comfort.

        Fu Mang nodded, he was also clear that there were some things that he had to choose to face even if he didn't want to believe them anymore.

        For two whole days, how could it be that Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng riding the Lin Long had not returned by now?

        At the beginning of the chaos, trapped by the other side's sneak attack, so much so that many of the disciples in the inn could not reflect and were killed in the formation, even myself, I had to break out in a hurry and only managed to drag myself out of the Heavenly Lake City with a lot of wounds under the cover of many brothers.

        At that time, however, Jianghu Baixiao Sheng insisted on taking the injured Lin Long with him. Both were wounded, and it was obviously unlikely that he would try to break out again when his own breakout had already been successful.

        Just as Fu Mang nodded his head and closed his eyes to rest, he suddenly heard the joyful sound of musical instruments at the bottom of the hill, a light-hearted and joyful tune, which made Fu Mang wary.

        Seeing that Fu Mang had regained his feet, Fu Li hurriedly rushed to the outside of the house to see what was going on.

        At that moment, Shiyue, who was at the far end of the room, limped in and after explaining what had happened, Fu Li returned to the house with a grimace.

        As soon as she returned, all the disciples stood up nervously.

        "Sit down, all of you." Fu Li said blandly, then looked at Fu Mang, "It's alright, don't worry, it's not to find us, to welcome the bride."

        "To welcome the bride?" Fu Mang frowned, there was no family near this big mountain, where would the matter of marriage come from? And the closest one to this place was also Firestone City, nowadays everything is revived in Firestone City, who would get married at such a time?

        "It's Ye Kucheng." Fu Li knew what Fu Mang was worried about, and although he was reluctant to say it, he still said it.

        "Cool-Son Yeh?" Fu Mang frowned at once, "What kind of marriage is he proposing?"

        "I heard that since Cool-Son Yeh has been credited with killing Han Sanchi this time and has quickly restored stability to Firestone City, Ao Tian has decided to marry Gu You, the daughter of the Ao family, to Cool-Son Yeh." Fu Li lowered his head and said with some difficulty.

        "Fuck." With an angry shout, as Fu Li expected, when Fu Mang heard the news, the whole person instantly roared in anger and kicked over the half of the broken earthen stove next to him, "These bitches, if they didn't use these despicable means, it would be their turn to be unbridled? If we fight hard, the great battle under the mountain of the Voidless Clan will be the end of this bunch of trash."

        "Commander Fu is right, what kind of heroes and heroines are they if they only take our Alliance Lord's wife as blackmail? If our Lord was still alive, Cool-Son Yeh would be a defeated man."

        "That's right, he was beaten to death by our Lord and now he's showing off his power here."

        "Speaking of which, it's all the fault of these dogs of the Fu Ye Alliance, if it wasn't for these bitches eating out of the bag and betraying us, how could it be like this?"

        A few disciples angrily supported each other, extremely upset and chagrined at the mention of these things, after all, the prospect of the Mystic Alliance was, at the time, foreseeable by anyone.

        "If you all think so, then all the more reason for you to live your lives to the fullest. Throughout the ages, kings have become kings and foes, history and the truth are written by the winners, and if even you all die, then all the truth will also be told by that son of a bitch, Cool-Son Yeh." Fu Li said in a cold voice.

        "We know."

        "Don't worry, even if I die, I will tell my son, and my son tell my grandson."

        Fu Li nodded and set his gaze on the still angry and uneven Fu Mang, he was the only leader of this team of a dozen people today, if he was not sensible enough, this already very dangerous team would be even more dangerous.

        "I'm fine." Fu Mang shook his head, indicating that Fu Li did not need to worry unduly, "I was just angry for a moment too."

        "Yes, that dog thief Ye Kucheng is married to the daughter of the Ao family and is Ao Tian's righteous son, for a defeated member of the alliance to have such an honour and treatment, it's simply that the heavens are not watching." Outside the door, Shiyue also said in a depressed and incomparable manner.

        Fu Mang nodded heavily and looked at Fu Li worriedly, "Doesn't the Ao family not have a daughter?"

        "Although Gu You is not Ao Tian's own daughter, however, Ao Tian has always regarded her as his own child and loves her very much." Fu Li explained.

        "He is quite good at planning, raising a daughter is not for nothing." Fu Mang coldly mocked with disdain.

        "I heard that this Gu You is quite pretty and has an unearthly Xuan Bing Physique, Ao Tian has always treated her as a treasure, even though his own son likes Gu You, he has been unwilling to marry this daughter. Unexpectedly, but suddenly married to Cool-Son Yeh."

        "Cool-Son Yeh has not only got a wife this time, but more importantly, he has an expert as a companion, Gu You is very strong."

        "Marrying Gu You to Cool-Son Yeh, this political marriage, do you really think Ao Tian has lost money? Or, are those sons of the Ao family not his own?" Fu Mang said in a cold voice.

        "By marrying his daughter to Cool-Son Yeh, he can both completely draw in Cool-Son Yeh, a foreigner. At the same time, you should not forget the identity of Ye Gucheng in the Pill God Pavilion." Fu Mang sneered.

        "Cool-Son Yeh is the commander in the Pill God Pavilion, and most importantly, his master, Master Xian Ling, is even one of the Pill God Pavilion's patriarchs, Ao Tian has completely allowed Cool-Son Yeh to join the ranks of the Ao family, which is equivalent to putting a bomb in the Pill God Pavilion, and if Wang Jiuzhi doesn't listen, then the Eternal Sea has all sorts of ways to cripple Wang Jiuzhi at any time." Fu Li also understood these political patterns in seconds and said in a cold voice.

        "No matter what, in this way, these bitches are considered strong, we want to deal with them in the future and avenge three thousand, I'm afraid it will be much harder to do so, and that's the main thing I'm angry about." Fu Mang said.

        This point, Fu Li did not deny, also do not know how to talk, so Fang has not been too willing to say.

        Originally, the other side was a behemoth, and now that his side was without Han Qianqian, but the other side was strong and united, the gap in strength between the two sides became more and more obvious.

        "All right, all rest early, these bitches are getting married, the evening is bound to be the most lax time, we don't need to rush again in the middle of the night, we'll set off as soon as it gets dark." Fu Mang instructed.

        The crowd nodded and one by one they fell to the ground and continued to recuperate, Shiyue and Fu Li, too, went out on sentry duty.

        The night soon became misty, and Fu Li woke up those who had fallen asleep and told them to pack their things and prepare to leave.

        Within a few moments, the group was in full gear and ready to go. Although none of them were uninjured, the discipline was quite strict.

        Fu Mang waved a big hand, "Let's go back!"

        But just then, suddenly there was a booming explosion down the mountain!