His True Colors Chapter 2237

 Han Qianqian looked at the sweeping old man in astonishment and said incredulously, "You're asking me to cook for this woman?"

        The earth-sweeping old man smiled gently, "You cook, and I'll set up her bed."

        After saying that, he looked at Lu Ruoxin and said, "Staying here for a few days? It just so happens that three thousand needs a few days."

        This old man must be crazy, right?!

        Han Qianqian was speechless to the extreme, it was fine to ask herself to cook for this woman, but what was the point of letting her stay here? What kind of person was she? She was the daughter of the Lu family, her sworn enemy!

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian hurriedly pulled the sweeping old man aside and whispered, "Senior, do you know that woman she ......"

        "I naturally know. However, three thousand, her staying here would be most helpful to you."

        "What help could she be? If she doesn't kill me in the middle of the night while I'm asleep, I'll beg my father to sue my grandmother." Han Qianqian said sharply.

        "Three days, just three days, and I can guarantee that she will give you great peace of mind while bringing you endless surprises, even though, she is your enemy." After saying that, the sweeping old man patted Han Qianqian's shoulder and smiled as he returned to the dining table.

        Han Qianqian froze and stood there like a log, he just couldn't understand, what exactly did the old man sweeper mean by these words? And, how did he know that he and Lu Ruoxin had a grudge? Moreover, if he knew, why did he say what he said just now?

        Surprise? A comfort?

        Han Qianqian never felt this way; on the contrary, in Han Qianqian's eyes, this woman only brought him endless antinomies - fright and unease.

        However, since the old man had said so, Han Qianqian could only do as he was told, because he believed in the old man's words, and because the old man had been kind to him, Han Qianqian had to listen.

        The more he cooked, the more depressed he became, and at some point he even thought of poisoning the dish to kill Lu Ruoxin.

        Besides, he was curious about the old man's words. What kind of surprise and peace of mind could this woman bring to him?

        And on what basis?

        When he sat down for his meal and returned to the house, the old man sweeper had already flung the bed in the inner room.

        "For the night, you will stay in that inner room." The old man sweeper smiled.

        Han Qianqian frowned, "We?"

        "That's right, you and Miss Lu."

        "Miss Lu has decided to stay here for the next three days."

        Lu Ruoxin didn't object, and clearly acquiesced.

        Even though the bamboo house was clean and tidy, it was just a bamboo house, simple and rustic, so how could someone like Lu Ruoxin want to stay here?

        But this woman had actually agreed.

        The old man's words puzzled Han Qianqian, and the woman's sudden abnormality also puzzled Han Qianqian, what was going on here?

        "Are you sure? She lives there? Or with me?" Han Qianqian shouted in frustration, and then, looking at Lu Ruoxin strangely, he said, "Are you ...... the Miss Lu family, living in this broken bamboo house, or are you alone in the same room with me? You are not afraid of that?"

        Lu Ruoxin was not interested in answering Han Qianqian's question and ate the food Han Qianqian had cooked for herself.

        "Shit, you're crazy." Han Qianqian was depressed, then looked at the old man who was sweeping the floor: "She agrees, I don't agree either, although I don't know what you're up to, but, I'll sleep in the living room."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian went straight into the house and moved the bed to the central living room.

        She was not ashamed, but Han Qianqian was the one with a wife.

        "This bamboo hut is only the size of a bowl, isn't this no room? Why do you have to think so dirty." The old man sweeping the floor gave a bitter laugh, "Besides, shouldn't there be something between you that you need to talk about?"

        "I have nothing to talk about with her." Han Qianqian made the bed and lay down on it, then suddenly remembered something else, "I just said it wrong, between her and me, there is something to talk about. But talk is talk, I don't want to stay in the same room with someone like that."

        "I've eaten." Lu Ruoxin put down her chopsticks at this point, swept a cold glance at Han Qianqian, and got up to say to the floor-sweeping old man, "I'll go and rest first then."

        The old man nodded and with a movement of his hand, the dishes on the table disappeared.

        Lu Ruoxin also got up and went back to the room inside.

        Only then did Han Qianqian sit up with a start, "Senior, what kind of enchanting soup did you put into her? This woman looks like she's looking at people with her nose in the air, and she's willing to stay in a place like ours for three days?"

        "I gave her a bewitching soup?" The old sweeper smiled, "If you say so, it barely counts. However, he and I are nothing more than soup when all is said and done, and you, you are the one who left the medicine behind for her."

        After saying that, he smiled and looked towards the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, saying, "It seems that it is time for us to rest as well."

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled, "Yes, if we don't rest earlier, I'm afraid we won't be able to sleep in the middle of the night."

        After saying that, the two of them looked at each other with a smile and swept a strange look at Han Qianqian, then they walked into their room, leaving Han Qianqian alone in the living room?


        What do you mean?