His True Colors Chapter 2236

 Seeing Han Qianqian's confusion, the old man sweeping the floor smiled, "Go ahead, she's quite pretty. I thought the girl you brought last time was already beautiful enough, but it seems that I am still an old man who has seen less."

        Han Qianqian was even more dumbfounded, a girl even more beautiful than the last time? Last time it was Senior Sister Qin Shuang, was there a girl prettier than Qin Shuang under this heaven?

        Could it be that it was her?

        It couldn't be, how could she be here again?

        "Three thousand loves but Su Yingxia, that mushy look in my Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, I still remember it clearly even now, you say other girls are pretty in front of him, it seems you really don't understand the love between men and women. In Han Qianqian's heart, Su Yingxia is the most beautiful, if Su Yingxia admits second, no one dares to admit first." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed lightly.

        Han Qianqian let out a bitter laugh, "After knowing you for so long, you've only spoken a human word now. But who exactly are you talking about, I'm confused by you all."

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled, "Although you are heartless towards others, however, at least she is so beautiful that she has chased you alone for tens of thousands of kilometres, treating someone to a meal is the right way to treat them."

        Han Qianqian was depressed, completely clouded by what they said.

        "That way." The old man pointed distantly at the mountain range to the north, and with a movement in his hand, in a flash, a dark energy in his hand struck the ground violently.

        Beneath the surface of the ground, an energy then quickly pulsed towards the distant northern mountains at an extremely fast speed.


        With only the speed of the blink of an eye, an explosion rang out from a mountain range in the distance to the north.

        "More people, but more pairs of chopsticks, the mountains are wet and cold at night, and there are many snakes, insects and rats, the bamboo huts are simple but they can shelter from the wind and rain." The old man sweeping the floor said in a soft voice though he was just eating his food.

        But miraculously, his voice was like a bell, resonating through the surrounding mountains and even echoing gradually.

        Han Qianqian rubbed his head and looked strangely at the distant mountains, nothing was moving, what the hell were these two old men up to?

        "It seems that the little girl is not selling us two old things." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books said with a smile.

        The sweeping old man smiled gently, "Han Qianqian cooks the food, come and try it if you're interested."

        The words still drifted away, but there was no movement.

        Han Qianqian felt that the two old things were playing a trick on him, and depressed, he also sat down and ate his meal.

        The two old men looked at each other and shook their heads bitterly at each other.

        The next second, a sudden burst of fragrance hit them, followed by a figure suddenly flashing out, surprisingly fast.

        She stood quietly in front of the bamboo door, looking indifferently at the meal on the table, the faint anticipation on her face dissolving into a bubble, looking somewhat contemptuous.

        But when Han Qianqian saw her, he couldn't help but frown furiously, and his entire body fiercely stood up in a defensive stance, his eyes gazing like a torch, looking extremely wary.

        "It's you?" When Han Qianqian looked at the incoming person who was actually Lu Ruoxin, her entire body only felt unbelievable, how could she be here?

        "Three thousand, sit down." The sweeping old man smiled gently, "Since the beginning of the Voidless Sect, this young lady has been pressed into service in the shadows ready to help you, until you crossed the tribulation still as such, how can you treat your guest like this?"

        "Senior, she is simply ......" Han Qianqian explained sharply.

        Lu Ruoxin would help herself, Han Qianqian would not believe it to death.

        "Ai, it's hard to believe that I would lie to you?" The old man sweeping the floor with a smile on his face was not the least bit as nervous as Han Qianqian, directly interrupting Han Qianqian's words and signaling him that he did not need to be nervous.

        "Please come in, girl." The old man sweeping the floor turned around and smiled, very enthusiastic.

        Lu Ruoxin's face was like frost, and although she did not agree, her slender legs still stepped in. With a faint sweep of her willow eyes, Lu Ruoxin faintly said in a cold voice, "Is this worthy of being called a dish?"

        Han Qianqian already had no good feeling towards this woman, so he coldly snorted with disdain, "Then do you call this a human word?"

        Lu Ruoxin was not angry, but merely looked at the meal on the table indifferently.

        The old sweeper smiled: "You must have eaten a lot of food from the mountains and the sea, so you naturally think that this is not worth mentioning. However, mountain and sea food has its freshness, and so does a light meal.

        "Besides, it was made by Han Qianqian according to the Earth method, so I guess there is no other branch in this eight-sided world." The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books also laughed.

        "I'm not going to eat this kind of rubbish food, let alone rubbish cooking derived from a low-level world." Lu Ruoxin coldly refused.

        "I didn't ask you to eat it." Han Qianqian shot back without a trace of politeness.

        Only then did Han Qianqian notice that her white clothes had a lot of weeds and dirt on them, obviously left over from the explosion in the northern mountain range just now.

        The woman was so arrogant that she didn't get mad at the old man who was sweeping the floor.

        Just after Han Qianqian's trio continued eating, Lu Ruoxin's eyes involuntarily looked at the three people at the dining table as she patted the dust on her clothes.

        Seeing the three of them eating their food with a big mouthful, extremely tasty look, her good-looking eyes were filled with curiosity, can this kind of rubbish food be delicious?

        Sometimes, appetite is contagious, seeing the trio eating more and more, Lu Ruoxin couldn't help but swallow her fragrant jelly.

        Just as Han Qianqian buried her head and continued eating, Lu Ruoxin walked over with a few steps, then, picking up the extra chopsticks, she took a bite and put it to her mouth, after a moment of hesitation, she said in a cold voice, "I just want to see how bad this rubbish really is."

        After saying that, she closed her eyes and put it into her mouth, then frowned, obviously prepared for it to be unpalatable to the extreme.

        But what she didn't expect was that instead of the intended unpleasant taste, there was an extremely refreshing sensation that filled her taste buds.

        It was a food she had never tasted before, and a taste she had never had before. It was hard to describe the feeling, but she couldn't help but take a second chopstick.

        Then, the third chopstick ......

        The fourth chopstick ......

        The more she ate, the better it tasted, the more she wanted to eat. When Lu Ruoxin put her last chopsticks on the plate, she was embarrassed to find that the dishes on the plate had been eaten up by her.

        And Han Qianqian was looking at herself with a look of utter contempt.

        The law of true fragrance, which goes around the world!

        "Just now, I heard someone say that my dish was rubbish, what? Miss Lu's family turns out to love eating rubbish so much too." Han Qianqian mocked in a cold voice.

        Lu Ruoxin was slightly embarrassed, but the woman's temperament was truly outstanding, and her expression barely changed as she said in a cold voice, "Is there more? I still want to eat, you make it for me!"

        "I'll make it for you, my ass!" Han Qianqian shouted lowly in disdain, but at that very moment, the floor-sweeping old man waved his hand and made a gesture that surprised Han Qianqian immensely.