His True Colors Chapter 2234

 As soon as the words left his mouth, without waiting for Han Qianqian to speak, the sweeping old man had already pushed Han Qianqian away with a palm and his body directly rushed towards Han Qianqian again.

        "Senior, you're strong, but I'm not weak either." Han Qianqian roared in excitement and faced the Earth Sweeping Elder's attack with a sideways dodge.

        After the Heavenly Tribulation, Han Qianqian found that he also seemed far more agile than before.

        "You're dodging my ass, sparring." The sweeping old man shouted angrily and slammed his fist directly over.

        Han Qianqian didn't say anything, and directly threw a punch at him.


        Another chain of explosions!

        "Haven't you eaten?"

        The sweeping old man let out a soft shout, directly pushing Han Qianqian away, turning around and cursing as another fist blasted.

        Han Qianqian's brow furrowed as he once again met it with a fist!!!


        "At such a young age, you're not even as good as my old man?" The old man sweeping the floor disdainfully cursed once again!

        Han Qianqian was extremely depressed, if it wasn't for the fact that you old man knew me so well, did you think I would be so merciful? However, since you've said so, don't blame me for being unkind.

        "Good!" Han Qianqian's eyebrows tightened, and this time he took the initiative to push away the old man sweeping the ground.

        Immediately afterwards, his horse stance was slightly tied, and he concentrated all the strength of his entire body into his double fists.

        Facing the ground sweeping old man who was charging up once again, Han Qianqian's breath was suddenly released at full force as he threw a fierce punch!!!


        A fist directly hit the ground sweeping old man, fist against fist!

        Tranquility, a silence.

        The next second!

        The clouds shook and the wind moved, heaven and earth changed!!!

        Boom !!!!

        BANG BANG BANG!!!

        A ten-mile radius around the two men exploded!

        The mountains were gone, not an inch of grass could grow!

        Han Qianqian was stunned, his whole body looked at his fist incredulously, he never dreamed that his full power strike would be so outrageously strong.

        The sweeping old man smiled faintly, "The Taihuang Hegemonic Body is all about stability, accuracy and ruthlessness, without the slightest hint of distraction or even the slightest skill, telling the opponent with a single blow that I will beat you to death."

        "Taihuang Hegemony Body?" Han Qianqian faintly stared.

        "One of the strongest innate bodies in this world, you'll understand later." The Earth-Sweeping Old Man laughed softly, "What you need to do now is to understand it first."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, the sweeping old man fiercely withdrew his form, and in the next second, he attacked again.

        Han Qianqian was not afraid at all and directly fought with the old man.

        The two sides went back and forth, fist winds staggered, and explosions were heard all around them.

        It was a good thing that this place was like an immortal land and was deserted, otherwise with the explosions from these two people, they would have been blown to pieces.

        As she watched Han Qianqian fighting in the distance, Lu Ruoxin watched with great interest, ignoring the fact that the dust from the explosion had soiled her clothes, even though she was extremely clean, and even had a certain degree of cleanliness.

        But none of this was as exciting as what Han Qianqian was doing at this moment.

        As he continued to exchange blows, Han Qianqian gradually frowned, as he realised that the exchange of blows with the old man sweeper did not seem to be as simple as a simple sparring match.

        It seemed more like he was guiding himself through the fight, one move after another.

        "Senior, you're teaching me?" Han Qianqian asked, frowning as he fought.

        "It seems that the heavenly tribulation hasn't blown your brains out... The Tai Desolate Hegemony Body, naturally, must have its attack path. What I am teaching you is precisely the stance and attack path of the Tai Desolate Hegemonic Body, this technique is called the Tai Desolate Devil's Fist, acting in a hegemonic manner, attacking a hegemonic path, to the point of madness and hegemony."

        "Abandon all defence and attack with all your might! When you have the concept of defence in your head, that is when you admit defeat!"

        "No need for defence?" Han Qianqian frowned slightly.

        "When your offense is enough to kill your opponent in seconds, what's the point of defense?" The old man sweeping the ground laughed softly.

        Han Qianqian nodded in understanding, it was like the Earth's nuclear weapons, after you had enough nuclear weapons to destroy anywhere, those defensive missiles really meant little, under a completely saturated attack, at least as it were.

        Without further thought, Han Qianqian rushed in with his full concentration, and continued the blast with the old man who had swept the ground.

        From dawn to sunset, they were exhausted and drenched in sweat. The old man waved his hand, panting under his breath, "Alright, alright, the fist is afraid of the young man.

        Han Qianqian smiled and nodded, "Thank you, senior, although the fist is afraid of the young man, however, ginger is always hotter than old."

        If the old man hadn't given way at every turn, Han Qianqian didn't think he would have the strength to fight him for so long, not because he wasn't strong enough, but because this old man was really perverted. Even now, Han Qianqian believed that he had not let him bring out his full strength.

        "It's almost too late." The earth-sweeping old man smiled slightly, swept a glance at the sky, looked at Han Qianqian, and smiled, "It's also time for you to learn more about yourself."

        Han Qianqian was stunned, what did that mean?!

        But just as Han Qianqian still didn't understand, Han Qianqian suddenly felt a chill on his back, followed by a violent slap, someone had struck him directly on the back with a thunderous slap!