His True Colors Chapter 2233

 "Divine Cauldron Refining Body, drink!"

        The sweeping old man let out another violent shout, and his other hand also violently released an immense and incomparable amount of energy, directly causing the entire divine Cauldron to rotate even faster.


        As the Shennong Cauldron spun faster and faster, the huge whirlwind generated by its rotation not only caused the surrounding trees to sway, but even several large mountains in the distance, the sand and rocks flew and the ground trembled slightly for a while.

        Above the sky, white clouds surged wildly, forming a huge vortex cloud above the Shennong Cauldron, and in the centre of the vortex, purple thunder rolled.


        A huge bolt of lightning drew down from the sky and struck the Shennong Cauldron straight away!!!

        "Heavenly thunder quenches the soul!"

        "Spiritual power!"

        With a loud shout, behind the earth-sweeping old man, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books violently soared straight into the Shennong Cauldron, and with a pinch of his Dharma fingers, it hung above the Cauldron like a divine Buddha.

        Immediately afterwards, majestic white energy flowed madly from the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books into the divine Cauldron like a waterfall without money.

        With this energy added to it.

        Inside the Cauldron, Han Qianqian's body was frantically being baptized by the Heavenly Thunder and tempered by the Divine Cauldron, and countless white energies entered his body, frantically mending his damaged and disfigured body.

        His meridians, his flesh, his internal organs, his dantian, all of them were slowly converging again under the inculcation of the three powers.

        "This ......"

        Lu Ruoxin, who had followed along the way, did not follow too close, and from afar, feeling the mighty pressure emanating from the scene, even if she was as strong as she was, she was still suppressed and had some difficulty breathing.

        "These two old men, who are they? What is the reason for such great energy?" Lu Ruoxin murmured.

        And at this moment, inside the tripod.

        The divine Nong Cauldron had already spun to a divine speed as if it was standing still in place, and everything around it was shaken to an almost crooked stillness because of the tremendous spinning force.

        The Han Qianqian within the tripod was like a black hole, frantically and greedily absorbing the power of the tribulation thunder above the sky, the power of the aura from the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, and the divine tripod breath from the Divine Nong Tripod; at the moment, heaven and earth seemed to be used by him, forging him into a new pinnacle together.



        Suddenly, there was a violent explosion within the entire Cauldron, followed by five Heavenly Beasts flying out from within the Cauldron.

        The five beasts flew out of the tripod and circled around it, each divine beast emitting its own light, and with each circle, a sliver of the light from their bodies would be sucked away by Han Qianqian inside the tripod.


        The five beasts roared in unison!

        In the sky, the clouds changed again, and the clouds, which were originally a swirling vortex of thunder, suddenly had a burst of purple light descend, accompanying the heavenly thunder and pouring all the way to the tripod.


        I don't know how long it took, maybe a day, maybe two days, maybe, another three days.

        There was only purple light and heavenly thunder in the sky, no sun, no moon, no time to tell, no hour to tell.

        The wave of Qi spread out, breaking through hundreds of miles around, shaking the mountains, shaking the earth, causing the grass and trees to fall!

        Lu Ruoxin was directly pushed backwards by the wave of Qi and staggered, stabilising herself and staring deadly into the distance with a frown: "Han Qianqian, you've changed?"


        At that moment, a furious cry was suddenly heard.

        Immediately afterwards, with a loud bang, the entire divine Nong Cauldron exploded, and a man with a golden appearance, but a body as white as snow, stood in mid-air.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian's skin was like snow, his body was as white as jade, his silver hair was draped over his shoulders, golden streams of light were spread all over his body, and the muscles of his naked upper body were clearly defined, with the figures of the Taixu Dragon Emperor and the Thunder Xuanhu totem faintly appearing on his chest.

        In the faintest of moments, one can hear the roar of a dragon and a tiger.

        Between the left and right hands, two wing marks of the Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird crossed the back, and on the back, the Zhen Bei Xuan Wu fell back and rested, very dominant.


        Lu Ruoxin let out a long breath, actually in a moment her heart was racing and her face was flushed.

        She had never looked up to any man, even Han Qianqian and her own father at the time, she had never looked up to them. To Lu Ruoxin, she was arrogant and unbeatable.

        She did have the capital to do so, being a proud daughter of the sky, intelligent and with a high cultivation level, it was not too much to despise men in the world. So, from the very beginning, she had only treated Han Qianqian as a tool.

        Now, however, she realised that she seemed to be slowly changing something.

        She wasn't sure what had changed, but one thing she was sure of was that Han Qianqian was becoming more and more agreeable in her eyes. ," she said.

        "Is this the you after the immortal transformation?" The first time she felt that a man could also look good, she said.


        The next second, the golden light dissipated and returned to normal, but there was a coldness in his eyes, a peace and an aura of non-anger.

        "Is this the new life after the Scattered Immortal Tribulation?" Han Qianqian smiled faintly, feeling the incomparable power and constant source of aura within his body, clenching his fist slightly, as if he had the strength he couldn't muster.

        Just at that moment, a loud bellow suddenly struck.

        "Watch the move."

        Han Qianqian hurriedly turned around and a figure was already coming to kill him.

        Han Qianqian didn't say anything, his hands moved fiercely, his body skewed violently, and after dodging the big fist bombardment also followed directly.


        A fist came out, and the wind of the fist actually trampled a large mountain in the distance.

        "What a strong force!" Han Qianqian looked at his fist incredulously, this kind of domineering fist power seemed to make him dream back to Earth, the feeling he had when he first mastered power beyond normal people.

        "In a battlefield, a fight to the death, what is the point of complacency?" The next moment, when Han Qianqian looked up, the figure that had already rushed far away had actually turned back at some point and was already less than half a meter in front of him.

        What speed!

        Even if Han Qianqian was riding a Heavenly Lu Pixiu and using the Tai Xu Divine Steps, he would never have been able to achieve such speed.

        It was too late to dodge, so Han Qianqian frowned, his hands converged, and his fists met.


        The dragon roared and the tiger roared!

        The shadows of the Taihuang Dragon Emperor and the Thundering Xuanhu flashed on Han Qianqian's chest, and as his fists were struck, a Vermilion Bird of the Burning Sky was also fiercely revealed, its wings swooping, just like Han Qianqian's fists.



        Where the twin fists arrived, they directly clashed with the onrushing man!!!

        Peace in heaven and earth!!!

        The next second!

        BANG BANG BANG!!!


        For miles around, countless rushing explosions suddenly rang out, and the air waves even lifted hundreds of metres straight up.

        "Holy shit, so strong?" Han Qianqian was surprised and incomparably excited as he swept the surroundings with his afterimage, but when he set his gaze on the person in front of him, he couldn't help but be even more surprised, "Senior, it's you?"

        The sweeping old man smiled, "What are you waiting for? Try!"