His True Colors Chapter 2232

 With a slight movement of the orange divine aura, the whole corpse was also slightly dyed by the orange light through the body, and faintly, the faint beating of the heart in the body was visible.

        The dragon's heart, which was almost cracked, was barely able to divide the tiny bit of energy that was sent towards the heart, but looking at the situation, it seemed that at any moment the dragon's heart would also burst from drying up.

        At that moment, an old man gently walked to the side of the energy shield, holding a bottle with a green branch in his hand. The old man drew up the green branch and scattered it on the energy shield, and the drops of water on the green branch were raised on the energy shield.

        Immediately afterwards, the water drops passed through the energy shield and slowly dripped onto Han Qianqian's corpse.

        As soon as the water droplets touched Han Qianqian's corpse, Han Qianqian's body immediately flashed with a golden light, and the dried and cracked Dragon's Heart barely glowed faintly.

        It was at this moment that the old man frowned slightly.

        It was because the moment Han Qianqian's corpse flashed, he perceived a strange two-coloured strange light flashing from the position of Han Qianqian's left hand.

        "What is this?"

        The old man frowned, and it was none other than the old man who had swept the floor in the first place. He slightly owed his body and approached next to the energy shield, and an energy from his hand directly penetrated and lifted Han Sanchi's left hand up, only then was he shocked to find that the place where the two rays of light were emitted came from the storage ring on Han Sanchi's hand.

        "What's wrong?" Just then, another old man came over, and if Han Qianqian had been awake, he would have been dismayed to discover that this man, too, he knew, and was familiar beyond recognition.

        "There seems to be something in this kid's storage ring." The sweeping old man frowned gently.

        "Heh, the Five Elements Divine Stone."

        "You know?"

        "I gave it to him." This old man, who was too familiar to know, was none other than the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books.

        He took a few steps to the energy shield, and with the same burst of energy pouring into his hand, Han Qianqian's left hand once again lit up with two rays of light. He laughed and said, "This kid is not unlucky, but sometimes being too clever is not necessarily a good thing, being clever is not a good thing. Don't say you don't know what these two rays of light are all about, I'm afraid he himself doesn't even know."

        Old man Sweeper smiled, not denying this view, "If he knew clearly, he wouldn't have been in such a state when he was dealing with the Four Divine Heavenly Beasts."

        "Not necessarily, unless ......" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books wanted to say something, "Forget it, how is he?"

        "Physically speaking, dead for 10,000 reincarnations, but this kid is extremely strong-willed and has a remnant of his soul."

        "Then he can ......"

        "That's right, he can reincarnate his heavenly destiny and reverse his life now." The old man who swept the ground said.

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books nodded, this didn't surprise him. In a way, although Han Qianqian had died almost to the point of penetration, the remnants of his soul were still there, which meant that he had met the Tribulation of the Scattered Immortals, so naturally he could be reincarnated and become a Scattered Immortal.

        When the sweeping old man finished speaking, with a movement in his hand, two red and blue jade blocks appeared on top of the energy shield.

        "The Divine Nong Cauldron?" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books were startled.

        The Earth-Sweeping Elder nodded and with a movement in his hand, the red and blue jade blocks instantly merged and emitted a strong and blinding red and blue divine aura, and when the divine aura dissipated, a golden-green jade censer emerged above the orange aura energy shield.

        "You're not planning to bring this to him ...... to refine his body, are you?" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books wondered.

        The sweeping old man smiled faintly as he urged the divine Nong Cauldron while replying, "Oh, to spice him up while he is immortally rebellious."

        The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books drew a cold breath backwards, "Good fellow, you are really willing to give up."

        "I'm doing my part as an old friend for that man, an immortal censer with a golden body!" As soon as the words left his mouth, the sweeping old man's hand moved, and the divine Nong Cauldron instantly spun rapidly.

        "Han Qianqian, the heavenly tribulation refines your body, while I use the Shennong Cauldron to refine your body, the wheel of the heavenly dao, there is life and death, ten thousand tribulations, and it becomes a great work by itself. Old Eight, help me." As soon as the earth-sweeping old man spoke, his two fingers squeezed into a Dharma finger and pointed towards the tripod.

        "Give up your life to accompany the gentleman!" The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books let out a soft cry and slapped a palm directly onto the Earth Sweeping Old Man's body, and instantly, the energy within the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books was like seawater, pouring into the Earth Sweeping Old Man's body in a continuous stream.

        The two fingers blasted out two extremely strong rays of light, shooting straight at the Divine Nong Cauldron.

        And the whole Shennong Cauldron went from spinning rapidly to flying up into the air, and as it spun, it grew bigger and bigger, until it was the size of a small mountain in mid-air.


        The sun, the divine Cauldron, and the two lines joined together to form a single line, which shone through the line of sky and shot straight at the orange energy shield wrapped around Han Qianqian's corpse.

        Three points and a line, the golden light will be revealed!


        With a mighty shout, the orange energy shield slowly rose up and headed inside the divine Cauldron.


        As the orange energy shield entered the cauldron, the entire Shennong Cauldron paused slightly, and in the next second, reversed its crazy rotation.


        Ka ka ka~~

        Inside the tripod, the sound of bones colliding rang out, and the orange mane energy shield that surrounded Han Qianqian's body slowly began to soak into Han Qianqian's body, causing a foul-smelling yellow smoke to rise from his body.

        And his tattered and torn body slowly began to undergo repair ......

        The journey against the heavens, scratching the body and starting.