His True Colors Chapter 2231

 When this statement was made, the crowd was shocked and looked at each other.

        "Han Qianqian? What does this have to do with Han Sanchiang?"

        "Yes, Han Qianqian is dead, why are you involving him at this time?"

        A group of people scrambled to speak out, not really sure what Fu Tian had to spend on a dead man at this point in time.

        "Why shouldn't a dead man be consumed?" Fu Tian asked rhetorically, "If Cool-Son Yeh can, so can we. Yesterday, he did remind me and gave us an opportunity that we could use."

        Ye Shijun frowned, "Patriarch Fu, what is your explanation for this?"

        "Hehe, although Han Qianqian is dead, he has stunned the world with his skills on the top of Qishan Mountain and the Reverse Heaven Transition successively, and he has accumulated a lot of fame in the Eight Directions world." Fu Tian finished in a cold voice and smiled wickedly, "Cool-Son Ye knows how to use stepping on Han Sanchi to improve himself, why can't we?"

        "No matter what, Han Qianqian was our Fu family's son-in-law. Although he is dead, we can use his status as the son-in-law of the Fu family to collect people for our Fu family." Fu Tian laughed.

        These words immediately aroused the interest of the two Fu and Ye families.

        "But Han Qianqian and our Fu Clan have always had a bad relationship, and most importantly, this time we even sneaked up on him ...... how is this going to help us gain benefits in his name?"

        "When he was alive, there was naturally nothing we could do to change. But the problem is, he's dead." Fu Tian sneered and then said, "Since he is dead, then in the end, is it still whatever we say?"

        "What do you mean?"

        "It's a fact that the Fu Ye Allied Forces and Han Qianqian joined forces to fight the Pill God Pavilion, and this can prove Han Qianqian's relationship with us. As for him humiliating me and Fu Mei, we can say to the public that it's a means to get to the top of the family, the purpose is to promote Han Qianqian, we played a bitter meat trick." Fu Tian said shamelessly without the slightest hint of guilt.

        "Then what do we say about betraying Han Qianqian and sneaking up on him?" The Ye family wondered.

        Fu Tian smiled: "The newly admitted disciples of the Voidless Sect and Han Qianqian's Mystic Alliance were held hostage by people from the Pill God Pavilion, and they forced us to fight Han Qianqian, and we were forced to do so after obtaining Han Qianqian's consent. And the purpose of the Pill God Pavilion is to use this to separate us from Han Qianqian, in order to achieve the goal of breaking each other."

        When Fu Tian finished speaking, the two several executives of Fu Ye suddenly murmured.

        In a way, although such a shameless act by Fu Tian was very despicable, it was undeniable that it could indeed whitewash the betrayal of Han Qianqian by the Fu Ye alliance to the greatest extent possible, and even, it could also play the card of bitterness and take the popularity that Han Qianqian had accumulated for his own use.

        In the end, the group of executives nodded to each other, this was the solution of no solutions.

        "Oh, Han Qianqian, don't blame me for consuming you even when you're dead, I can't help it, who told Cool-Son Yeh to screw us over. So, in the end, I can only find a remedy from you." Fu Tian laughed shamelessly in a cold voice.

        Fu Mei also let out a long breath, the crisis was actually defused in the end by relying on Han Qianqian.

        With Han Qianqian as the consumption plan, the two Fu Ye families soon followed the news spread by Fu Tian's plan.

        Even though Fu Mei had fooled Ye Shijun, the fact that the wife of the City Lord of Tianhu City had a red-headed wife had caused quite a furore. This was a very clever move by Ye Kucheng, which was equivalent to insulting Fu Mei in a different way, and at the same time bringing the Ye family into disrepute, and the two families might even intensify their conflict as a result, truly gaining Fu Mei's body for nothing, and allowing the two families to have their own internal strife, killing three birds with one stone.

        The good thing is that Fu Tian, who has pitted the two families countless times, shamelessly used the news of Han Qian Qian, a dead man, to finally not pit the two families once again. Han Qianqian's incident just softened the fatal blow dealt by Cool-Son Yeh.

        The entire Jianghu world was quickly overwhelmed by the fact that Han Qianqian and Fu Ye had been involved in the affair, and that Fu Mei had been out of line.

        The amount of information that Han Qianqian had was not comparable to this piece of shit about Fu Mei.

        For a while, Fu Tian's move brought more scorn to both Fu Ye, scolding them for being shameless and always looking down on Han Qianqian, but trying to rub people's faces in the heat after someone else had died.

        But at the same time, there were some people who believed the words of the two Fu Ye families and secretly scolded the Medicine God Pavilion for being despicable and shameless, and some who were unjust for Han Qianqian actually joined the Fu Ye alliance.

        The result made the Fu family, who had always disdained Han Qianqian, happy.

        The Fu family were so thick-skinned that they didn't seem to feel the slightest pain even when they slapped themselves.

        The Fu family is the second most shameless family in the world, and no one dares to say the first.


        But in fact ......

        Somewhere like a fairyland, surrounded by mountains, white clouds, green grass and trees, like a poem.

        In the midst of the mountains, there are two mountain rocks that together create a line of sky. In the middle of the line of sky, there is an energy shield of intersecting orange divine auras, and in the shield, a mutilated corpse lies peacefully there ......

        It was none other than Han Qianqian!!!