His True Colors Chapter 2229

 Fu Mei's face was extremely painful, she tried to use her hands to break free, but to no avail, she said urgently, "Cool-Son, what are you doing, it hurts."

        As soon as his hands were pressed, he pushed Fu Mei to the ground and said, "Bitch, you really think you're something, but you're just putting on a show?"

        "As far as I'm concerned, you're no different from those chicks upstairs, the only difference is that you're a bigger bitch than them, because at least they charge money, but you?"


        Fu Mei touched her face that was stuck red, her eyes rolling with tears of pain, but compared to the pain on her face, it was the hardness in her heart that was the most vicious.

        Only just after the clouds and rain had been shared, Cool-Son Yeh was hurling such abuse at herself, saying that she was worse than a chicken.

        "Cool-Son, did I say something wrong?" Fu Mei forced herself to hold back her aggression, unwilling to let go of the last shred of hope. "Is it because you're worried that after being with me, you won't have your freedom? Don't worry, I only need a name, as for how many women you have outside, I won't ask too much."

        "Also, I am at least the daughter of the Fu family, don't go too far with your words.!"

        As soon as the words left her mouth, a slap hit Fu Mei's face hard: "Just you? How can you be the daughter of the Fu family? Do you think you are Su Yingxia?"

        Su Yingxia?

        Ye Kucheng's words instantly stepped on Fu Mei's sore foot and she roared, "Ye Kucheng!

        As soon as the words left her mouth, Fu Mei couldn't hold back any longer, she climbed up and got dressed by the bedside, and slammed the door in anger.

        Ye Gucheng spat disdainfully and looked at Fu Mei's departing figure, "If it weren't for Han Qianqian, do you think I would have touched you, you bitch?"

        After Fu Mei left the city, she was still angry until she returned to the Ye family residence in Tianhu City.

        The door slammed slightly and Ye Shijun, drunk, wandered back.

        When she saw Ye Shijun's ugly appearance, Fu Mei was furious, but when she thought about it, she had been rejected by Han Qianqian and disliked by Ye Gucheng, so what else could she do other than Ye Shijun? One by one, she got up slightly and helped Ye Shijun to sit by the bed: "Shijun, why are you so drunk?"

        Ye Shijun shook his head and smiled bitterly, "Mei'er, I'm not in a good mood, the elders of the Ye family called me to the ancestral hall and lectured me for half a night, my ears are all calloused."

        Fu Mei's face was embarrassed, she naturally knew what the Ye family executives had lectured Ye Shijun over.

        "Do you think that what we did to Han Qianqian was really wrong?" Ye Shijun was distressed beyond words, "We overthrew Han Qianqian, but what did we gain? We gained nothing, and lost a lot."

        "Without a powerful helper, what we do is criticised by others.

        Fu Mei sighed, in fact, in terms of the result, they did lose completely this time, this decision was simply stupid in today's view. But to Fu Mei and Ye Shijun and Fu Mei, three people with their own ghosts in their hearts, the consolation was that with Han Qianqian dead, the threat to them, would no longer exist.

        "Let the past be the past, what matters is the future." Fu Mei patted Ye Shijun's shoulder, as if comforting him, but in fact it was like comforting himself.

        Ye Shijun nodded, looked at Fu Mei, and flung her onto the bed.

        Fu Mei's eyes were dull, staring dully at the shaking top of the bed, and bitterness came from her heart.

        Why was it that Su Yingxia, who was both a woman of the Fu family, had only had to keep Han Qianqian for a while, and then she had ended up in the position of a whore?

        But what she could never have imagined was that an even greater calamity was approaching him silently.

        The next morning, the trampled Fu Mei was exhausted and was sound asleep when she was slapped upside the head and looked at Ye Shijun, who had slapped her, completely dazed.

        Ye Shijun's face was fierce, and his not-so-good-looking face was filled with anger and malice.

        "Ye Shijun, you're fucking sick." Fu Mei was slapped to the point of pain and bellowed in anger.

        "Bitch, where did you go last night? Huh? What did you do?" Ye Shijun roared in an emotional frenzy.

        Fu Mei was just about to scold back when she suddenly remembered what happened last night and suddenly felt a little weak in her heart and said, "What could I have done last night? You still don't know?"

        "Don't bullshit me, I'm talking about before me! No wonder you didn't have much fun last night, fuck, your fun was all on Cool-Son Yeh, right?" Ye Shijun growled angrily.

        Hearing this, Fu Mei's heart suddenly went cold and she pretended to be calm, "Shijun, what are you talking about? Why are you talking about Cool-Son Yeh again?"

        "How dare you pretend with me?" Ye Shijun shouted angrily and dragged Fu Mei out of the room, ignoring the fact that Fu Mei was only wearing an extremely thin nightgown.

        At this time, the sky, a strange scene appeared ......