His True Colors Chapter 2228

 Fu Mei gently made a gesture of salute and smiled gently, "Didn't Sir Ye ask Mei'er to come at three o'clock?"

        Fu Mei had obviously dressed herself carefully, her delicate figure was draped in a thin gauze, making her alluring.

        He laughed, and with a big hand, he carried Mei into the room and threw her onto his bed.

        After a storm, Cool-Son Yeh lay at the head of the bed, relaxed and at ease.

        Fu Mei gently lay on his chest and gently gestured with her hand on his chest: "Is this what you get back for bullying on my body? Then I can tell you, you won, that bitch Han Qianqian is not qualified to have touched me."

        Ye Gucheng froze, clearly unprepared by Fu Mei's remark, but in the next second, Ye Gucheng smiled, "Is that so?"

        "That's natural, with his Han Qianqian, is he also worthy of touching me?" Fu Mei said proudly without a red face.

        It was obvious that she herself had seduced Han Qianqian several times and was decisively rejected, but now she shamelessly turned it into Han Qianqian was not qualified to touch her.

        Ye Guocheng laughed softly, Ye Shijun would believe such bullshit, but he would not. Qin Shuang was so beautiful and Han Qianqian had never been with her.

        Looking at Fu Mei's self-satisfied look, even Ye Gucheng was a little disgusted.

        He got up and put on some clothes, sat down at the table by the window, picked up a book and drank tea.

        Fu Mei hurriedly climbed up and hugged Ye Lucheng from behind, saying gently, "What are you looking at? Lone Castle."

        "Oh, the Three Yang Heart Method given to me by Clan Chief Ao." Cool-Son Yeh said blandly.

        "The Three Yang Heart Technique? Isn't this the unique heart technique of the Eternal Life Sea? Can only the children of the Ao Clan cultivate it?" Fu Mei said with sudden surprise.

        Cool-Son Yeh cracked a smile, "Could it be that I am not a member of the Ao family?"

        Hearing this, Fu Mei was first stunned and then surprised, in that case, didn't it mean that Ao Tian had truly adopted Cool-Son Ye as his godson? The Three Yang Heart Technique was the best indication of this. "Wow, Cool-Son, you're so good."

        "No big deal!" Cool-Son Yeh was incomparably high and proud.

        Although he knew that Wang Juzhi had been quite critical of him recently, he didn't care after getting this Three Yang Heart Method after the battle. Inside, he had Master Xian Ling, his master, to cover him, and outside, he had Ao Tian to shelter him, so what could Wang Juzhi do even if he was not happy?

        "What is the Three Yang Heart Technique worth?" Ye Guocheng smiled, and with a movement in his hand, a green light appeared in his hand, and a long sword carrying a green blanket appeared in his hand, "Do you know what this is?"

        Fu Mei shook her head ignorantly, but although she did not know it, she could feel the boundless and infinite intimidating power on this sword, and she understood that this sword was by no means ordinary.

        "Oh, it's nothing, but it's just the Purple Gold Divine Armament Purple Sky Sword."

        "Purple ...... Gold divine Armament?" Fu Mei's small face was very surprised.

        Among the divine weapons, if they were of high rank, they were almost heaven defying, Han Qianqian's Pan Gu Axe, Lu Ruoxin's Xuan Yuan Sword, whichever one had once had a performance that shocked the whole field in a great battle.

        Even Ao Yi's Nine-Earthly Demon Sword was also very powerful on the field, but it was only suppressed by Han Qianqian's Pan Gu.

        But after all, Han Qianqian's Pan Gu Axe and Lu Ruoxin's Xuan Yuan Sword were among the five great spiritual treasures and the three great heavenly treasures that surpassed purple gold, but if you go down the list, it is the world of purple gold divine weapons.

        In a way, purple gold is still fierce, as long as it doesn't meet the Five Great Spiritual Treasures and the Three Great Heavenly Treasures!

        The most important thing is that there is an extremely important message here: Ao Yi, as the third son of Ao Tian, is holding the Purple Gold Divine Armament, and what about Cool-Son Ye? The same.

        What does this mean? Was it still not clear?

        Fu Mei was instantly very excited in her heart, it seemed that this laying night to give away her body, gave away that was quite worthwhile.

        "Lone Castle, you're amazing!" Fu Mei smiled gently and rested her head on Ye Lucheng's shoulder, looking like a little woman.

        Cool-Son Yeh gave a light hum of disdain, but didn't say anything. Fu Mei's pretentious posture, without saying anything else, at least satisfied Cool-Son Yeh's innermost sense of vanity.

        Nobody doesn't like compliments, especially from women, and Cool-Son Yeh has reached an outrageous level in this regard.

        "By the way, you have given Ye Shijun a cuckold like this, aren't you afraid?" Cool-Son Yeh laughed.


        Of course Fu Mei was a little afraid. But the problem was that Cool-Son Yeh was a good lap, and of course she was flirtatious enough to want to take the initiative to hug him, and once she did, Fu Mei's future was obvious.

        Sometimes when you want to win more, you have to bet more.

        "I'm afraid!" Fu Mei faked touching her chest and said aggressively, "Then how do you want to place me in the future?"

        "Settle you?" Ye Gucheng frowned, then, with a cold smile, "How do you want me to place you?"

        "Oh, as long as you are willing, Fu Mei can serve you forever and ever in the future." Fu Mei said shyly.

        "Serve me forever?" Cool-Son Yeh looked back in amusement and suddenly stuck a hand on Fu Mei's face and said disdainfully, "Don't you take a piss and look at yourself? Are you worthy?"