His True Colors Chapter 2227

 Between his eyes, Fu Tian frowned, "What else do you want?"

        Cool-Son Yeh smiled gently and didn't say anything, just looked at Wu Yan indifferently.

        Wu Yan then laughed, "We don't want to do anything either, but we just want to collect some interest."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, there was a sound of footsteps outside the teahouse, and when the Fu family looked down, they realised that the entire teahouse was heavily surrounded by people.

        Several extremely profoundly cultivated experts dressed in the uniforms of the Eternal Life Sea had all rushed up to the first floor at that moment.

        "What? Is it hard to say that you guys want to kill us?" Fu Tian snorted coldly, "If you want to kill us like this, then you might as well try. Let everyone in the world have a good look at what will happen if they cooperate with you. I don't think it's not worth it to exchange these 34 lives of my Fu family for the reputation of your Eternal Life Sea and Pill God Pavilion."

        Fu Tian threatened.

        "It seems that not only do you not know how to read, but your ears are not very good either." Wu Yan gently slapped his hand on Fu Tian's old face and mockingly scolded, "Old thing, you're getting old, so get out of here early, occupying a place without shitting."

        "You!" Fu Wen knotted.

        "You what you, silly old thing, didn't I make myself clear enough? I'm talking about charging you interest, when did I say I'd kill you?" Wu Yan cursed with a cold laugh.

        This feeling made him feel good, normally, even if he touched the sky in his life, a substandard Void Sect's Ringmaster Elder would not be able to humiliate the patriarch of the Fu Family in such a humiliating way.

        He hadn't been qualified before, and he was just as qualified now.

        But what had changed all that was clearly his own cleverness in choosing the right future star, Cool-Son Yeh. Now, slapping Fu Tian in the face and he couldn't do anything about it, it made Wu Yan feel good inside to the point of no return.

        Fu Tian's face was icy cold, but he did not dare to retort.

        "Kneel down, learn three dog barks, and your Fu family, then you can leave." Wu Yan finished, his eyes raised higher than anything else.

        Ye Shijun was instantly furious, "Wu Yan, don't go too far. It is enough that you refuse to hand over Firestone City, but you still want to oppress us?"

        Wu Yan instantly moved his hand and directly grabbed Ye Shijun's neck as he shouted coldly, "So what if I'm oppressing you?"

        After saying this, his hand was released, shaking Ye Shijun away several meters directly.

        As soon as Wu Yan made his move, many disciples from the Pill God Pavilion as well as experts from the Eternal Life Sea immediately drew their swords directly and surrounded everyone from the Fu family.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, you want my two Fu Ye families to unite to kill Han, we two Fu Ye families helped you without even thinking about it, and this is how you treat us?" Fu Tian suddenly felt a great deal of regret.

        If he had known, why would he have done it in the first place?

        Originally, he could have had a strong back in front of Cool-Son Yeh, after all, it was a fact that he had united with Han Qianqian to defeat the Pill God Pavilion. But what about now? He had lost his perverted ally, Han Qianqian, while the Pill God Pavilion was currently staying with the Eternal Sea.

        If they fought, could the United Forces of Fuye stand up to the fight?!

        "Fine, I'll learn." Fu Tian gritted his teeth, bent his knees and knelt on the ground with a thud, with anger in his eyes, "Woof woof woof."

        Cool-Son Yeh and Wu Yan and the others burst into laughter, and Cool-Son Yeh kicked Fu Tian's body, sending him sprawling, "Fu Tian, do you know why I am humiliating you like this?"

        Fu Tian was unknown!

        "To humiliate you, a trash Fu Tian, there is nothing scary about Han Qian Qian doing it, old me, Cool-Son Yeh, can do it just as well."


        With these words, the group of tea patrons who had long been terrified as well as the Fu family then understood what Cool-Son Yeh's purpose for doing so was.

        Fu Tian's face was icy cold, and his back teeth were clenched. After all, what did Cool-Son Yeh take him for? A clown or a stepping stone? In order to find a balance with Han Qianqian, even this was counted on his head?

        Fu Mei was even more frightened and pale, because she knew very well that Han Qianqian had not only found trouble with Fu Tian that day, but also with herself.

        If Cool-Son Yeh wanted to compete with Han Qianqian in this regard, then wasn't she herself next?

        Thinking of this, she looked at Cool-Son Yeh in a panic.

        Cool-Son Yeh just smiled, as if he did not see Fu Mei, gently patted the dust on his feet, and led his people directly away from the teahouse.

        Downstairs, the five peaks elders hurriedly came up: "I say Lone City, Han three thousand also bullied Fu Mei, this Fu Tian we have recovered interest, this Fu Mei ......"

        Lone City Ye and Wu Yan looked at each other with a smile, Wu Yan shook his head: "Collect, why not? Right put, Lone City."

        Cool-Son Yeh nodded: "At night, I will rest in the east wing, if there is no order from me, you guys should not come over easily."

        "Yes." Wu Yan smiled happily.

        After Ye Lucheng finished speaking, he turned around and left, the Five Peaks Elders puzzled and rubbed their heads, "What is this Lucheng doing, what does this mean? Do you need to tell us even if you are sleeping?"

        The Sixth Elder was also completely confused, wasn't he talking about fixing Fu Mei? Why did it suddenly come back to sleeping in the East Chamber? Wasn't this a bit too much of a jump?

        Wu Yan laughed bitterly, shook his head and followed behind Ye Gucheng, also going back to the house.

        In this drama, the Fu family had come to the house with great vigour, only to return in disgrace, and the residual power that the Fu Ye alliance army had built up through Han Qiancai's victories had basically been defeated by the completely unashamed Fu Tian.

        Now the Fu Clan has no remaining prestige, so what is left?

        Only ridicule!

        In addition, their betrayal of Han 3,000 was not a popular incident, so they were being poked and prodded, and the ridicule and sarcasm naturally became more frequent.

        Even though they were being oppressed by Han Qianqian, at least the remaining power of the Fu Ye alliance army was still there and they had a base to defend, so the future looked promising. However, after Fu Tian and Fu Mei and the others messed up, although the base is still there, both the Voidless Sect and Han Qianqian are gone, so in fact, they are being weakened in disguise.

        In the end, coupled with the remaining power is not in, but also fucking inexplicably hit Han three thousand dead disciples, this battle is simply a loss to the old lady.

        The Ye family executives rose up in a group and demanded that Fu Tian Tian take the throne. This, even if the Fu family many executives are also angry, secretly support the Ye family executives to voice.

        Fu Tian was very depressed and spent the night drinking away his sorrows.

        The Ye Shijun is also difficult to relieve the boredom in his heart, this good game of chess played into this, was called back to the ancestral hall by several senior executives of the Ye family, in front of the ancestors to teach a good lesson.

        And Fu Mei ......

        The night in the lonely city is quiet, apparating and quiet.

        Ye Kucheng sat in the house, tasting tea and reading a book, relaxed.

        A gentle sip of tea and a glance out the window, Cool-Son Yeh smiled gently.

        Almost at the same time, the door softly clicked, Ye Lucheng got up, slowly stepped to the door and opened it, an aromatic smell immediately hit his nose: "You're here?"