His True Colors Chapter 2226

 "Why? Patriarch Fu Tian? Are you old, or have all the young men in your Fu family who can read died out?" Wu Yan let out a cold cry, then snatched the imperial edict away with a snap and threw it onto the table, "Can you read?"

        Fu Tian's teeth were clenched, could he read? His family was once one of the three great families, and was born in the main gate, how could they not know how to read? Wu Yan's words were clearly a provocation.

        However, thinking that Firestone City was still in the hands of the other party, Fu Tian could only swallow his anger and took the imperial edict and read, "Master Ye, Chief Fu, on behalf of Firestone City, I, Zhu Kaixuan, promise that as long as my Zhu family is here, Firestone City will always obey your two families, and this seal of the City Master can be witnessed."

        Fu Tian finished reading and raised his head naturally.

        "The words can be read, but the words are not just read." Wu Yan smiled disdainfully.

        When Wu Yan's words came out, the First Peak Elders and others could no longer hold it in, and they all lowered their heads to cover their mouths and snickered. Fu Tian was instantly annoyed and turned to drink, "What are you laughing at?"

        "Patriarch Fu, of course they are laughing at your stupidity. You can also read, what Zhu Kaixuan said is that as long as the Zhu family is in power, Firestone City will be your Fu Ye allied army's day. But I ask you, where is the Zhu family today?" Wu Yan smiled coldly.

        Today's Zhu family was naturally exterminated by Han Qianqian!

        But ......

        Suddenly, Fu Tian's face went icy cold and he glared angrily! Obviously, he realized that he had been tricked by Wu Yan and the others.

        Wu Yan and the others were playing word games with him, words and phrases had already set up an ambush!

        "You guys !!!!" Fu Tian was furious, his entire body was so agitated that he even wanted to rush up and settle the score with them.

        If the Fu family hadn't done it for Firestone City, how could they have betrayed Han Qianqian? Perhaps there were many reasons and excuses for the betrayal at that time, but after seeing Han Qianqian's heaven-defying calamity, Fu Tian was naturally no longer willing to give up those crap excuses, and only the Firestone City could slightly appease his mentality of missing out and thus regretting.

        But now, it turned out that Firestone City was just a fruit to fool them monkeys.

        However, as soon as Fu Tian moved, Wu Yan and the others immediately faced each other with swords, obviously having been on guard against Fu Tian for a long time.


        Ye Guocheng slapped a fierce slap on Fu Tian's face.

        "What? You want to hit me?" Cool-Son Yeh sneered disdainfully.

        Fu Tian's face was slapped red and swollen, with his skills, a thin camel was bigger than a horse, but what could he do if he was bigger than a horse? This Longevity City was the sphere of influence of the Pill God Pavilion, if he moved, would he be able to get out safely?

        "Bah!" Ye Gucheng spat a mouthful of spittle directly onto Fu Tian's face and disdainfully slapped the table, "Old thing, giving shame!"

        Fu Tian's face was ice-cold as he wiped the spittle away, "Cool-Son Yeh, don't go too far. If we, the Fu Ye Allied Forces, help you to kill Han Qianqian together, your Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea will no longer have the greatest threat, you have already received the greatest benefit, Firestone City also asks you to do what you say."

        "You would also say that without Han Qianqian, the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Life Sea would no longer have their greatest threat? If that's the case, why would we have nothing better to do than to create another threat out of nothing? Giving Firestone City to you? What a joke!" Cool-Son Yeh sneered disdainfully.

        Giving Firestone City to the Fu Ye Alliance was tantamount to forcibly creating a huge threat in the southwest region, how could the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea be so stupid?

        "Cool-Son Yeh, you are deceiving people too much, do you really think that our United Leaf Army is easy to bully?" Fu Tian gritted his teeth and shouted angrily.


        Cool-Son Yeh was instantly enraged and shouted fiercely, "Again, you think that without Han Qianqian, our Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea will be afraid of you?"


        Fu Tian suddenly turned pale and staggered back evenly.

        He ...... was stunned to discover the fact that he had eliminated Han Qianqian's threat to himself, but without Han Qianqian's Fu Ye alliance army, how much more could he have against the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea?

        He did not know.

        But he only knew one thing, if Han Qianqian was still alive at this time, then his United Leaf Army would have had a lot of strength at this time, and he would have won the battle in the first place, so what would he have to fear?

        But what about now?

        He doesn't know.

        He didn't know whether he could be tough or not, he only knew that he was more or less afraid inside.

        Ye Shijun and the others also looked at each other in disbelief, after all, they were helping the enemy to eliminate a dissident, but this dissident was their own arm!

        Seeing these people frozen in place, Ye Guocheng and the others could no longer hold back their laughter.

        The enemy's hand is used to kill the enemy's friend, which not only relieves his own heart and soul, but also disintegrates the enemy's power. Although Cool-Son Yeh dislikes Han Qianqian very much, but Han Qianqian has a saying that is very right, the upper army fights against strategy!

        "You guys, you ...... guys are simply bitches." Fu Tian's face was icy cold, his whole face was shaking with anger, sweeping a glance at the people around him, "Let's go!"

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        "Wait a minute!" As soon as he turned around, Ye Lucheng suddenly said in a cold voice: "What do you think this place is? A teahouse? You can come and go whenever you want?"

        Hearing these words, Fu Tian's entire body was suddenly stunned, and a sense of foreboding rose from the bottom of Fu Tian's heart!