His True Colors Chapter 2225

 "Who the hell is this Cool-Son Yeh? How come I've never heard of it before?"

        Those people from the party, one by one at this point, didn't dare to brag about Han Qianqian's matter, instead they whispered about it.

        "The original genius disciple of the Voidless Sect, I heard that he was very talented and smart. The most important thing is that he is also the godson of Clan Chief Ao of the Eternal Sea. To be honest, I think they have a point. No matter how capable Han Qianqian is, he's still a dead man, no match for someone else's Duke Ye."

        "That's right, how can a village boy or an earthly slut be compared to a pride of the earth like Mr. Ye? The difference is too great."

        Hearing these comments gradually rise, Cool-Son Yeh smiled in satisfaction, the reason why he chose to drink tea and wait in this place was for this purpose.

        Only he, Cool-Son Yeh, should be worthy of the limelight.

        Despite the despicable means, history has always been rewritten by the living.

        Who cares what the process is like?

        Success and defeat are just like that.

        "They're coming over." Wu Yan laughed at this point.

        Cool-Son Yeh nodded and looked out above the street, and above the street, Fu Tian rushed in with a group of disciples from the Fu family as well as Ye Shijun and Fu Mei, both of whom were furious.

        Within a few moments, a group of people rushed into the first floor of the teahouse.

        Seeing Cool-Son Yeh and the others, Fu Tian was furious: "Cool-Son Yeh, what do you mean by that?"

        "What does what mean?" Cool-Son Yeh dug his ears and laughed with a disdainful face.

        Then, he locked his gaze on Fu Mei's body. Although she had married a man's wife, Fu Mei had maintained herself very well and still looked as charming as a young girl.


We agreed that after the deal was done, Firestone City would be given to us to manage, but what do you mean now? You've sent a lot of heavy troops to guard Firestone City, are you trying to be a scoundrel?" Fu Wei was furious.

        After killing Han Qianqian, he had a sleepless night and his emotions were unusually complicated. Han Qianqian's unbelievable act had given him an extremely strong shock, so much so that he had always wondered after he returned whether what he had done was right or wrong.

        However, when he thought that after this action, the Fu family had not only got rid of a major problem, but had also taken Firestone City, the most important strategic city for the Fu Ye allied army, Fu Tian's heart was slightly stabilised.

        At least, the future of the Fu family was still exciting and not much of a mistake.

        Cool-Son Yeh smiled gently and set a cup of tea in front of Fu Tian: "Patriarch Fu, take your time to talk, sit down and have a sip of tea to cool down your anger."

        Fu Tian was helpless, although he was angry, he could only sit down obediently. Once he sat down, Ye Shijun also sat down. Fu Mei wanted to sit on Ye Shijun's right hand side near Fu Tian, but when she felt the gaze of Cool-Son Yeh, a smile suddenly appeared at the corner of her mouth without thinking and she sat on Ye Shijun's left hand side, closer to Cool-Son Yeh.

        As soon as she sat down, Fu Mei felt a gentle kick on her beautiful leg. Without looking down, Fu Mei knew the answer from Cool-Son Yeh's handsome smile.

        With a gentle lift of her beautiful foot, Fu Mei also hooked Cool-Son Yeh's foot in the same way.

        For such a young and handsome genius boy, Fu Mei was naturally moved by spring, and most importantly, the identity of Cool-Son Yeh nowadays was what he valued most.

        Grand Duke, Ao Tian's godson, this was a big hit with the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea.

        As for Ye Shijun, although he was the city lord, compared to Cool-Son Yeh, there was nothing more to compare him to, apart from both having the surname Ye.

        Cool-Son Yeh gently

With a smile, one hand gently reached under the table and compared the word three.

        Fu Mei understood it by heart.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, we are at least allies who have fought together, there is no reason to be untrustworthy, right?" Fu Tian said in a very depressed manner.

        "Clan Chief Fu Tian, you can eat your food indiscriminately, but you can't speak indiscriminately. Our family's Lone Castle doesn't dare to say anything else, but integrity is a priority. Otherwise, the Pill God Pavilion would not have given such an important position to our family's Lone Castle to sit in, and Clan Chief Ao would definitely not accept an untrustworthy denizen." Wu Yan laughed.

        "Words have no proof, Clan Chief Fu, you said that we return Firestone City to you, do you have proof?" The Five Peaks Elder laughed.

        Fu Tian snorted disdainfully and pulled out the paper edict from his pocket on the spot, "I knew you guys would play rogue, I have the edict with me."

        Wu Yan and the others instantly pretended to be shocked, and the First Peak Elder even directly picked up the edict and took a look at it, frowning, "Lone Castle, the edict is indeed real, and there is still the seal of the Pill God Pavilion on it."

        Hearing this, Fu Tian instantly parted his head with confidence, playing with him like this, really think he Fu Tian is an idiot?

        "Then since the imperial edict is real, what should be given, will be given." Cool-Son Yeh laughed without the slightest worry.

        "Then I'll trouble you to hurry up and withdraw your troops." Fu Tian laughed coldly.

        The Five or Six Peaks elders nodded and got up and made a move to leave, but at this very moment, Wu Yan had his eyes fixed on the imperial edict, followed by a sudden big wave of his hand, "Wait."

        Just when everyone was wondering, Wu Yan said in a cold voice, "I don't think this army can be withdrawn."

        When these words came out, the Fu family immediately frowned, what did this mean? Can't be withdrawn?

        Ye Gucheng and the others were already laughing coldly, but they pretended to be puzzled: "Why?"