His True Colors Chapter 2224

 Immediately afterwards, the golden light faded away.

        Apparently, while everyone was not paying attention, two silver rays rushed out from that golden light, and after wrapping the golden light around them, they disappeared into the sky as quickly as if they were transparent.

        It was so fast and so faint that it made people feel as if the golden light had faded away.

        The Forbidden Thunder Beast dissipated, and everything, as it were, returned to peace.

        The heavenly tribulation was over.

        The three armies, who had only just reflected, took to the sky with their men and searched around, but they could no longer see the slightest trace of Han Qianqian's figure or breath.

        "Spread the news that Han Qianqian has been put to death." Ao Tian looked down at the group, which was now no more than ten thousand strong, and sighed in his heart. He was beginning to understand the Pill God Pavilion's miserable defeat; after all, even he personally appeared against Han Qianqian, and although he won, it was nothing more than a misery.

        "Yes!" Ao Yong nodded his head.

        Ao Tian did not speak, and turned his eyes to look behind him at the Firestone City, which was already a sea of fire; perhaps, at this moment, it was truly worthy of the name? Then, Ao Tian led the people of the Eternal Sea to return to their homeland.

        Once Ao Tian left, Wang Juzhi also left, and the entire allied army began to retreat.

        The great battle was over, and there was no point in continuing.

        With the large number of people leaving, it seemed that everything had returned to peace, except for the fires burning in the city and the scorched earth smouldering again.

        "Miss, let's ...... go back too." Somewhere in the dark tunnel of the great mountain, Chi Meng said with some difficulty.

        For some reason, although she hated Han Qianqian very much, Han Qianqian's heaven defying tribulation just now had still left an indelible shock in her heart, so much so that she couldn't help but feel quite sad for him as she watched him disappear into the sky.

        Lu Ruoxin kept her brow tightly furrowed and her eyes like a torch, unlike the others, she saw the vision of the golden light as it faded.

        As the princess of the Lu family, Lu Ruoxin's cultivation and skills needed no further explanation, and the fact that Han Qianqian was being chased all over the mountain was the best answer. The fact that Han Tianchi was chased all over the mountain was the best answer. At the same time, such a status meant that she had access to many treasures that were unimaginable to ordinary people.

        This is the case with the Shimeidou Pearl.

        It is the right eye of the innate divine beast Shimeidou.

The pearl is made from the right eye of the Shifu, which can detect the image of a 10-mile radius, hear the movement of a 100-mile radius, and smell the smell of a thousand miles away.

        The princess of the Lu family is always one step ahead of the others in everything.

        "You take the people back first." Lu Ruoxin finished speaking and her figure was about to fly forward.

        Chi Meng hurriedly blocked in front of her, "Miss, where are you going?" Speaking of this, Chi Meng hurriedly lowered her head and knelt on the ground, "Slave servant would never dare to interfere with Miss's personal affairs. It's just that ......"

        "It's just that there are many dangers in the eight worlds, and although Miss has an unparalleled cultivation, it's inevitable that she will encounter any danger if she is alone!"

        With the status and face of the Princess of the Lu Family, she was naturally a person that people from all over the world would flock to, and with her status and arrogance, she had always had quite a few enemies. If she went out alone, in case something happened, it would be a consequence that Chi Meng could not bear.

        "Danger?" Lu Ruoxin frowned, although she was lonely and arrogant, she did always have someone waiting for her in and out, hesitated for a moment and dropped a jade stone: "I will call you if I need you, this jade stone will lead you to me. For his sake, this lady can give it a try."

        As soon as the words left her mouth, Lu Ruoxin had already rushed out like an arrow.

        "Him?" Chi Meng frowned, who was this he that Lu Ruoxin was referring to in her mouth?!

        As the last group of people such as Lu Ruoxin withdrew, the entire Firestone City, finally, was quiet.

        However, while the place was quiet, the cities of the Eight Worlds exploded.

        The cities under the heavens were all sighing and sighing with regret.

        "Have you heard? The Fuye Allied Army stabbed in the back, uniting with the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea to do away with Mystic Han Qianqian behind his back, and at the same time, while Han Qianqian was away from the city, the Fuye Allied Army even decimated all those disciples who had just joined the Mystic Alliance, in the inn in Heavenly Lake City."

        "I heard, the Voidless Sect also suffered an attack, tens of thousands of disciples died tragically quite a few, from the morning until the evening, but always could not hold on. And Han Three-thousand, that died with a bang."

        "Ai, Han Qianqian before united with the Fu Ye alliance and the Voidless Clan, but the Medicine God Pavilion was defeated, ah, this naked eye can see, the future will become something great, which know ......"

        "Hey, I heard that

The four divine Heavenly Beasts were all summoned in one breath, which is a miracle in the entire Eight Directions world."

        "First, he used his identity as a mystic to kill the top of Mount Qishan, and now he's invoking a miraculous heavenly tribulation as Han Qianqian. I told you, how could the man that the Goddess of the Fu family has taken a fancy to be anything more than a mere trash?"

        "Hehe, you guys are blowing Han Qianqian out of proportion, aren't you?" At this moment, a middle-aged man laughed disdainfully, and his words immediately drew the attention of the others.

        Next to the middle-aged man, there were also a few elders as well as a young man whose demeanour was on the wrong side.

        "This uncle, I'm afraid you're ignorant, you haven't heard of Han Qianqian's deeds, have you?"

        The middle-aged man harrumphed, "Hear? Hearing is not believing, seeing is only believing, you know?"

        Then, a few middle-aged men next to him burst out laughing, "The so-called Han Qianqian you are talking about is just a defeated general under our family's grand commander. By the way, to introduce you, this is the Pill God Pavilion's vanguard Grand Commander, the godson of Clan Chief Ao of the Eternal Sea, Ye Gucheng!"

        Cool-Son Ye smiled gently and naturally had to raise his cup to drink tea.

        "Ye ...... Cool-Son Ye?"

        "You ...... are the godson of Clan Chief Ao?" A group of people looked at each other, shocked very much.

        Ye Gucheng did not speak, forced to pretend to be extremely high, but a few middle-aged people next to him took over: "The boy is not deceived, the goods are real."

        "Only those who are truly capable can be honoured, while those who are not capable can do nothing but let the jianghu brag about their regrets after death."

        The four middle-aged men were none other than Wu Yan and the four elders of the First and Fifth and Sixth Peaks.

        When the four finished speaking, they let out a loud laugh at each other.

        The crowd that had just been very sorry for Han Qianqian was speechless for a moment. What was left of a dead man but to sigh? Compared to the scenic Cool-Son Yeh in front of him, it seemed to be an instant judgment.

        "Almost, it's time for them to come, right?" Cool-Son Yeh tasted a mouthful of tea and looked disdainfully down the aisle.

        "Killed outside the city." Wu Yan hid her mouth and sniggered.

        Cool-Son Yeh and Wu Yan and the others looked at each other and laughed in utmost mockery ......