His True Colors Chapter 2223

 Hearing Lu Ruoxin's words, Chi Meng frowned greatly. This tone was the first time she had heard it since she had followed Lu Ruoxin for so long.

        There was anticipation, doubt, and also a faint feeling of teenage heartbeat.

        Chi Meng raised her head slightly, Han Qianqian, are you able to carry it?!

        "Is it still okay?" Xiao Bai shouted anxiously.

        At this time, Han Qianqian's body was already shaking, and his consciousness was even more like mush.

        "Three-thousand, don't close your eyes, if you close them, you'll never be able to open them. Didn't you say that? You have to use these eyes to see Su Yingxia, to see Nian'er grow up, to see the safe return of Blade Twelve and the others. Don't close your eyes, don't!" Xiao Bai desperately shouted at Han Qianqian.

        Death and life, for the current Han Qianqian, were a hair's breadth apart.

        It was as simple as closing and opening his eyes.

        Shaking his head, Han Qianqian steeled himself, "Yes, I want to see Yingxia grow old with me, I still have to see Nian'er grow up and even get married, I still have to see my grandson, and Mo Yang, and Blade Twelve, and ......"

        "Come on!!!"

        Suddenly, Han Qianqian let out a fierce cry, and his eyes, which were already about to close, burst into a furious glare, and a golden light burst out from his eyes.


        A wicked smile tickled the corners of his cold mouth as Han Qianqian rushed straight up, his body turning into a golden blanket, weaving through the purple lightning and dark clouds.

        Compared to the gigantic figure of the Earth-shaking Xuanwu in the far north, Han Qianqian was so small at this moment.

        "Reincarnation of life and death, I, Han Qianqian!!! I will never be destroyed!"

        With a roar, Han Qianqian clenched his teeth, and despite being without his arms, he poured all his energy into his brain.

        Attempting to use his revelation to collide with the indestructible Earthshaking Xuanwu!

        "This kid, is he fucking crazy?" Wang Juzhi's voice rose in anger.

        "Wounded like this and still able to fight again, Han Qianqian, although I hate you to the bone, but after your death, I will definitely erect a clothes grave for you in the hall room of the Pill God Pavilion, in this way, as a tribute!"

        As sinister as Wang Juzhi was, he was also shocked at this moment.

        Such a death defying, tenacious and unyielding person was indeed a model.

        "On my Ao Tian's epitaph, a hundred years from now, your name will also be there." Ao Tian also sighed long and hard with a frown.

        The other people, their mouths wide open, looked at the scene in mid-air in disbelief, and had no regrets in dying to see such a situation in their lives.

        Han Qianqian, who was in the limelight, rushed towards the Earth-shaking Xuanwu in the north with a fearless heart.

        The trembling of the Forbidden Thunder Beast and the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel also came to a sudden halt at this moment.


        The heavens and the earth trembled wildly with the explosion, and in the midst of everyone's swaying vision, within the circle of light of the violent explosion, they were dismayed to find that the armour of the rock-solid Earthshaking Xuanwu had fallen like a crumbling mountain, piece by piece.

        And it fell to pieces!

        A small body shakes a miracle!

        Han Qianqian crushed the Earth-shattering Xuanwu!

        "How is this ...... possible?" Ao Tian clutched his head, only to feel his scalp tingling.

        Goosebumps also appeared on Wang Juzhi's dry, aged skin for the first time in a long time!

        "Is this a miracle?"

        The other stoppers, all tilting their heads in amazement, were overflowing with shock.


        Lu Ruoxin let out a long breath, and her long jade hands, which were like jade roots, had long been drenched in sweat.

        So, she was worried about someone too!

        "He won." Lu Ruoxin turned around and smiled at Chi Meng, who for the first time saw her sweet, childlike smile in front of this temperamental, haughty and cold lady.

        "Yes, he won." Chi Meng said as she did.

        "It seems that he did not fail you." A voice rang out from the world of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books.

        "He also did not fail to live up to the majestic power you provided him with the Heart of the Dragon Clan." Another voice also laughed in satisfaction.

        "He was able to walk out of the Tower of Trials from me, so I knew he would succeed in the face of the Heavenly Tribulation."

        The so-called heavenly tribulation is actually a completely different experience for anyone. Some people succeed and soar into the sky, while others are destroyed and never reborn.

        It is not only the strength of each person's cultivation that makes such a difference. After all, those who are able to meet the heavenly tribulation are actually at the same level of cultivation. What really shapes their fate is more their will.

        Will is something that cannot be seen or touched, but it is the most important force that anyone has to support themselves.

        It is the same in the heavenly tribulation. The more you fear it, the less determined you are, the stronger it naturally becomes and the more it crushes you.

        "The so-called Dao is to be at peace as it is, to go forward without a hitch, the Dao, is your own Dao!"


        At that moment, the dark clouds in the sky dispersed, the purple lightning faded, and the Forbidden Thunder Beast that was fighting with the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel also suddenly became smaller in size.

        The sunlight shone on the devastated earth, which had been battered and baptized by the Heavenly Calamity.

        In the sky, a golden blaze stood next to the sun. It was a faint glow that was unique to it ......

        Han Qianqian, it's going to change!