His True Colors Chapter 2222

 "If you can't stand it, you must either kill them. Either that, or your soul will be destroyed from now on and you will never be allowed to live forever!" Little White shouted sharply.

        "The soul will be destroyed and never be reborn?

        Was Han Qianqian afraid?

        Of course he was not afraid!

        What he was afraid of was that he would never see Su Yingxia, Han Nian, Blade Twelve or Mo Yang again!

        "I don't want my soul to be destroyed, and I don't want to be immortalised forever, come on! The roar pierced through the starry sky and shocked thousands of people below!





        The bird's egg shattered and with a long roar, a purple phoenix came out of its nirvana.

        "Three thousand, be careful, the purple phoenix after nirvana is at least twice as strong as the original one." Little White shouted urgently.

        "I don't care about him." Han Qianqian shouted angrily, his Dragon Heart was like an engine about to burst, outputting wildly, his God's Golden Blood flowing wildly within his body, and his Pan Gu Axe bursting out again with a divine daze!

        The purple phoenix also carried its fury and fiercely fanned out, and the pillar of purple lightning once again intersected with the divine blanket of Han Qianqian's Pan Gu Axe.


        The purple lightning hitting his body was far more painful than the previous purple lightning, it was not only a physical torture, but even his own spirit was also struck across.

        Was this the power of the Burning Heavenly Violet Phoenix after Nirvana?

        Very strong!!!

        Unfortunately, Han Qianqian's mind had long since transcended, and there was only one belief in his heart.


        Only after his body was sent flying hundreds of metres away did Han Qianqian barely stop, only for his right hand to be swallowed up by the purple lightning, and his Undying Xuan Armour even turtled directly into Han Qianqian's body, as if it had disappeared.

        As for his body, there were bloody holes and cavities everywhere, not a trace of human form left!

        The burning purple phoenix on the other side also fell with a bang under the axe, plunging straight to the ground and raising countless purple bolts of lightning.

        Quiet, deadly quiet.

        Even though all of the 10,000 people in the audience were Han Qianqian's enemies, they were still shocked by the scene.

        Even Ao Tian did not think that he would be able to survive such a fierce four-beast tribulation.

        But Han Qianqian had killed three beasts in a row!

        To some extent, Han Qianqian was the true god of the Eight Directions.

        It was as domineering as it could be!

        "To give birth to a son, when such a person." Even though Ao Tian was angry in his heart, he could not help but sigh at this moment, "With this son, how can I worry about the greatness of the world? How can I put a mere top of the Blue Mountain in my eyes? It's just a pity that this son cannot be used for me."

        "This kid is indeed arrogant, but the arrogance is admirable, one person topped off three heavenly beasts, if it was a normal tribulation, he would already be a loose immortal. He is even a rare talent among the loose immortals, and if he is nurtured, he will create miracles. The first grassroots True God of the Eight Worlds." Wang Juzhi also said in a rare moment of admiration.

        Fu Tian staggered, the image of Han Qianqian killing the three great Heavenly Beasts with his strength was still hard to erase from his mind to this day. It was too shocking, so shocking that it might remain fresh in his mind for the rest of his life.

        Ao Tian and Wang Juzhi were right. In Han Qianqian's case, if the Fu family gave him a little help, he would be a new True God.

        The true god of his family!

        With him, the Fu Family could have long ago secured their position as one of the Three Great True God Families, so why worry about following behind others like a dog now, losing their self-respect and everything?

        "Han Qianqian, am I really wrong?" Fu Tian inwardly muttered.

        "Even if he's strong, he's going to die soon." Ye Gucheng looked at Ao Tian and Wang Juzhi's rare praise of Han Qianqian, and his entire heart soured to the point of near distortion. In his heart, only he was the proud son of the heavens, only he could enjoy the praise of these big brother level figures, and not that trash.

        "Even if his hands are gone, even if this guy is a body made of iron, so what?" Wu Yan also hurriedly and said.

        "People like him should indeed die too, early death and early life, oh no, better never, annoying piece of trash."

        And in some shadowy corner.

        Chi Meng walked quickly to Lu Ruoxin: "Miss, Han Qianqian shouldn't be able to hold on, let's hurry up and help?"

        Lu Ruoxin didn't say anything, her lips tightly closed as her mind raced with thoughts.

        Han Qianqian's performance was so shocking that even this cold heart of hers throbbed. She wanted to help because Han Qianqian was already running out of ammunition and could be killed by the Heavenly Beast at any moment. But, rashly stepping in and worrying that this shocking scene would end here, it really lacked a perfect ending.

        "Miss, if we don't take action, I'm afraid it will be too late. This is a heavenly tribulation, if Han Qianqian fails, then he will ......" Chi Meng said worriedly.

        She couldn't understand Lu Ruoxin's intentions anymore. She personally led her elite troops to save Han Sanqian, but when Han Sanqian was in the most danger, Lu Ruoxin was hesitating.

        This is not right, Lu Ruoxin's elite troops will never go out until she has a perfect plan, but she has made an exception for Han Sanqian.

        "Can you carry it?" Lu Ruoxin looked at Han Qianqian in the distance and said.