His True Colors Chapter 2221

 Let's fight!

        Han Qianqian clenched his teeth, and then his entire body rushed directly towards the four beasts in the sky, his Pan Gu Axe slashed in a smooth motion, and the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel attacked the Forbidden Thunder Beast at the same time.


        The golden light of the sky rushed directly against the sky, facing the four pillars of thunder, without losing any disadvantage.

        Looking into the sky, Han Qianqian's golden light shone brightly, like a meteor flying against the sky, carrying a strong pressure, like a golden god of war, invincible!


        In mid-air, the four beasts roared in unison, as if they were enraged by Han Qianqian's action.

        At almost the same time, the Thundering Xuanhu also let out a tiger's roar, the Vermilion Bird flung its wings and the Xuanwu pounced on one foot, and three pillars of lightning attacked Han Qianqian from three sides.

        Han Qianqian's face was cold as he watched the four even more domineering pillars of lightning coming at him. He knew that there was no way back for him.

        "Fuck, you're the weakest of the four beasts, but you're the fiercest in attacking me, so I'll fucking take you while you're sick." Han Qianqian gritted his teeth, and immediately afterwards, his entire body went straight towards the Taihuang Dragon Emperor to kill him.

        "What a foolish man indeed." Ao Tian had fled far away, and had deliberately sent quite a few disciples in front of him to block his way.

        At this moment, when he saw Han Qianqian go up against the sky and attack the Taihuang Dragon Emperor straight away, the entire person could not help but laugh coldly.

        "Although the Taixu Dragon Emperor is the weakest of the four beasts in the Heavenly Tribulation selection, it is not actually the best to deal with." Wang Juzhi also laughed coldly.

        Of the Four Divine Heavenly Beasts, Thunder Xuanhu was the main attacker, Earth-shaking Xuanwu was the main defender, Vermilion Bird was the main fire and could be reborn, encountering it was equivalent to needing to fight twice, while the Taixu Dragon Emperor was then among them, it was a comprehensive one, one could say it was the most mediocre, but one could also say it was the most versatile.

        For example, those who are strong in attack and weak in defence will often encounter an all-attacking Heavenly Beast like the Thundering Xuanhu, which is often overwhelmed by the lack of defence, or suppressed to death by the Zhentian Xuanwu.

        Those who excel in the Spiritual Stream, Manipulation Stream or other schools are vulnerable to the Burning Heavenly Vermillion Bird.

        However, as most of them are specialised in one discipline, these attribute restraints or direct power duels make many of them suffer, and the all-powerful Dragon Emperor is the one who can cope relatively best.

        But that is relative!

        When four Heavenly Beasts existed, the all-powerfulness of the Taixu Dragon Emperor would be infinitely magnified.

        At such a time, Han Qianqian was the first to challenge the Taixu Dragon Emperor, which was clearly an unwise choice.

        "It doesn't matter, this will be a heavenly tribulation he'll have to endure on his own anyway, damn it, let's just see how he dies." Ao Yong was furious, "The Taihuang Dragon Emperor? It's just to let him take his time and enjoy the pain before he dies."

        And almost at that moment, Han Qianqian had already rushed up into the mid-air and fiercely focused all his energy on the Pan Gu Axe.

        "Whether you live or perish, it's all in your hands." With a fixed sweep of the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, Han Qianqian flew in front of the Imperial Dragon of Taihuang, his eyes like a torch, and raised the axe!

        Thunder down!!!

        "Arise for me!!!"

        Suddenly, the Pan Gu Axe glowed with golden light.

        It was only at this moment that Han Qianqian realised with a start that the majestic spiritual energy in the heart of the Dragon Clan was frantically pouring through his own arm and into the Pan Gu Axe.

        As Han Qianqian let out a furious cry, the huge axe arrived.


        A strong light attacked straight away, an axe that opened up the sky, surprisingly not only did it slash the lightning that spurted out from the dragon's mouth directly to pieces, the strong light even slashed directly towards the dragon's head.


        The Dragon Emperor screamed miserably.

        The majestic and uncompromising Dragon Emperor's huge head turned into thousands of purple lightning bolts blasting down from high above amidst the hissing sound.


        With a muffled sound, the purple lightning exploded and spread hundreds of meters.

        "This ...... this fuck!"

        "He's killed the Taihuang Dragon Emperor?"

        "How is this possible?"

        Ao Tian was so anxious that he took several steps straight forward, the grim smile from the party was as frozen as glue on his face and it was still burning hot and painful. Only one foot had it mocked Han Qianqian that he would be abused to death by the Taihuang Dragon Emperor, and the next this guy had directly killed it in seconds.

        Bang, bang, bang!

        And almost simultaneously, along with three explosions, three pillars of lightning exploded on Han Qianqian's body.


        The entire sky was instantly and utterly bright, so bright that people could not open their eyes.

        And in the very heart of the white light, Han Qianqian's body was covered in purple lightning.

        "Ah, ah, ah!!!"

        The intense pains seemed to tear Han Qianqian's entire body into pieces as they rapidly took over Han Qianqian's brain, consciousness and any part of his body that belonged to him.


        The Dragon Heart in the centre of its body suddenly shook, and a vast ocean of energy frantically dispersed.

        The energy scattered to the Undying Xuan Armor, which had long since lost its luster like scrap metal, and the dull golden body slowly blossomed into a golden blanket, Han Qianqian's damaged muscles and limbs were being repaired at an extremely fast pace.

        Han Qianqian also frowned, he could feel his body's strength returning, moreover, this time those strengths were much stronger than his previous self.

        Heart of the Dragon Clan, are you helping me?


        With a roar that cut through the sky, Han Qianqian violently jumped out of the purple lightning and attacked the Western Thundering Xuanhu straight away!

        "Fuck, no?"

        Above the ground, among the crowd, someone could not help but exclaim loudly.

        "Give me death!"

        With a body like lightning, the great axe descended!


        The thundering white tiger's body broke in two, becoming two balls of purple lightning that came down with a bang!!!

        Bang, bang!

        Two more attacks from the Burning Heavenly Vermilion Bird and Earth-shaking Xuanwu struck directly at Han Qianqian's body.

        The purple lightning once again circled around his body, but Han Qianqian only grinned hideously, his eyes staring deadly at the Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird.

        "Next, it's you."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian's body used the Tai Xu Divine Step and transformed into a phantom shadow, charging directly towards the Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird.

        Seemingly sensing Han Qianqian's provocation, the Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird let out a long whistle and spread its wings wide, the flames of hell instantly burning, and with a lunge of its wings, the pillar of purple lightning with the flames of hell blasted directly at Han Qianqian.


        Han Qianqian poured all his strength into his hands and gripped his Pan Gu Axe tightly, aiming it at the pillar of purple lightning without bias.

        The Pan Gu Axe slashed down, and the hundred-metre axe blanketed through the pillar!


        The axe light broke through the pillar and directly hit the Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird's body, immediately the fires of hell went out and the huge Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird was left standing with only a Vermilion Bird egg.


        Han Qianqian was also directly struck by the pillar of purple lightning, and the Immortal Xuan Armour went out again, like scrap metal, Han Qianqian's left arm disappeared, and there was even a huge bloody hole in his chest!

        Blood flowed down from his mouth and the hole in his chest like a stream of light, gorgeous and colourful.

        "Fuck, I can't hold it anymore." Han Qianqian gritted his teeth as he looked at the remaining Zhentian Xuanwu in the sky.