His True Colors Chapter 2220

 "It's all old me anyway, it's a bit exaggerated, but play it all." Han Qianqian glanced at Xiao Bai with a firm smile.


        "Of course I'll do it, but even if I die, I'll drag this group of people along with me." When Han Qianqian finished speaking, he swept a glance at everyone around him.

        With this sweep of his, a group of people couldn't help but tremble.

        If he were to bring down those four huge behemoths in the sky, all of them would have to collapse.

        "Are you ready?" Han Qianqian glanced at Xiao Bai.

        Little White nodded, "Although I was the king of beasts for a generation and was reincarnated by this thing of yours, to think that I ended up dying under the combined attack of the Four Square Heavenly Beast and the Forbidden Thunder Beast, it's still another fucking glorious life."

        "Then fuck him Y."

        As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian fiercely drew himself up, and the next second ......

        "Fuck, this bitch, she's really running towards us."

        "Han Qianqian, you're really bitchy to the bone."

        As Han Qianqian's figure transformed, in the next second, he attacked directly towards Ao Tian and the others' side. And almost as soon as he moved, the Four Divine Heavenly Beasts plus the Forbidden Thunder Beast also immediately gathered and moved towards Han Qianqian, and with every step they moved, four heavenly thunderbolts rolled down from the sky, blasting the ground even though Han Qianqian, who had used the Tai Xu Divine Step, was in a miserable state, falling to the east and west.

        Plus there was a Forbidden Lightning Beast on the ground rowing down mountains and destroying attacks.


        Without running a few steps, Han Qianqian was blasted and tumbled to the ground. Even with the protection of the Immortal Xuan Armour and Golden Body, his body was still blackened by the heavenly lightning and his flesh and blood were torn open.

        But Han Qianqian gritted his teeth and still rushed towards Ao Tian and the others. He was blown over again, got up again, fell down again, and got up again ......

        Week after week, persevering.

        Seeing him coming head on, many of Ao Tian's group were angry and anxious. The thunder and lightning of this thunderbolt would have scattered the soul of anyone.

        There was an endless stream of invective and curses, all denouncing Han Qianqian, the dog and thief. But when Han Qianqian got closer and closer, they panicked.

        "Fuck you." Ao Tian blew his beard and glared in anger as he saw Han Qianqian getting closer and closer.

        But in the next second, he no longer cared about any image, scattered his legs and turned around to run.

        The face of the Eternal Life Sea was suddenly running away at this moment, where was his face!

        However, Ao Tian had no choice.

        As soon as he ran, Wang Juzhi and the others were obviously frozen, not expecting this at all, and when they reflected, the gang of leading brothers also ran away one by one, desperate for their lives.

        The big brothers all ran, the little soldiers naturally one by one abandoned their armour, even the three families' flags were thrown away, in this kind of time of fleeing for their lives, anything is a liability.

        As for dignity, who the hell cares?

        However, even so, Han Qianqian still rushed over with the gesture of constantly being blown away.

        Although the three allied forces had the advantage of being outnumbered, at this point they were completely turned into a disadvantage, pushing each other, and before Han Sanchi could even come over, they were trampling on each other and hurting each other. Ao Tian and the others, led by high cultivation and management, ran just fine, but the others with low cultivation and perhaps able to run were caught up by Han Qianqian because they were too many and had difficulty escaping.




        Everywhere Han Qianqian passed, there was scorched earth and countless dead and wounded allied disciples were turned into ashes.

        Ao Tian fled to safety, and when he and Wang Juzhi and Fu Tian looked at their troops, they all pounded their chests. Countless good soldiers and generals had all been turned into ashes by the thunder of the sky.

        Nearly 100,000 troops, but now when they looked at them, they were still sparse, probably no more than 20,000.

        These were the elites of each family, and when they died, it was the very foundation of each family that was injured.

        I thought I wanted to rely on these elite soldiers to surround Han Qianqian, so that he could not escape. Now, Han Qianqian's death may be an impending outcome, but their men have died a tragic death.

        They had failed to steal the chicken and lost the rice, and that described themselves.

        Fu Tian was the one who was most fucking speechless, he didn't plan the siege on Han Qian Qian. However, in order to kill Han Qianqian, and to show off his strength in front of the Eternal Sea and the Pill God Pavilion, he had brought most of his men out this time, and there were quite a few of them.

        This time, he was so cold that he lost most of his family's fortune, and he regretted it with a painful heart.

        If he had known, he would have brought 10,000 rubbish soldiers with him.

        "Three thousand, that's about it, they've been killed and injured enough, we've got enough for ourselves. Now it's almost time to deal with the heavenly tribulation on our own, otherwise, the more it continues, the stronger the energy of the tribulation will be, and we will really have to die without life by then." Little White said at this point after glancing at the sky.

        "I never wanted to live." Han Qianqian grimaced in pain, if he couldn't save Su Yingxia, there was no difference between life and death.

        "Even if you don't want to live, but, the heavenly tribulation is getting stronger and stronger now, what can you do but resist?" Little White said.

        Han Qianqian raised his eyes and saw that the four beasts were there, the thunder beasts were behind him, and he was already riddled with holes!

        What should I do?