His True Colors Chapter 2219

 "Four ...... four gods and heavenly beasts, one ...... not a single one?" Even though he has seen a lot, even as one of the few spokespersons of the Eight Directions World, Ao Tian, has never fucking seen this kind of formation.

        The Four Divine Heavenly Beasts, appearing at the same time?

        What kind of concept is that?

        Ao Tian had searched his brain, but he couldn't think of a time when the Eightfold World had ever seen such a feat.

        Was this still a tribulation? This was clearly a death sentence.

        Ao Tian was like this, and the others looked at each other in disbelief, their mouths wide open, staring at the sky like idiots, staring at the four-sided heavenly beasts in the east, west, north and south.

        "Is this a fucking mistake? How can it be like this?"

        "All four Heavenly Beasts are out in force, unheard of in the entire Eight Directions world."

        "I've grown up, read so many books and heard so many strange stories, but this formation is unheard of!"

        Even as strong as the True Gods of the Eternal Sea, they only summoned two of them during the tribulation, but this guy was good enough to summon four of them in one breath.

        "Could it be that this guy has really reached the Eight Desolate End Realms? Only when he reached that realm could he have added the Penalty Thunder to the Scattered Immortal Tribulation, turning it from one or two to four?"

        When this statement was made, everyone stopped saying anything, although they were very unconvinced, this seemed to be the most reasonable explanation.

        Ye Qucheng froze for a long time, and seeing this, how could he be willing to do so, he immediately said, "No matter what, four at a time, Han Qianqian can just wait to die."

        One is already a nightmare for many transmigrators, two is a super test, and four ......

        will undoubtedly die.

        "I wonder if you're an undercover agent on the other side?" Han Qianqian looked at the four celestial beasts, the whole person also can't help but abnormally straight hair in his heart, each celestial beast intimidating pressure is extremely strong, even if it is so far apart. As a result, four of them came out directly, how can this still be fun?

        "Fuck, I couldn't have imagined that either." Little White stared at the sky with his mouth wide open, completely dumbfounded.

        "What the hell is wrong with you, even if there are one or two, four of them are coming out?" Little White finished looking and looked at Han Qianqian and wondered.

        "What the hell are you blaming me for now?" Han Qianqian was speechless, "Isn't this what you said about playing with hair? Big like this?"

        "I also don't know you ...... you this bull into such ah." Little White was filled with black lines.

        The truth developed and completely exceeded its expectations.

        "Roar roar roar roar!"

        Four voices roared in unison, and above the mid-air, the Taihuanghuang Dragon Emperor resided in the east, the yellow electric jagged white tiger resided in the west, the dragon roared and the tiger roared breaking the void and tearing the heaven and earth.

        The Vermilion Bird, burning with the fires of hell, roared low in the south and the Earth-shaking Xuanwu in the north, their indestructible appearance making people feel uncomfortable just by looking at them.

        The four beasts in the sky, not to mention the distance between them, made many people with high cultivation levels feel extremely uncomfortable as if they were being crushed by a mountain, and their backs and foreheads were full of sweat.


        The Forbidden Electric Beast sensed the wild roar of the four beasts in the sky and roared up to the sky, purple lightning raging all around it.

        "The Dragon Emperor of the East, the Thundering Xuanhu of the West, the Vermilion Bird of the Burning Sky of the South, and the Xuanwu of the Earthquake of the North! Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian, what kind of person are you?" Somewhere in the middle of a large mountain, Lu Ruoxin was hiding with her body catlike, and could not help but frown at this moment.

        Behind her were her believer who had been cultivated at the top of the Blue Mountain for many years, and even more so, the elite of the elite in her hands.

        On her cold and stunning face, a rare and long-awaited great emotional turmoil appeared, her beautiful eyes slightly frozen, her vermilion lips lightly parted in shock.

        In the Scattered Immortal Tribulation, even his grandfather, the True God of the Lu Family, did not have this treatment at all. Even, going back thousands of years, the major True Gods of the Lu Family never had this record.

        The highest record of the Lu Family is of three beasts.

        But that had been sunken into history for an unknown number of years, so much so that only an exceptionally old family book of the Lu Family contained such an entry.

        "This kid ...... has four of them, it's really rare. Although it's only a small scattered immortal robbery, I'm afraid that even after going through the history of the eight worlds, there aren't many of them."

        The two familiar old man's voices appeared again in some heavenly book world.

        "Not many indeed." The other voice laughed softly, "As I observe longer, I've grown fonder of this rash boy. I can also appreciate why that fellow would bow down to me for this boy."

        "It seems that you have fought him for several rounds, but in the end you have united on one thing, and that is that you both see him as the next ruler. However, he's still young now, dealing with the Four Square Heavenly Beasts all at once, can he withstand this counter-intuitive general divine punishment?"

        "I have great confidence in this kid." The voice smiled and continued, "Sometimes, if you want to make rules, you must first learn to challenge them, don't you think?"

        "You're right."

        "Go and help him, there are things we shouldn't interfere with too much. But it's also true that the obstacles in front of him are too huge."

        "How do you want me to help him?"

        "Sneak some energy into his Dragon Heart, this little fellow is indeed too tired."


        And at that moment, Han Qianqian slowly stood up.