His True Colors Chapter 2218

When the four beasts roared, heaven and earth shook, and the whole world seemed to shake with them.

        Immediately afterwards, dark clouds rolled in and the wind roared and lightning flashed.

        In the clouds, the four beasts were gradually revealed.

        In the east, a thousand-foot blue dragon soared, its body glowing with green light, and the pressure was overwhelming.

        "This ......" Ye Gucheng and the others were all stunned.

        The first thing that happened was that many people with a high level of cultivation felt as if they were being pressed by a mountain, and their backs and foreheads were full of sweat.

        "What the hell is this again?" Cool-Son Yeh panicked.

        "The Tai Desolate Dragon Emperor!" Ao Tian gritted his teeth and his face was icy cold, his whole body shaking with anger. Immediately afterwards, his eyes shrank and he shouted softly in anger, "Four Square Heavenly Beast, this son of a bitch is actually invoking the Taiwari Dragon Emperor! Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian, you damned fellow, should I laugh, or should I not?"

        Cool-Son Yeh froze when he heard this name, he kind of didn't understand what it was, he just thought that dragon was so fierce.

        "Taiwari Dragon Emperor? This also means that ...... Han Qianqian this guy's penalty thunder ...... is ......," Ao Yong's face was cold.

        Fu Tian even staggered a fall to the ground, face as if the same madman, followed by haha a few loud laugh, bitter very.

        Ao Tian nodded: "That's right, it's the Scattered Immortal Tribulation!"

        When these words came out, everyone's faces went cold and their pupils opened slightly.

        "What? Han Qianqian is crossing the Scattered Immortal Tribulation?"

        "That can't be right, the Eight Directions world hasn't seen a Scattered Immortal Tribulation for at least hundreds of years, how could that earthling ......"

        "Impossible, impossible, he was only punishing lightning, there's no way it could be a Scattered Immortal Tribulation."

        "I have not had anyone else qualified to cross such a tribulation for centuries in the vast Eight Directions world, how can he, Han Qianqian?"

        In the eyes of these prejudiced people, it was obvious that Han Qianqian was not qualified to endure these honours, so they roared in anger to roar that they could not, and even hysterically exclaimed that it was impossible, which was like a toothless dog barking at a tiger.

        Although each one showed their teeth, they looked so ridiculous at times.

        "Patriarch, everyone is saying that it doesn't make sense. Could it be because Han San

Qian, the bitch, has sinned too deeply, so the grade of the punishing thunder has risen, approaching the Scattered Immortal Tribulation." Ao Yong asked tentatively at this point.

        Without waiting for Ao Tian to speak, Wang Juzhi had already held up his old iron face and said in a cold voice, "Although the Penalty Lightning will become stronger as the punished person grows stronger after coming to the Eight Directions World, it may even trigger the Nine Heavens Purple Thunder Array. However, the Penalty Lightning will always be Penalty Lightning and will hardly reach the level of a true Scattered Immortal Tribulation."

        Ao Tian frowned, "That's why I've been waiting. If it was just to draw out the Forbidden Thunder Beast, it would be fine, but the problem is that after the Forbidden Thunder Beast, it's the Tai Desolate Dragon Emperor."

        Wang Juzhi nodded and sighed heavily, seeing that many people around him did not understand, he said in a bitter voice, "The first wave of the Nine Heavens Purple Thunder Formation will call forth the Forbidden Thunder Beast in the central position, and after that, one of the Four Divine Heavenly Beasts will randomly call forth an original beast from one of them. Of the Four Divine Heavenly Beasts, the Dragon Emperor of the East, the Thundering Xuan Hu of the West, the Burning Heaven Vermilion Bird of the South, and the Earth-shaking Xuan Wu of the North."

        "As long as one summons any one of the Four Divine Heavenly Beasts, it is the true Scattered Immortal Tribulation." Wang Juzhi said in a cold voice, "Just now, Brother Ao has been waiting for it, right?"

        Ao Tian nodded, he had been waiting to see if Han Qianqian's Penalty Thunder was a true Scattered Immortal Tribulation or not.

        As the two greats nodded, the faces of the crowd were more ugly than one another, and the entire scene was simultaneously silent.

        "Then this summoned Taihuang Dragon Emperor of Han Qianqian belongs to ......" Ye Guocheng said reluctantly.

        "The lowest." Ao Tian said.

        Only then did Cool-Son Yeh finally breathe a sigh of relief, and the others were even more relieved.

        "In that case, although it is a Scattered Immortal Tribulation, however, it doesn't necessarily mean that Han Qianqian is really a Scattered Immortal crossing the tribulation, right?" Cool-Son Yeh asked.

        Ao Tian and Wang Juzhi looked at each other, and Wang Juzhi nodded, "The Penalty Thunder itself would have exceeded the original base by quite a bit, or even doubled, although it was of the Nine Heavenly Violet Thunder of the Scattered Immortal Tribulation, however, seeing as it only summoned the weakest Taiwari Dragon Emperor, once it was reduced, it really shouldn't be."

        Ao Tian also agreed, shaking his head, "However, even so, this Han Qianqian can't resist."

        No one was willing to admit that Han Qianqian was the last degree of the Eight Desolate Realms' Scattered Immortal Tribulation, as no one was willing to put Han Qianqian in that position.

        "It seems that this brat's retribution has come. Fuck, Fang used the Forbidden Thunder Beast

Now, it's his turn for the Heavenly Tribulation to mess with him. Damn, just be smart, bitch." Cool-Son Yeh shouted excitedly.

        "Although the Taihuang Dragon Emperor is the weakest of the Four Heavenly Beasts, it is far more powerful than the Forbidden Thunder Beast. This time, let's see how he dies! Trying to use your own heavenly tribulation to mess with us, damn it, do you think you can afford the consequences?"

        But just then, there was suddenly another roar in the sky.

        Immediately afterwards, thunder jumped in the dark clouds, purple lightning rolled around, and when the breeze blew, a long-haired tiger with purple lightning wrapped around its body and a body like white jade stood in the south.

        "Holy shit, the Thunder Tiger!"

        "How the hell did another Heavenly Beast come out?"

        The crowd, which had just eased off, was now as shocked as if they had seen a ghost again.

        "My God, what's going on?" Even Han Qianqian, at this moment, looked at the one dragon and one tiger in the sky and stared straight at them.

        "This ......" Little White was also at a loss for words, "There's one thing to say, normally the Scattered Immortal Tribulation is a Nine Heavenly Purple Thunder. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than one of the four heavenly beasts. But you mixed up two, I don't quite understand."

        "Could it be that I'm too strong?" Han Qianqian wondered.

        "Maybe so." Little White shook his head.


        Suddenly, as soon as the man and the beast spoke, there was another chirp in the dark clouds that tore through the sky, and in the black clouds to the south, red fire burned through the clouds, followed by a violent flap of two huge wings, and a phoenix roamed with a blazing fire on its head!

        "Holy shit!"

        On the ground, at Han Qianqian, at Ao Tian and the others as well as the elite soldiers including those who fled in all directions and hid around shivering, almost simultaneously roared out in unison.

        Ao Tian's face was so cold that a fly could freeze to death: "What do you mean? Burning Heaven Phoenix?"

        "How did this ...... this come out three in a row ah?"

        "This can't be right?"

        Wang Juzhi and Ao Yong stared at the sky above, shocked and not knowing what to say.


        In the dark clouds to the north, there was another low sound, and after the dark clouds dispersed, a huge snake-pressing old turtle also slowly appeared.

        "Fuck, no ...... not right?" Ao Tian's mouth was nearly crooked as he muttered.